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Android Benchmarks | Best Benchmarking Apps for Android
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Android Benchmarks | Best Benchmarking Apps for Android

Using The Benchmarking Apps You Can Easily Measure The Performance Of Your Device & Compare The Scores With Similar Devices.

It is easy to compare specs of one smartphone with others. But comparing the actual power of CPU and GPU of a Smartphone isn’t as easy.

Android Benchmarks provide a great way to measure and compare the power of your smartphone with other smartphones in the same price range. Android Benchmarks can help you make crucial purchasing decisions.

Also, the power of the Android CPUs deteriorates over time due to various controllable and uncontrollable factors.  Android Benchmarks help keep track of this power to let you optimize your smartphone better.

With so many benefits and use cases, a good benchmarking app for Android is great to have. So, let’s not waste any more time and get straight to the list of Best Benchmarking Apps for Android.

Best Android Benchmark Apps for your Smartphone

1.  Geekbench 5:

Geekbench 5

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Price: Free with Ads

If you are looking for a Smartphone Benchmarking App, you don’t have to look any further than Geekbench 5. Geekbench has made a good name for itself in providing consistent and reliable benchmarks for smartphones all around the world which makes the comparison a lot easier.

It has a database of benchmark scores of even the latest smartphones in the market which allows you to compare products even when you don’t have them handy. Geekbench takes into consideration both Single Core and Multi Core scores of the device to measure its true performance.

With a clean interface and reliable results, Geekbench 5 is one of the best Benchmarking App for Android.

FEATURES: Geekbench 5

  • Shows the in-depth specifications of your device.
  • Comprehensively measures CPU performance & provides single-core & multi-core results.
  • GPU Compute tests have all been updated, too.
  • Few cross-device and cross-operating-system comparable benchmarks are available.

PROS & CONS: Here are the major benefits & downsides of using the Geekbench tool:


The app is the industry standard for testing the CPU competence of Android devices.

Lightweight Android benchmark app gives you in-depth analysis.

Allows you to compare your devices with tablets, PCs, and more.

Uses multiple threads to work separately on different problems.


The battery benchmark is gone.

2. AnTuTu Android Benchmarking App:

AnTuTu Android Benchmarking

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Price: Free

Though AnTuTu Android Benchmark app isn’t available on PlayStore, it is still available to be downloaded from AnTuTu website. After Geekbench, AnTuTu is one of the most trusted and widely used Android Benchmarking App available in the market.

AnTuTu claims to offer more professional and in-depth results of your device’s performance. Also, similar to Geekbench, AnTuTu offers multidimensional results to provide in-depth view of device’s performance in all aspects. Hence, AnTuTu is definitely one of the best Benchmarking App for Android available in the market.

FEATURES: AnTuTu Android Benchmarking App

  • Provides scores for each component as well as an overall score.
  • Submit Your score to the AnTuTu servers to check your device’s world rank.
  • Perform custom tests for UX (User Experience), CPU, RAM, GPU, and IO (Storage).
  • The score displayed is the average of all data for that device.

PROS & CONS: Here are the major benefits & downsides of using the AnTuTu Android Benchmarking App:


Shows different scores for single-core performance & multi-core performance.

It offers its services for iPhone, Windows & Ubuntu devices as well.

Developed via unique technologies for different platforms: Vulkan (Android) & Metal(iOS).


Benchmarks can be gamed easily.

3.  Quadrant Standard Edition Android Benchmark:

Quadrant Standard Edition

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Price: Free

Quadrant Standard Edition checks all different kinds of hardware and not just CPU. If you are looking for a Smartphone benchmark that offers information about the GPU and graphics performance, Quadrant Standard Edition is the tool to go for. The good thing is it can measure performance for both 3D and 2D graphics separately providing a detailed report.

Quadrant Standard Edition though isn’t available on PlayStore, it can easily be downloaded from the website for free. With dedicated performance check on graphics, Quadrant Standard Edition is one of the best Android Benchmark apps available in the market.

