Best Apps to Create Custom Apple Watch Faces in 2023

Best Apps to Create Custom Apple Watch Faces in 2023

Amazingly popular all over the world, the tech giant Apple isn’t known for providing customization to the users. From Macbook to iPhone & Apple Watch, every one of those products come with solid control over specifications. Though the company broke the stereotype while releasing the much awaited iOS 14 & allowed users to customize things on their own.

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Similarly, Apple Watch also experienced a new update where you can tweak the Apple Watch face easily. Obviously, the giant isn’t letting any third party tool make those changes, but yeah, there are a few workarounds that can help you change features to create custom Apple Watch faces. So if you are one of those users who wish you change Apple Watch face, check out the most efficient apps as mentioned below:

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Best Apps to Create & Set Custom Apple Watch Faces

The fact is very well known that there would be thousands of apps that claim to be the best when it comes to changing Apple Watch faces. However, you should always of or the ones that are worth your time & are capable of what they are claiming. Also, the security aspect shouldn’t be left off so you need to be a bit ahead in the game to know about those change-Apple-Watch-face applications. Hence, we have gathered a few applications that will help you know how to change Apple Watch faces easily.

1. Watch Faces 100,000 WatchMaker

Watch Faces 100,000 WatchMaker

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Another workaround to create custom Apple Watch faces is through the WatchMaker app which is also best at what it has to offer to users. With over 100,000 watch face collections, WatchMaker also supports many other smartwatches. With the help of the WatchMaker app, you can easily create the exciting custom Apple Watch faces without any hassle.

Please know that the WatchMaker app is free to use with limited features hence there would be limited watch faces you can explore. However, with the PREMIUM version & in-app purchases  literally sky is the limit for you. From adding so many things on the Apple Watch face, you can make it unique, thanks to WatchMaker high-end customization tools. So explore the rich-featured Apple Watch face maker app, WatchMaker & make the best out of it.

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2. Watchfacely


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You will literally be amazed to know the potential Watchfacely has to offer Apple Watch users. From letting you change the Apple Watch face to giving a whole new makeover to your Apple Watch, the journey is just exciting. After downloading & using one of the best apps to create & set custom Apple Watch faces, you will have access to the most coolest watch faces every day.

Also, you can share those watch faces that you liked a lot & want your friends to use as well by using watchOS 7’s FaceSharing feature. An absolutely FREE to use app, Watchfacely allows you to access those hundreds of Watch faces on your Apple Watch & modify it in many ways possible.

3. Watchsmith


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An absolutely FREE to explore, Watchsmith is undoubtedly one of the best applications to create custom Apple Watch faces. There are plenty of customizations one can choose from and let you tweak the Apple Watch faces easily. Please know that Watchsmith isn’t an app that will let you create Apple Watch faces from the scratch, however, you can create custom complications.

These complications will be more useful once you see those through the Watchsmith app as any single one of them can show you different info types. Those complications include weather app, workout app, time zone converter, games, and whatnot so there are many to choose from. So in order to change the watch face on Apple Watch, start using Watchsmith that will let you personalize your Apple Watch like never before.

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4. Watch Faces by Facer

Watch Faces by Facer

Get it Here

Another addition to the list is also super exciting as it allows you to access those watch faces that have been added on the daily basis. Yeah!! This ever-changing Watch Faces list doesn’t stop when you start using the Watch Faces by Facer. A FREE Apple Watch face changing app comes with in-app purchases & box of surprises that are waiting for you to get explored.

Undoubtedly, one of the leading watch face customization platforms, Watch Faces by Facer makes you feel like you have got a new watch everyday. Isn’t this amazing?? Thousands of beautiful & splendid photos that can be used as the Apple Watch face & you can feel the experience. And let’s not forget about the simple user interface that will help you navigate through the app to match your mood & style in no time.

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5. Watch Faces – Custom Themes & Live Wallpapers

Watch Face

Get it Here

Thanks to Apple, almost every update on its products are coming up with customizations which simply means that the user is getting the control remote in his/her hands, slowly but progressively. And like all the other Apple products, Apple Watch must suit your personality & that’s when you need to make a few changes on your watch. One of those changes might be the Apple Watch face that must go according to your style or mood.

To make everything simple, with Watch Faces you can make hand selected wallpapers that will look amazing. Just type in the emotions you are thinking and you can get those Apple Watch faces, even from your gallery photos as well. Also, you can use the live Watch face feature that you can see on the bottom right corner of the image. So without further ado, download the Watch Faces from App Store & start changing Apple Watch faces.

Wrapping Up

Technology is something that excites us & becomes monotonous at the same time, if we don’t work on it. Like your iPhone or Apple Watch where if you don’t feel like downloading other apps or changing the background, it becomes a routine. So you need to break the routine and do something outside of it by, for example setting & creating custom Apple Watch faces. Yeah!! It’s possible now, thanks to the percentage of customization the company let users take control of. And that is why, we have mentioned here the best apps you can get your hands on to change Apple Watch faces and feel like you are wearing a new Apple watch everyday.

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