Streaming Online? Here’s How To Watch Netflix In 4K?

Streaming Online? Here’s How To Watch Netflix In 4K?

Streaming your favorite show or movie in 4K ultra HD is in itself a distinct experience. Netflix is one of the best streaming platforms, offering a wide selection of 4K Ultra HD movies and TV shows. It further allows you to play your favorite shows in the sharp image quality automatically with the right device.

Since the demand and availability of 4K Ultra HD has been increasing, the native 4K content to watch and stream is also increasing gradually. Netflix is indeed a great deal for online streaming. Do you know how to watch Netflix in 4K Ultra HD? This article is for all the movie-geeks who love to stream online.

Having The Right Equipment Is A Must!

To watch your favorite show/movie in 4K, you need proper hardware (that nowadays everyone has usually), an efficient internet connection, software, and of course Netflix subscription.  What does watching in 4K mean? 4K Ultra HD gives you lively experiences using your smart TVs and monitors. It is considerably a higher resolution than 1080p video. You can check the display offered by your hardware and if it supports a higher resolution than 1080p, you can binge on Netflix for your favorites.

Here’s How To Binge Watch Netflix in 4K Ultra HD On Your Computer Or TV!

How To Watch Your Favourite Content On Netflix In 4K?

●    Find titles available in 4K and click Play. Make sure that you have subscribed to suitable plan discussed in this article.

●    Try searching for 4k Content by using either ‘4K’ or ‘UHD’ in the search bar of Netflix or you can stream it directly with a compatible hardware.

●      Reach out to Netflix Help Page for any assistance.

Once you are done with your hardware, it is the time when you need to learn how to watch Netflix in 4K Ultra HD. You need to ensure that you meet the following requirements to watch in 4K:

  • You must have a smart TV that can be connected to the internet. Usually most TVs today are smart, but you need to check if you have an older set.
  • There should be a HEVC decoder built-in to your TV as it enables the TV to decode Netflix 4K signal properly.
  • To watch Netflix in 4K you need to have a TV that is compliant to HDMI 2.1 and HDCP 2.2. HDMI/HDCP features are helpful in connecting to the external 4K sources to the TV.

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Streaming Netflix In 4K Requires A Subscription

Streaming Netflix In 4K Requires A Subscription


* Note: Choose the best plan out of three-tiers of streaming offered by Netflix. It consists of a Basic plan, Standard plan (HD-support), and the Premium plan (Ultra HD).

Whichever device you’re using to stream Netflix in 4K ultra HD, ensure that either it has Netflix installed or is compatible with streaming. Also, ensure that you have the most suitable plan subscribed that allows you to access Netflix’s 4K content library.

If you aren’t aware of either your PC settings, TV model or Netflix subscription, feel free to contact customer support of your device or Netflix, as and when needed.

Meet Suitable Internet Requirements

This is the final step towards streaming your favorite Netflix content in 4K Ultra HD. Yes, we are talking about the fast broadband connectivity. Netflix works great with strong internet connectivity and it recommends a user to have internet connectivity with download/upload speed of around 25mbps. With a speed lower than this, you might experience unnecessary buffer and stalling issues or sometimes Netflix will auto down-rez your streaming signal to 1080p or lower.

Quickly Find and Watch Netflix in 4K

Not all the content available on Netflix is in 4K, there are a few shows or movies that you can watch in 4K inclusive of- Orange Is The New Black, House of Cards (season 2), The Blacklist, Daredevil, all seasons of Breaking Bad, Jessica Jones, Marco Polo, Luke Cage, “Stranger Things etc.

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Wrapping Up:

If you are unable to stream Netflix in 4K via compatible external media streamer, try disconnecting and reconnecting the HDMI input or you can take it out from the external device and connect it directly to your TV. In case, you’re experiencing Netflix not working’, try these fixes.

Tell us in the comments section below which one is your favorite Netflix show?

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