Best Android Keylogger Apps In 2024

Best Android Keylogger Apps In 2024

If you are worried about secret activities of your kids online, then it is time to place superlative upgrades to protect your kids against online crimes & bullying. Even if you are an employer and want to keep tab on employees’ online activities to avoid unproductive time, you can make better use of technology. In all such situations where you want an advanced solution to monitor online activities through mobile phone, we recommend using keylogger apps. In this article, we have tested & reviewed 7 best keylogger apps for Android you should use in 2022.

Best Android Keylogger Apps:

1. XNSPY Keylogger for Android

XNSPY Keylogger for Android

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Use this advanced keylogger app for Android to monitor keystrokes and discover what you won’t otherwise using other average spying apps. This powerful app works efficiently with all major instant messaging apps to give you greater control. Not only that, it helps you track call logs, spy on social media activities, calendar events, contacts, emails, and more.

Features of XNSPY Keylogger for Android

● It works on stealth mode to keep all activities 100% invisible.
● It offers 24/7 live chat option to help you with any questions or concerns.
● It works well on both Android and iPhone devices.

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2. Cocospy Keylogger for Android

Cocospy Keylogger for Android

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Cocospy Keylogger for Android helps you record every keystroke input on the target Android device. You can use this smart app to keep your kids secure when they are online, monitor employees’ activities, or do multiple tasks effortlessly. To do this, the app helps you intercept login credentials, read messages and social media chats, figure out passwords, check calendar events, and a lot more.

Features of Cocospy Keylogger for Android

● With a GPS location tracker, it helps you find real-time location of a targeted device.
● It helps you monitor call logs and social media chats.
● With geo-fencing alert, it helps you map out a perimeter and receive alerts when it’s passed.

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3. Spyzie


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The next best Android keylogger app is Spyzie. This advanced app helps you automatically record all input information for your perusal. Using this app, you can track all the keystrokes made on target device. To use this app, you needn’t to root or jailbreak the device. It offers 30+ powerful features to give you full control of the target device. It supports the latest Android 9 Pie and iOS 12.

Features of Spyzie

● It helps you automatically record all input data of the target device.
● It offers an inappropriate information tracking feature to help you monitor if your kids or employees are sharing sensitive information.
● It shares screenshots of the target device to keep you in full control.

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4. TheTruthSpy


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If you want full control over the target device with advanced spying features, then you should pick this powerful keylogger app for Android. You can use this smart solution to monitor calls, instant messaging apps, record keystrokes remotely, social media chats, view multimedia files, live call recording, live voice recording, and much more. It works effortlessly on your mobile device.

Features Of  TheTruthSpy:

● Importantly it helps you track lost phones with features like GPS tracking.
● It offers remote access through online control panel and helps you send SMS commands to the target device.
● It remains 100% undetectable on the target device so they can’t know it is installed on their device.

5. Hoverwatch Free Android Keylogger

Hoverwatch Free Android Keylogger

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Use this free Android keylogger app to monitor target device effortlessly. You can use this nifty app to secretly watch over the phones of your kids or employees. It helps you record calls, read instant messaging chats, social media chats, watch internet activities, track calendar events, contacts, and more. Using this app is absolutely simple as you need to download & install this app and allow permissions to let this app do heavy lifting for you.

Features of Hoverwatch Free Android Keylogger

● It works on stealth mode to keep all spying activities secret.
● It offers GPS tracking to help you track all movements of the target device owner.
● It offers call data and call recording features to give you better control.

6. MSpy


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MSPy is one of the best keylogger apps for Android and iPhone. It helps you monitor strokes on your kid’s mobile device to prevent communication with potentially dangerous contacts. You can use this app to track all incoming & outgoing calls, text messages, instant messaging chats, social media chats, web activities and more. You can even place incoming calls restrictions for complete safety of your kid.

Features of MSpy:

● It offers complete keystroke history in an intuitive online panel for better monitoring.
● It helps you track overall online activities on your target device.
● It sends you comprehensive reports to give you complete control.

7. iKeyMonitor


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iKeyMonitor is advanced keylogger app for Android that comes loaded with tons of useful features. It gives you greater control over various devices including Android, iPhone, Windows, and Mac. You can try its free plan before you buy its paid services. It offers complete spying features with keystroke monitoring for better results.

Features of iKeyMonitor

● It offers a chat monitoring feature to track messages on all instant messaging and social media apps.
● It offers geo-fencing to track the target device’s whereabouts.
● It offers a call recording feature to record all important calls effortlessly.


The best Android keylogger apps give you greater control over the target device. You can monitor and restrict all sensitive activities on target device be it your kids phone or employees’ device. Here, we have tested some of the best keylogger apps for Android you should use in 2022. Do try them and share your experience in the comments below.

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