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Pranay Mathur

Pranay is a technical content writer. He loves to explore new things in technology and has an affinity to explore new technology and gadgets. He is interactive and dedicated to work. He loves to play the guitar and spends his free time in the gym, and his passion for riding bikes takes him to new destinations.

Best video editing apps for iPhone

 Best Video Editing Apps for iPhone

iPhones are very powerful in terms of processing and multitasking. Apart from that, the camera also plays an important part, Apple has improved it to the extent that...

Best Free PDF Compressor Apps for iPhone and Android

Best PDF Compressor Apps for iPhone and Android

People usually face issues while converting a file to a particular format. If we talk about professionals, they need a tool to convert or compress a specific file...


Best Ways To Clear Space On iPhone

Most people are busy downloading applications that lead to accumulation of temp files. Thereby making the device store unwanted, useless information including caches, junk files, and cookies, that...