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Beware! These Are The Worst Charging Mistakes That Could Ruin Your iPhone
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Beware! These Are The Worst Charging Mistakes That Could Ruin Your iPhone

Are You Sure You Are Charging Your iPhone Right?

Going by the title you might be wondering – Where possibly can I go wrong with charging my iPhone?

All you have to do is plug in your phone and that’s all that is to get your phone charged in some time, right? You might not even realize but there are plenty of charging mistakes that we make and worse! Some of these mistakes can ruin your iPhone, especially in the long run.

In this blog, we’ll discuss some of the common iPhone charging mistakes that users often make. We shall even discuss some of the best charging habits that will help you add life to your beloved iPhone –

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Things You Shouldn’t Do When Charging iPhone

– Using iPhone While Charging It

Phone Charging
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Are you fond of using an iPhone while charging it? Stop that right away!

When you are charging your iPhone the process of electron transmission occurs on your phone. This in turn produces a significant amount of heat. This heat must be driven away. However, when you use your iPhone while charging it, even more heat is created. This heat further causes damage to your battery, system, and RAM.

Even if need be and you have to use your iPhone while charging, avoid any high-intensive jobs such as gaming

– Charging iPhone Overnight or For A Prolonged Time

Is it bad to charge your iPhone overnight? Yes, it is. If you have a habit of charging your iPhone overnight or keeping it plugged in in your car or for that matter, keeping your iPhone charged 100%, you need to stop doing that right away.

According to experts, this shortens the life of your battery. Experts also say that you should aim for 80% and that should be sufficient to carry your iPhone throughout the day. When you charge your iPhone between 30% and 80%, the Li-ion batteries inside perform the best.

And, when in the wake of changing your iPhone deeply, you try and exceed 100%, the high voltage that is generated by electric current puts a lot of stress on your battery which causes overheating.

– Health Hazards

Health Hazards
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What? You might wonder – How can something as harmless as an iPhone charger (more specifically, iPhone plugged into a charger) be lethal? Let’s break this down into two common scenarios (Trust us – after reading this, you just won’t do it) –

  • Never sleep on your power adapter, wireless charger, or even on your device while it is charging. Or, put these under your pillow, blanket, or on your blanket. For two reasons, that one when charging iPhone emits harmful radiations and second, the same can cause fire
  • Many of us have a habit of charging iPhones in our kitchens but are you aware of the side you are charging on – whether or not it is wet? Remember, wet, frayed, or broken chargers or cables can lead to electric shocks, fire, injury, or even damage your iPhone as well

–  Not Getting Battery Replaced

Not getting your iPhone’s battery replaced is yet another thing that can cause you a lot of money. Typically, an iPhone battery lasts 2 years. In that period, it can complete as many as 300-500 full charge cycles. After this, it isn’t that your battery won’t function but, it will only be able to hold 80% of its original capacity.

It is therefore recommended that you shed those extra few dollars and instead of buying a new iPhone variant or replacing the existing battery with a third-party battery, get it replaced by an Apple verified battery.

– Avoid Using Third-Party Chargers

Bad Chargers
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You lost your iPhone charger while traveling and are now apprehensive about buying a  new charger from Apple, fearing that it’ll cost you several bucks. You then come across mouth-watering deals on iPhone accessories that even include chargers as well and next, immediately place an order.

Hold back! Just to save those extra dollars (or whatever your currency is), you might not just be risking your hard-earned-beloved iPhone but even your health.

that oftentimes third-party chargers and their cables are manufactured without any safety standards or made using cheap materials. If you charge your iPhone using these you may have to bear grave injuries.

Wrapping Up:

We hope that by adhering to the points mentioned above, you’ll be able to enjoy your iPhone with maximum safety. If there’s a point that you think we might have missed and that can add more life and safety to your iPhone, do let us know in the comments section below. For more such updates keep reading Tweak Library.

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