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Recovering A Word Password Made Easy and Fast!
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Recovering A Word Password Made Easy and Fast!

Encrypted Microsoft Word document? Here’s what is required in recovering Encrypted Microsoft Word document? Here’s what is required in recovering Word passwords quickly! Word passwords quickly!

Being a part of the corporate world, it is important to transfer data after encrypting them i.e. password protecting them. This feature of encrypting a document comes in wherein you can create a password for your documents and keep the content within confidential. Remembering passwords is quite tough and here is when the need of good password recovering software really feels.

However, you can take help of a robust password manager- TweakPass to store all your confidential details in a secured vault. It is a browser extension that helps you keep a track of all your internet passwords from a single place. You can not only save your passwords, but you can also retrieve them anytime you forget.

Tweakpass to save your passwords

Download TweakPass Password Manager

Well, let’s not shift from our topic that includes the list of best Word password recovery tools. These recovery tools will help you unlock your Word document, the password of which you have lost or forgotten. Don’t hassle yourself by deleting the secured file you cannot open, and starting from scratch. You can anytime take help from the efficient Word password recovery tools.

What Is A Word Password Recovery Program?

A word password recovery program lets you either discover or remove the security on your Word file. Recovering the password of a word file that prevents you from making any edits or even opening is only possible using a word password recovery program. What recovering word password does?

  • The word password recovery program lets you recover or remove the word document open password, and
  • It removes or recovers the Word password with edit restrictions.

Most of these recovering Word password tools ask you for a certain amount before it could help you in recovering Word document passwords. While there are a few Word document password recovery tools that can help you recover, remove, and crack the program. The best of the recovery tools are listed in this article.

Top 4 Word Password Recovery Tools

Check out this list of the best tools to recover passwords of encrypted word documents.

Disclaimer: Using a Word password recovery program is legal only to remove the security on the permissible Word file. It can be a DOC or DOCX file that you set a password on but later forgot.

1. Free Word and Excel Password Recovery Wizard

Free Word and Excel Password Recovery Wizard


The best free tool to unlock Word or Excel files by recovering their passwords. Free Word and Excel Password Recovery has the ability to select and strategize your attack type. To recover passwords of Word document, you’d have to attack a file in two ways, i.e. Dictionary Attack or Brute Force Attack. What does this mean? Dictionary Attack uses a custom word list, while Brute Force Attack applies variable passwords. While you use this tool to recover Word document password, you first have to select a password protected file, select an approach, wait for a while, and bingo! You got your recovered password.


Allows you to select the attack type.

High processing power.

Easy-to-use wizard.

Also available as a Word password recovery tool online.


Lacks support for the newest file format.

Setup file inside ZIP archive.

2. CrackIt!

CrackIt - Tool to Recover Password


CrackIt, as the name itself speaks it is the suitable and quick way to crack and recover Word document passwords. It is an excellent and a free tool that works efficiently with Word documents. This free Word password recovery tool is quite similar to our first bet i.e. Free Word and Excel Password Recovery Wizard. The password cracking process is too simple. All you have to do is download the exe file from the download link below. Double click on the download file and that’s it. You‘ll see the wizard open, asking you to enter the document name manually or browse through the system files. Once selected, click on Crack it and that’s it! You have the password recovered.


Easy to use and quick recovery wizard.

Has multiple password recovery options.

A portable tool.


Still continuing on the old interface.

3. GuaWord



Last but not the least, GuaWord is another amazing tool that can be used for recovering Word passwords quickly and with no hassles. This utility can decrypt Word files including French Word (any version). This utility service is available for Windows and Linux. This program helps you remove any length and any-language password from the document. It is not an usual password recovery software. GuaWord is a free utility that is fully-functional and works efficiently with no password length restrictions.


No restrictions on password length.

Minimal interface with no further confusions.


Takes a bit longer to process.

No graphical user interface.

4. Word Password Recovery Master

Word Password Recovery Master


When it comes to recovering a word document password, Word Password Recovery Master is yet another best bet to opt for. You can remove the document open password and recover the document edit password using this password wizard. This helps you to crack modified passwords that can somehow be recovered if not longer than three characters. It hardly takes 10-20 seconds to remove a document’s open password. You can later on open the file with no need of passwords. You can break multiple MS Words passwords in a go. Amazing isn’t it? You can further add a password to restrict anyone from using the cracking functions.


The recovered passwords can be copied to clipboard easily.

Includes features not found in similar programs and easy to use.


A tool with limited features.

Wrapping Up

That’s all folks! Try all these or any one of these Word password recovery programs to decrypt your encrypted Word document. You can recover passwords, remove passwords or crack them as and when needed in no time. These tools hardly take a minute or so to give you details regarding your Word document password.

Tried these tools? Which one is your favorite?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.



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