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Best Alarm Clock Apps for Android Users
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Best Alarm Clock Apps for Android Users

There are various alarm clock applications available for Android. Simply, you want the best Alarm Clock App, you go to Google Play Store, and you find multiple apps which eventually lead to confusion.

To remove the confusion between the best alarm clocks, I have highlighted Best Alarm Clock Apps for your Android phone in this blog.

Best Alarm Clock Apps for Android

1. Early Rise Alarm Clock

Early Rise Alarm Clock

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The best part about the Early Rise Alarm Clock app is the soothing natural sound and meditation calm sound. It means you do not have to listen to irritating alarm sounds. The app has in-built various calm soothing sounds and you can choose your favorite sound and put it as an Alarm sound. However, the premium app version is not free.

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2. Alarm Clock Xtreme

Alarm Clock Xtreme

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If you like to customize your own settings, this app is for you. Alarm Clock Xtreme is the app wherein you can set the way you want to turn off the alarm. The app has in-build daily planning tools which you can use to plan your day. You can change the alert tone, adjust the screen and customize your day.

3. Glimmer


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The best part about the Glimmer is the light beam usage to wake you up. Instead of quirky sounds, the app uses the light method. This is the best natural method to wake up. If you have smart bulb, this app is for you. You can set the light which will slowly brighten until you wake up.

4. Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle

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The best part about the Sleep Cycle is that it evaluates the sleep quality as well which makes it the best alarm clock for android. With Sleep Cycle, you get in-depth graphs, sleep notes and statistics. Statistics helps you to understand how effective your sleep is. In sleep notes, you can enter your daily caffeine amount.

5. AMdroid


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AMdroid has unique features than any other app does not have. Such as wake up challenges, automatic disable alarm and customizable alarm profiles. One of the best unique features is location awareness. For example, the alarm will not sound if you are at a different place.

6. Timely


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If you want a classic app with free subscription, timely is the best alarm clock app for your android phone. The best feature of Timely is the account sync feature. You have to simply input the alarm details and the app is ready to use. The alarm tones are relaxing and sleek.

7. AlarmMon


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AlarmMon is a popular app in South Korea. If you love cartoon-based graphics, this app is for you. You can turn the characters into mini-games to play when you start your day. You can choose characters as per your likes. The best part of the app is the customization feature of the app.

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8. Early Bird Alarm Clock

Early Bird Alarm Clock

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With this app, you can choose various sounds in one alarm. When the alarm goes off, it randomly plays a song to make your day cheery and happy. The additional features of Early Bird Alarm Clock are local weather and egg timer. The app also keeps the track of your sleep timings.

9. Sleep as Android

Sleep as Android

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Sleep as Android aims to have a good sleep. If you will use phone in the night for long hours, the app will notify you to sleep. This feature makes it the best alarm clock app for your android device. The app is based on the smart period for alarms. The first two weeks are free and then you have to subscribe to the app.

10. GO Clock

go clock

This app belongs to the company GO Team which is very popular and famous in terms of Android apps. The GO Clock is also one of the best alarm clock app for android device. The app is functional with beautiful graphics and features. The app also has in-built health check reminders, calendar and clock display.

Note: This app is no longer available for Android users.

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I hope you like this blog. Comment down and let us know about your favorite best alarm clock app for Android.

Thanks for reading.

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