Adobe’s Photoshop Camera App Review

Adobe’s Photoshop Camera App Review

The name isn’t secret to anyone because Adobe has built up quite good credibility among its users. At the end of last year, in November’19, Adobe released the full version of Photoshop on iPad that made users gaga over it. Additionally, they had announced the soon-to-be-released news about iOS & Android mobileOS versions & now it is available.

Adobe's Photoshop

From Smartphone to iPhone users are not getting over the app that’s been called as one of the most intelligent camera apps available. This absolutely free to use camera app has been designed for those who want to share & standout in the crowd.

Adobe Photoshop Camera App

FREE & ready to use App, Adobe Photoshop Camera is labeled as “meet the camera of your dreams”. The best thing is it lets you add the best filters & effects way before you have taken the shot. Since AI is taking almost everything in our lives nowadays, Adobe Photoshop Camera app is also packed with it.

Adobe Photoshop Camera App

This powerful bundle helps YouTube gorgeous & beautiful selfies along with food & scenery shots. A few features like Fun with filters, real-time Photoshop effects, auto-tone, portrait controls, & influencer-inspired lenses make the app as one of the best ones.

Show off your unique style with tons of Insta-worthy lenses and filters inspired by your favorite artists and influencers. And with no Photoshop skills needed, it’s easy to share your world — your way.

Check out the reviews the users have left after using the app & they are just as I thought they would be.

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Is This A Photo Editing Tool?

Photoshop Camera App from Adobe seems like a photo editing tool also, however, it’s completely different from that. What it does is that it uses the Adobe Sensei technology to examine the picture & add appropriate filters to show the creativity. For example, you point the device at the sky & open the app to examine the photo you are about to take. The app will automatically show you different filters like shooting stars that you can add to the picture & make it more beautiful.

Adobe Photoshop Camera App Compatibility

Since the whole world has started using PCs less & less and small devices (iPhone, iPad, & Smartphone), the company has launched the app on these platforms.

Photo Editing Tool

With the unique style with many Insta-worthy lenses and filters, Adobe Photoshop Camera app is available on iPad, iPhone, & Android operating system. Since the app is compatible with iOS, the iPhone compatibility starts from iPhone 6S & later.

With more than 30 languages, Adobe is going to take over the Photoshop market because of the reviews the app is getting. With smart capture, filters, & lenses, users are getting what they were looking for a long time.


Capable of Real-time Photo Editing
Unlimited Filters to Choose From
Landscape Perfection
Simple Yet Effective User Interface
Influencer-Inspired Lenses


Occasional Lagging & Overheating
We Have Seen Many of The Filters Many Times Before

Adobe’s goal is tobring the magic of Photoshop directly to your camera’s viewfinder”, Adobe CTO Abhay Parasnis states about the Photoshop Camera App. The company “don’t see ourselves in competition with social apps or OS camera apps”.

Real-Time Photo Editing on Photoshop Camera App

One of the key features this power packed Photoshop Camera app comes with is, real-time photo editing. The feature is being loved by the users irrespective of the mobile operating system.

Adobe Sensei plays a major role in real-time shooting when it helps you with identifying objects in yet-to-be-clicked photographs with recommendations. Though it auto applies the complex effects on the photos you’re about to take, it keeps the original image intact.

The observation from experts as well as users is, the app & Adobe Sensei breaks down the whole image into different segments. Including the kind of scene, lightning, objects, sub-objects, where the user can use different filters & effects to make the picture beautiful.

Editing Photos Directly From Gallery

Apart from real-time photo editing, you can also edit & enhance pictures from galleries. Adobe Photoshop Camera app works as a FREE photo editor where all you just need to do is, tap on Library.

Once the library is open, select any of the images from your devices gallery & start using your skills & tool’s capabilities. The tool has 10 default filters that are available to be used without any downloading. However, the tool has more-than-you-can-use additional filters that can be downloaded & used accordingly.

Faster & Automated

We all know how automation has made things easier for almost every user no matter what app they’re using. Adobe Photoshop Camera app has many tools & capabilities that helps you auto correct the shades for you. Obviously this editing won’t be an expert level work as this is the basic editing.

Adobe Photoshop Camera App Verdict

Photoshop Camera app lets you choose from 1 to unlimited filters to give your photos a new and exciting look. These integrated & usable filters work with the Adobe Sensei & makes the whole experience one of a kind. With the help of AI, the tool identifies the objects & recommend the effects that can be suitable for the picture.

Though there are many pros with Adobe Photoshop Camera app, there are also cons like lagging that switch the delight experience a bit bitter. However, the overall feedback from the users are more than you can expect & maybe that’s one of the reasons Adobe Photoshop Camera app ranks at #10 in the Photo & Video category.

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