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White Noise Apps For Android And iOS
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White Noise Apps For Android And iOS

When there is so much going in the head – the hustle and bustle of the day to day monotonous life, even the most comforting bed is incapable of giving you a sound sleep. Worry not!  If you have a smartphone and a decent pair of headphones, all you need is a handful of white noise apps but before that here is a small brief about what these white noise apps are and why you need them –

What Is A White Noise App?

White Noise Apps are those that help produce white and pink noise to facilitate sleep. White noise is a combination of different sound frequencies. These sounds mask all the other sounds that occur naturally in our environment.

Why Do We Need White Noise Apps?

No matter how much you underestimate a sound sleep, it is critical to your fitness. Even if you are well aware of this app and somehow manage to put your phone to sleep, you probably will have a hard time putting your mind and heart to the same.

In this day and age where our monotonous, tiring and demanding schedule doesn’t leave us not even a second, White noise apps provide you with just the right sounds, you need to calm, relax and sleep.

Best White Noise Apps?

Talking about fitness you could pave your way to fitness by taking the app route. Now, stressing upon the same, here are some of the best white noise apps that help you pave your way to hit the sack in no time at all –

1. Sleep Pillow

Sleep Pillow - white Noise For Sleep

If nothing else can lullaby you to sleep, Sleep pillow will. Sleep Pillow is a white noise app that offers the choicest soothing sounds which will for sure put you to a sound sleep. You can choose up to three sounds and if you desire you can even create your own sounds. You can even tweak the white noise for sleep as per your whims and fancies.


2. Atmosphere: Relaxing Sounds

Atmosphere Relaxing Sounds - White Noise App

Atmosphere is a free white noise app that brings to the table tons of relaxing isochronic tones and binaural beats straight from the atmosphere. These sounds will for sure make your yoga, sleeping, meditation session super enjoyable. There are 100 of soothing sounds like sounds at the park, underwater, forest, beach, etc.


3. White Noise Generator: Best White Noise App for Android

White Noise Generator - Best White Noise App for Android

A rating of 4.8 and nearly one million installs, White noise generator is probably the best white noise app that has all that it takes to put you to sleep. You could choose from a variety of HD white noise sounds such as wind, forest, rain, creek, leaves, fire, etc and if you want something even more refreshing, you can create your very own mixes.


4. White Noise Lite

White Noise Lite - Free White Noise App

White Noise Lite is a free white noise app that offers 40 different sounds which can further be mixed to create new sounds. These include sounds like a campfire, waves crashing, rain on a car roof amongst several others. The white noise app has a very simplistic interface and despite being simple the sounds come across as very realistic.

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In The End

A sound sleep after a day’s grueling is all that one yearns for and to overcome all that tension you need white noise for baby-like sleep. Do let us know if the apps mentioned above have been able to put you to sleep. And, if there is anything else, any other routine that you would like to share with us that could help attain a sound sleep, we’re all ears.

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