FEATURES: Quadrant Standard Edition Android Benchmark

  • Evaluate your phones’ potential and performance without any hiccups.
  • The full benchmark test calculates CPU capacity, memory, 2D and 3D graphics.
  • Helps you test FPS performance also, while working with graphics & watching videos.
  • Your device’s score is properly placed in a graphical chart.

PROS & CONS: Here are the major benefits & downsides of using the Quadrant Standard Edition Android Benchmark tool:


Lightweight app to benchmark Android.

Receives frequent updates.

The app lets you run all sorts of benchmarking tests on your phone.

Helps users to compare the scores with popular phones in the same specs segment.


Boring interface.

4.  3DMark Android Benchmark

3DMark Android Benchmark

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Price: Free

3DMark, Developed by Futuremark, is created purely for Smartphone Gaming enthusiasts. 3DMark focuses especially on the gaming performance of the device which includes checking graphics performance, CPU, and Touchscreen input performance; all at once to provide a true score for the device for gaming.

It shows the CPU and GPU in graphical format to let you compare the performance of one device with another easily. 3DMark runs on all Android versions, 5.0 or above. If you are a smartphone gamer, 3DMark is absolutely the best Benchmarking App available for Android.

FEATURES: 3DMark Android Benchmark

  • Help you learn more about your smartphone and tablet.
  • See how your scores compare with others from the same model.
  • Allows you to compare performance scores from Android & iOS devices.
  • Supports measuring GPU & CPU performance.

PROS & CONS: Here are the major benefits & downsides of using the 3DMark Android Benchmark tool:


Used by millions of users all over the world.

Good-looking dashboard.

Professional-grade tool available for home users free of cost.

Needs no technical know-how to understand the tool.


You cannot automatically hide results online.

5.  GFXBench Android Benchmark:

GFXBench Android Benchmark

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Price: Free/In-app-purchase

GFXBench Android Benchmark is another gaming benchmark application on our list. It measures a device’s gaming capacity including the graphic rendering and other parameters. The interface is pretty simple and well put. It uses Vulkan OpenGL. It also includes battery and stability tests to provide the full information about the device.

GFXBench is absolutely a great benchmarking app for Android for Smartphone Gamers.

FEATURES: GFXBench Android Benchmark

  • The tool lets you test the graphic performance & long-term stability.
  • Tools to measure smartphone & desktop performance with advanced graphics effects.
  • Holds the capability to run cross API benchmarks via Vulkan & OpenGL.
  • Allows you to compare HDR tone mapping, bloom, and motion blur.

PROS & CONS: Here are the major benefits & downsides of using GFXBench Android Benchmark tool:


Helps you test the render quality & power consumption while benchmarking.

Perfect tool to compare & measure gaming performance.

Provides in-depth analysis of graphic handling capabilities.

Allows you to compare the benchmark results of your device with other devices.


Requires approx. 1 GB of free space on your device.

6. PCMark for Android Benchmark

PCMark for Android Benchmark

Price: Free app to benchmark Android

PCMark is a lightweight and easy-to-use benchmarking app that allows users to perform a variety of performance measuring tests under one roof. The application is mostly utilized for work benchmarks like, surfing the Internet, working on documents, editing images, and so on.

In short, the Android benchmark tool helps to measure the performance and battery life of your smartphone. Additionally, the tool helps to analyze the storage benchmarks to explain to users about the overall performance of internal storage, external storage & database operations.


  • Allows you to compare the performance & battery of different devices.
  • Holds the potential to conduct raw performance tests.
  • Compare the performance, popularity, and battery life of the latest smartphones & tablets.
  • Helps in testing the performance of your device’s internal & external storage.

PROS & CONS: Here are the major benefits & downsides of using PCMark for Android Benchmark tool:


Modern and easy-to-understand dashboard.

Tap any device to see a side-by-side comparison with your device.

Filter the scores by Android version number.

Check how your smartphone performs after OS update & how it affects ranking.


Poor customer support.

