What Is Wireless Charging?

What Is Wireless Charging?

In our daily life we use cables and connectors to charge our smartphones and if these cables and connectors do not function due to any reason, then our important work may get delayed. What will happen if we do not have to depend on charging cables and connectors? Yes, now we have a new technology called Wireless Charging, which is a next step to provide a safe, reliable and convenient way to charge a device without any charging cable or connector.

What is Wireless Charging?

Wireless charging is a technology by which a battery operated electronic device can be charged without using physical connectors or cables. To transfer the power from a charging source to a receiving device, electromagnetic fields are created. These electromagnetic fields transfer the power from a wireless charger to a device.

How Wireless Charging technology works:

Wireless charging works on the principle of electromagnetic power transfer. (Electromagnetic power transfer is a technique to transfer electrical energy from a power source to a battery operated appliance.) In this process, electrical current is transferred between two objects by using the coils, which produces an electromagnetic field. Below are the basic steps which describe the whole process:

  1. Firstly, an alternating current of high frequency is converted from the mains voltage.
  2. A transmitter circuit is used to send this high frequency alternating current to the transmitter coil.
  3. Now a magnetic field is created by the transmitter coil which is extended to the receiver coil of a device (Receiver coil should be in specified distance)
  4. Once the magnetic field reaches to the receiver coil, it generates the current in the coil.
  5. Now the current which is flowing in the receiver coil is converted to the direct current by the receiver circuit, which charges the battery of a device.


Most common implementation of wireless charging:

Cellphone on a wireless charger

  • The most significant use of wireless charging is in smartphones, and this is the reason that many smartphone manufacturers are adopting this technology. This technology enables safe, consistent charging of smartphones when placed correctly on the charging pad.


  • Wearable gadgets such as headphones, smartwatches, etc have also started to adopt this technology. Wireless power is a potential solution for wearable devices by eliminating the requirement for cables.

Vehicle at wireless charging point.

  • Wireless charging of electric vehicles is one of the most researched areas to transfer the power without wire chords. As like smartphones, charging pads for electric vehicles will be more convenient way to charge them. We can charge the electric vehicle by using these charging pads when we are at shopping or in office.


  • Wireless charging is also beneficial for industrial use as it is lower in cost as compared to the mechanical connectors. Also, it will be waterproof which do not have any threatening of corrosion and sparks which usually happens with the mechanical connectors.

Technology always tries to give us an easy lifestyle, safety and many more advantages in life. Wireless charging is one of the technologies which promotes green energy and promises the pollution free environment. However this technology is in its primary stage and still has to travel a long distance.

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