Skype VS WhatsApp: Who Will Win?

Skype VS WhatsApp: Who Will Win?

Although, Comparison of both the apps is like comparing Oranges with Apples but we have still tried to lay a common ground.

Where Microsoft’s Skype is considered as Pioneer of the industry, Whatsapp was bought over by Facebook a few years ago to lead the competition.

You might not know what VOIP Call stands for though you’re using it for long. VOIP call means Voice Over IP, that allows you to make free voice calls over the internet. Since the year 2003, Microsoft’s Skype messenger has contributed a lot in promoting VOIP calls and later in 2015, the WhatsApp Messenger app also joined the race.

Now there are several messaging apps across the world and apart from Skype, Facebook Messenger, IMO, Line, WeChat, SnapChat, and Viber are few of the best used messaging apps to make VOIP calls. Here is a comparison of two of the most used messenger app.

Technical Specifications

Specifications WhatsAppwhatsapp logo Skypeskype logo
Audio recording Yes No
Cloud Sync No Yes
End-to-end encryption Yes No
File Size 100 MB Device Dependent
Groups 256 Yes
In-App Purchases None None
Location Sharing Yes Yes
Media Images, Video, Audio, Documents Images, Video, Audio, Emoji
Messaging systems Data Data
Multi Device Message Mirroring Yes
Platforms Android, iOS, Web, Mac, Windows, Windows Phone iOS, Android, WP OSX, Windows, Linux, Web, Blackberry, Chrome
Publisher WhatsApp Inc. Skype
Required Android Version 2.3.3 or above Device Dependent
Server stored messages Transitory Limited for (30 days)
Video recording Yes Yes
Videoconferencing No Yes
VoIP Yes Yes
Screen Sharing No Yes
Service integrations No SIP (paid)
Android App: Download Whatsapp for Android Download Skype For Android
iOS App Download Whatsapp for iOS  Download Skype for iOS
Web Login / Download: Visit Here Visit Here 


“If using on a Smartphone, WhatsApp messenger app is better than Skype messenger or any other Messenger app.”

WhatsApp vs Skype Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
One step registration process Design needs renovation
Compatible with all smartphones Face Filters are not available
Group messaging for up to 256 users Lack of fancy stickers and other visual options
1.5 Billion users throughout the world Only connects with other WhatsApp users
Direct playback to Audio & Video messages Virtual assistant missing
Email Chat conversation for backup or printing
Make Free Voice Calls, Video Calls, Conference Calls
Free Text Messaging, Multimedia File Sharing with any WhatsApp user
Available for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and another OS
256 Bit Encryption for secure calls and messages
Share live location with desired contacts
Broadcast bulk messages and invitations
Share stories through status feature
Low data usage for calls and media
Ad-Free and Free of cost available
Mostly used for personal use
Pros Cons
Unlimited chats and conference calls Freeze up issues
Cheapest VOIP call service with subscriptions Needs login every time you use it
Hold video chats for multitasking and other IM responses Data compression is below average
Free Text Messaging, Multimedia File Sharing with any Skype user Call back or Call blocking option not available
Make cheaper Local, Domestic, and International VOIP calls to any number High Data usage while making video calls
Special features of using Whiteboard, Post-a-Poll, and Hold Q&A sessions A bit complicated user interface
Screen sharing and large document sharing made easy Low with features and settings
Mostly used for official purpose


“Skype messenger is best used on PCs as an official communication tool with additional features.”

Additional Features of WhatsApp Messenger App

whatsapp for android

  • Use WhatsApp Web to sync your messages on your PC
  • Works well with 2G, 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi to send free messages to any WhatsApp user
  • Share IM, Multimedia and Files with up to 256 people using Group chat or Broadcast feature
  • End-to-End encryption on all types of conversation for additional security
  • Record voice messages on the go to share with other WhatsApp users

Additional Features of Skype Messenger App

skype for android

  • Drop a voicemail on unsuccessful calls by recording a message
  • Skype Translator can translate messages, voice calls, and video calls in any language
  • Share your screen with one or many participants in a video call to discuss, guide or troubleshoot an issue
  • Crystal clear VOIP calls on Landline or Mobile Phones anywhere in the world at the least cost
  • Skype can share all file types including.EXE or.APK up to 2 GB of file size

Final Verdict

In the comparison of skype vs WhatsApp messenger apps, WhatsApp took charge over Skype messenger reason being WhatsApp is better when it comes to team chat or group chat and the user interface of using WhatsApp has turned out to be more convenient and user-friendly throughout the world. WhatsApp also allows you to communicate with anyone in the contact list using WhatsApp however skype needs a Microsoft account to configure and start communicating.

Even Facebook Messenger app could not make its existence in front of WhatsApp messenger. If this article turned out to be helpful to you, please share your thoughts in the comments section.

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