Get Ready to Watch Movies For Free at Google Play Movies Soon

Experience It With Free-With-Ads Scheme

Get Ready to Watch Movies For Free at Google Play Movies Soon

The news about getting something free of cost always seems good and something similar has happened recently. Google Play Movies is planning to let you stream movies under the free-with-ads scheme. Yeah! Initially I believed it to be a joke among the group but it’s true.

Google Play Movies
Google Play Movies is a platform that already lets you buy or rent video content including movies for a price. A lot of users already access Play Movies, purchase stuff from there, and complete the list of movies they want to watch. 

XDA Developers About Free Google Play Movies

A mobile software development community, XDA Developers had been founded by developers, for developers.  It’s a creative platform for people who wish to go as far as customizing the look of their phone and feel by adding new functionality.


Recently, XDA developers announced about Google Play Movies preparing to add ad-supported-free-movie-streaming services.

“As we mentioned before, the app currently only allows you to rent and buy movies and TV series, with just a very few exceptions of movies and shows that are straight-up made free. However, in version v4.18.37 of the Android application, we spotted a few strings hinting that Google will introduce a new free-with-ads selection of movies. One string, in particular, alludes to the presence of “hundreds of movies, just a few ads,” which suggests a big chunk of the app’s library may be made available in this new format. It’s not immediately clear, however, whether all of Google’s library will become available for free-with-ads or only just a few movies. Nevertheless, it would change radically the way the service works currently as well as make it a viable competitor to other streaming services.”

Like any other update, this free-with-ads feature on Google Play Movies hasn’t been rolled out yet. The company is working on the feature & will launch the site server update as soon as possible.

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Competition With Other Streaming Services

Google already is a very important part of our lives, however, still thinks that a few areas are untouched such as online video streaming. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon prime Video, Disney+ & whatnot are already there to help you with video content. 

Online Streaming
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Now, Google Play Movies is also planning to jump in to provide free-with-ads movie streaming feature. And we are certain that in no time, Google Play Movies is going to be a big thing in online video streaming service.

Free-With-Ads Feature Availability

Please keep in mind that the “free-with-ads” or “hundreds of movies, just a few ads” feature availability hasn’t been cleared out by the company as of now. Means, if all of the movie titles will be free-with-ads or just a few of them depending on the popularity or highly rated ones.

What’s Your Take

We all have heard about the term “at the right time in the right place” & the timing couldn’t have been better for Google. Since all of us are literally quarantined at home due to COVID-19, we look for different platforms for entertainment. Now we have got one more option to choose from to experience Google Play Movies.

Watching Online Streaming

Normally, Google Play Movies isn’t the usual go-to-place watch video content; however, I believe that our whole thinking is going to change. Definitely, the platform is going to experience a heavy traffic as soon as the feature gets available for us. I can’t say about you all but I’m very excited to know what movies Google Play Movies is going to offer to be watched for free-with-ads.

I know we already have many of the online video streaming services, however, I bet there are movies (horror) we want to watch that we can’t find anywhere. Maybe we can find those ones on this new with-free-ads platform.

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Don’t forget to mention what you think about this new feature by Google to jump in under the online video streaming service category.

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