Top 5 Easy Ways To Speed Up macOS Ventura

Top 5 Easy Ways To Speed Up macOS Ventura

The realization that your Mac’s operating system isn’t running as seamlessly as you had hoped after quickly updating it to the latest version is one of the most upsetting things you may experience. However, there are steps you can take if macOS Ventura is sluggish. Here you can easily speed up macOS Ventura.

Easy Ways To Speed Up macOS Ventura

It’s possible for the slow-running Mac issue to arise after the macOS Ventura update because it is still in the beta phase.  Some Mac enthusiasts will wait patiently for the subsequent, more potent Mac (Laptop & Desktop version). However, we advise you to start by using these quick fixes that can help you speed up your Macs.

Here’s How To Speed Up macOS Ventura

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1. Stop Applications/Programs To Launch Automatically At Startup

Examine the number of starting apps on your macOS Ventura Mac if you discover that it takes a while for it to boot up. You may have several more automated app launches than you actually need. Some apps offer the choice to run automatically after installation. Turn off login elements to speed up your macOS Ventura:

  • Open the “Apple Menu” and choose “System Preferences.”

mac system preferance

  • Under system preferences, choose “Users & Groups.”

user and group in mac

  • Now head over to the “Login Items” tab and here you will find a list of all startup applications/programs there.
  • To make changes, click the “Lock” symbol and input your Username and password.

unlock user system preferences

  • Press the Minus “-” button after selecting the things you wish to get rid of. To save changes, press the “Lock” symbol again.

check locak action

2. Disable CPU & Memory Intensive Programs/Applications

Activity Monitor, a built-in software on Macs, that allows you to keep an eye on CPU, memory, and storage usage. The program shows which processes are running and how much Memory/RAM each one is utilizing.

  • Press the “Command” key with the key “Spacebar” to open the “Spotlight.”
  • Now search for “Activity Monitor” in the spotlight and open it.
  • Now select the “Memory” tab in the activity monitor window.
  • The Memory tab shows a list of all currently active processes and their RAM usage.

mac os activity memory

  • Closing the memory-intensive apps will help to speed up macOS Ventura.
  • Perform the same action for the “CPU” tab also.

mac cpu uses

3. Clear Cache Memory

Your MacBook stores extra temporary caches as well as logs the more operations you perform on it. Your Mac will ultimately run faster if you delete all of these unnecessary files.

Use these steps to manually remove cache memory:

  • Click on the “Finder” button on your Mac.
  • Now browse these folders: – ~/Library/Caches & /Library/Caches
  • Remove cache files by going into each subdirectory of the Cache directories.

clear cache memory

4. Clean Your Desktop

The desktop is where you work and the primary screen that macOS loads and your MacBook won’t operate quickly if there is a jumble of folders and application monikers on your desktop screen. In Finder, create a Sidebar for easy access to the necessary folders.

  • From the menu bar, choose “Finder Preferences.”
  • Now select the “Sidebar” tab.
  • Close Preferences after choosing what to display in the Finder sidebar.
  • After that, just simply drag the files from the Desktop area into the appropriate Finder directories. You may organize your files/documents into as several groups/folders as you like for easy access.

Clean Your Desktop

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5. Check Your Internet/Wi-fi Connection

In certain cases, a sluggish internet connection is to blame for what appears to be a slow Mac. Nowadays, almost all of the apps we use require an internet connection at some point, so if your internet connection is poor, the programs/applications will also lag and give the impression that your Mac is underperforming. We must thus rule out a poor Wi-Fi/internet connection as the root of the issue. Check to see if you’re connected to the right Wi-Fi network by clicking the Wi-Fi symbol in the menu bar.

Or you can call your Internet service provider for poor and slow internet connection.

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To Wrap This Up

So, this is a small guide on how to speed up macOS Ventura. In this simple yet effective post, we’ve mentioned 5 easy ways to speed up your macOS Ventura Mac. Try them one by one to find out which way is the best for you. And share your experiences with us in the comments below.

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