7. CPU Throttling Test

CPU Throttling Test

Price: Free Android Benchmark App

Next on our list of Top 10 Benchmarking Applications for Android smartphones include CPU Throttling Test. The application thoroughly checks your phone when it starts to heat up and throttles when found under heavy load. The application automatically loads the device’s CPU with up to 100 threads to measure the overall performance.

With CPU Throttling Test, benchmarking application, you can see a detailed graphical chart to understand the performance throughout the test. You can even take a look at how much CPU is throttled by the benchmarking app.

FEATURES: CPU Throttling Test

  • Compare two different devices & check which one has a better cooling system.
  • Keep a check on the consistency of performance improvements.
  • Conduct custom benchmarks according to your device.
  • A CPU monitor which allows users to track core clock, temperature & overall usage.

PROS & CONS: Here are the major benefits & downsides of using the CPU Throttling Test tool:


Significantly reduce the clock speed to dissipate heat.

Ability to handle almost 20 threads of intensive workload.

Clear and intuitive interface.

Good support team.


Ads pop up during the test

8. Androbench (Storage Benchmark)


Price: Free Android Benchmarking Application

To effortlessly measure and compare various parts and functionalities of your smartphone, you need a dedicated benchmarking app like Androbench. The application is perfect for users who are curious about how the storage of your device is working.

Making it a suitable benchmarking application for both beginners and pro users, Androbench offers a detailed chart to understand the device’s storage performance. It is recommended to close the unnecessary background applications running behind while benchmarking is conducted.

FEATURES: Androbench

  • Gives you an in-depth analysis of Sequential Read, Sequential Write, Random Read & more.
  • Allows you to analyze your device’s overall storage speed by testing it in different scenarios.
  • Provides a dedicated History section to check the result of previous tests.
  • Micro Benchmarking, lets you compare the base performance of a storage

PROS & CONS: Here are the major benefits & downsides of using the Androbench tool:


Has a clean & intuitive dashboard.

Comes loaded with a tutorial to learn the appropriate functioning.

Free Android benchmarking app for popular smartphones.

Ad-free Android app.


Cannot measure the base performance of a micro-SD card.

9. Disk Speed / Performance Test

Disk Speed- Performance Test

Disk Speed / Performance Test is yet another comprehensive benchmarking application for Android that allows users to conduct a wide range of tests to analyze the performance of their device. The application works dedicated to reading the total RAM of the device at the launch.

Probably one of the best benchmarking tools available for Android is GFXBench. The app frequently receives updates to enhance the overall functionality and user experience. For maximum performance disk, you should make sure that no background apps are running, while benchmarking is performed. 

FEATURES: Disk Speed / Performance Test

  • Benchmark your Internal Storage, External Storage, Secondary Storage, or a custom location.
  • A storage slider that lets you choose the load with which the test proceeds.
  • Perform tests with custom paths and data’s size may be performed.

PROS & CONS: Here are the major benefits & downsides of the Disk Speed / Performance Test Tool:


Lightweight Android benchmarking application.

Colorful and user-friendly dashboard.

Configurable benchmark methods used.

Provides location’s free space statistics.


Bombard you with annoying ads.


10. CF-Bench

CF- bench

Price: Free Android Benchmarking App

Last but not least in consideration, CF-Bench is one of the most popular benchmarking applications that makes checking the CPU of your device effortless. It is especially needed when your smartphone is running slower than ever.

Using the Android benchmark tool, you can get all the necessary details related to the memory status. Additionally, it helps users to compare the performance of their smartphones with other devices under similar specifications.


  • Known for providing accurate benchmarking results.
  • Helps users to check the device’s properties that you don’t usually check.
  • Comes with loads of beautiful themes.
  • Runs in a set timeframe hence don’t consume much system resources.

PROS & CONS: Here are the major benefits & downsides of using the CF-Bench tool:


Comes loaded with tutorials to help users understand the app.

Conducts multi-core CPU performance.

Supports popular Android devices, tablets & Chromebooks.

Lightweight Android benchmarking application.


Needs location access to install the app.


So, these are all the great benchmarking applications for Android available in the market. Do let us know which one of these you are going to try, we love hearing from you. Keep Visiting Tweak Library for more such tech related content.

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