Best WhatsApp Messenger: Chat Alternatives in 2024

Looking for WhatsApp alternatives. Here is your best bet!

Best WhatsApp Messenger: Chat Alternatives in 2024

Facebook-owned WhatsApp Messenger with over 1 billion users in 18 countries is the widely used messaging app. People of all age groups use messaging apps as they help them connect with near and dear ones. Although WhatsApp messenger is very popular and offers great features still in this article, we will talk about the best WhatsApp Messenger alternatives. Each WhatsApp chat messenger alternative we will discuss offers great features and security.

So, without wasting time let’s enter the world of WhatsApp chat messenger alternatives. The numbering is just to make a sequence it doesn’t mean app marked number 1 is better than the rest.

Best WhatsApp Messenger Chat Alternatives

1. Signal

Signal Messenger

One of the best WhatsApp Messenger alternatives, Signal offered by Open Source Systems. This is the company behind WhatsApp’s Messenger end to end encryption. Signal is a free messaging app compatible with all mobile platforms. It offers a number of security benefits and is simple to use. Signal messaging app offers both voice and video calling like WhatsApp chat messenger.

Signal even offers desktop application i.e. you can use the app on both mobile phones and computers. All the messages send over Signal are encrypted, that means only the sender and receiver can read messages. Its encryption method is more advanced hence it is considered one of the best chat alternatives. Moreover, the user gets an option to make the message disappear after the set time interval. This again guarantees privacy.

In addition to this Signal chat alternative of WhatsApp also works as an SMS app for Android users.


End to end encryption

Available on all major mobile platforms

Disappearing messages


No animated emojis

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2. Telegram

Telegram messenger

With over 200 million active users Telegram is one of the popular WhatsApp Messenger Alternative. This cloud-based open-source messaging app works across multiple platforms. Like WhatsApp Messenger, Telegram also uses a double tick system to notify when the receiver has received messages.

Telegram features default end to end encryption for voice calls ensuring no one gets to listen to them. However, this feature is not enabled by default user needs to manually enable it to stop storage.

Like Signal Telegram too offers a feature to automatically delete a message after the set duration. It also supports multimedia file sharing.


Open-source software




Need to enable encryption

Uses own standard encryption

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3. Wire

Wire messenger

Protected by European data maintenance laws Wire is a new messaging app. This secure messaging app

works like WhatsApp and offers end to end encryption. Wire messaging app is quite popular among

users due to its interactive interface and features. This alternative to WhatsApp Messenger offers free

personal accounts and paid business plans. Using Wire, you can format text, optimize the file size for

easy file sharing and do a lot more.


Messages sent with the expiry time.

Rich conversation.

Secure chats


Paid app

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4. Kik


Another best WhatsApp messenger alternative and great messaging app – Kick. This messaging app is designed for those who aren’t okay sharing their number to use the messaging app. Where WhatsApp messenger requires number Kik only requires email ID. Once users sign up using email addresses, Kik assigns unique usernames that can be shared with other Kik chat users.

The best part about this chat alternative is you will never miss any of the messaging features. Kick offers features like text messages, emojis, GIF, photo sharing and other features. Moreover, Kick supports bots using which you do a lot more like playing quizzes, getting fashion tips, etc. This app is worth giving a try.


No need of a number to use the app
Bot support


Users can search others by age

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5. Snapchat


This one exactly is not a messaging app, yet it is considered as an alternative to WhatsApp messenger. Snapchat – social media app offers exclusive features that cannot be found in other messaging chat. You can send self-destructive messages, get notifications when someone takes a screenshot of your chat. Last but not the least Snapchat offers the best face mask collection making this app fun to use. Most of the features that you use on WhatsApp messenger are copied from Snapchat. So if you don’t want to be the one who uses copied features give Snapchat – one of the best chat alternatives a try and be the first to use these amazing features.


Self-destructive messages

Face mask collection

Can replay a snap once a day.

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6. Viber


Sixth on our list of best chat alternatives is Viber a messaging and VoIP app that gives strong competition to WhatsApp messenger. This app offers end to end encryption in calls, messages and shared media. Besides, messages saved on different devices are also encrypted this means Viber comes with multi-device compatibility that WhatsApp messenger lacks.

Viber includes stickers, last seen, backup to Google Drive and more. This app is very similar to WhatsApp thus if you use it bet you will never miss WhatsApp Messenger. Like WhatsApp chat, it too uses phone numbers to identify users. Moreover, if your contact changes its number the app will notify.


Multi-device compatibility

End to end encryption


No option to block calls

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Both Line and WhatsApp messenger are similar as they provide a feature to send and receive free calls. To use LINE users need to register using a phone number as you do in WhatsApp chat messenger. The thing that gives LINE an upper hand over WhatsApp messenger and makes it a great chat alternative is  – it allows users to reply to messages by installing it on a PC or macOS. This link is sent over an email. In addition to this, you can even make a call to LINE users via the app with an Internet connection.


All in one to make voice & video calls.

Reply to message from your PC or Mac


Not very popular

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8. Skype


A perfect chat alternative that has been around since long. Skype allows making quality calls to Skype contacts and the current merger of Skype contact with old MSN or Hotmail accounts help connect some old friends too. Let’s keep the Nostalgia aside, Skype is not an excellent alternative to WhatsApp chat messenger. It even allows sending text messages even when you have not added the person to your contacts.

Skype is connected using a user name and email with password protection making it a secure and an ultimate chat alternative.


Works as an instant messenger and is widely used in offices

Helps in scheduling meetings


Need to pay when calling landlines

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9. WeChat


This one is a popular messaging app in China but is making its way to other countries too. Like WhatsApp messenger to use WeChat, you need to use your phone number. WeChat allows connecting your email accounts, Facebook allowing people to find you easily.  It might look similar to WhatsApp messenger, but it includes certain unique functionalities that were recently added to WhatsApp like picture, video and location sharing, video chat and more.

With over 600 million users WeChat has become one of the best chat alternatives that you can consider using instead of WhatsApp messenger.


Make new friends

Popular than WhatsApp Messenger


Personal details aren’t secure.

Note: As it is a Chinese app, it may not be available to install in India, because the Indian government has banned some of the apps from China.

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10. Google Hangouts

Google Hangout - Messenger Chat Alternative

Another perfect alternative to WhatsApp messenger that is underrated is Google’s Hangout. This one is last on the list of best alternatives to WhatsApp chat Messenger. Using it you can connect with your friends, chat with all your friends using Google account. Although it can be used on different platforms where Gmail works, you can use it to connect with people who do not have a Google account.


Chat in the browser as per your convenience

Chat data can be accessed from Drive

Can only be used by Gmail users

Surprised to know there are so many apps like WhatsApp messenger? These chat alternatives have their own advantages and disadvantages. But one thing is sure you won’t miss WhatsApp messenger chat if you decide to use any of these apps.

Hope you liked the information if you decide to use any of these WhatsApp messenger alternatives do let us know. However, if you use one other than the ones listed leave us a comment.

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