Amazon Prime Bangs With “Watch Party” Feature

Now You Can Watch Movies With Friends on Prime

Amazon Prime Bangs With “Watch Party” Feature

Watching movies with friends has always been an interesting & exciting experience but with time, it faded away. Maybe the last experience would have been in a hostel & that too with so many limitations. Due to COVID-19 Lockdown, spending time had been turned to use platforms like Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime, Hulu & etc.

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Given the boost in lockdown period, they are attracting users with different features quite often. For example, 2 weeks ago, Hulu tested the Watch Party feature where you could watch movies & shows with your friends. Looks like Amazon Prime is also being a part of this race as it also releases the same features for users. Hurray!! So, let’s get to know the ways to use the Watch Party feature on Amazon Prime & watch favorite movies with friends (even if they are far away).

How to Use Watch Party feature on Amazon Prime

One of the most popular online video streaming platforms in the world, Amazon Prime brings you the Watch party feature on your device. You get to watch movies with your friends though they are away from you. So why delaying this excellent experience? Download Amazon Prime is not already, pen down the list of favorite movies, & get on with using Watch Party feature:

Watch party feature

1. The very first would include finding the movie or the show you & your friends would want to watch. This can be the most difficult task but Amazon Prime has got the answer for you.

2. Once you have finalized the video content, all you need to do is, just click on the Watch Party icon that would be quite evident.

In case of movies, you will see the Watch Party icon then & there only. However, for shows, you will find it in the list-of-episodes screen.

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3. Since this is not a solo screening, you might be chatting with your friends about funny or senseless scenes, & for that, you’d need to choose a name that you’d like to use while chatting with other viewers of the same content.

4. So put in the name you like & tap on “Create Watch Party”.

5. Here comes the surprise when you will be sharing the Watch Party link with your friends (up to 100). All they need to do is, just click on the link & they are digitally watching the movie with you.

I also couldn’t believe it but it’s true. A 100 people from your contact list can watch the same stuff & chat around it.

6. Once you are assured that everyone is ready to watch the movie or show (chat confirmation), start the Watch Party.

Please note that being the host, you have all the controls to play, pause, or skip for the group.

The above steps will help you start Watch Party where you’d be watching the long list of movies with your friends.

There Are a Lot of Questions & a Few Limitations

It’s quite obvious that whenever you get a deal like this where you can watch movies with your friends (up to 100), there will be questions. & since no question can be considered as a silly question, you can ask anything from “will I be able to use this feature to will I be charged extra for using this feature?”

1. On what device can I use Amazon Watch Party? On the device compatibility factor, Amazon Watch Party feature can be used on desktop brows

2. Are there any geographical boundaries? Obviously, there are geographical boundaries as for now, the Watch Party feature can be availed in the United States of America only. Maybe in future, we might expect the international release for the feature.

3. Who can use the Watch Party? Anyone based in the US & has the access to use a desktop browser, except Safari.

What Amazon Thinks About This Watch Party?

With the tagline of Watching is better together, Amazon is all set to give you an experience of lifetime.

There’s a fun new way to enjoy your favorite shows with your favorite people, wherever you are. With Watch Parties, you can chat with up to 100 friends while you watch movies and TV shows online together. It’s almost like watching side-by-side in real life — without having to share your popcorn.

Wrapping Up

Amazon Prime is already a quite popular video streaming service and on top of that, the company just released the Watch Party feature. This feature will let up to 100 people watch video content (shows & movies) altogether & share thoughts via chatting. So list down the movie you want to watch with your friends & start watching just like the old times (only digital) & have utmost fun.

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