Reasons Why You Should Use Photo Hiding App

Reasons Why You Should Use Photo Hiding App

You probably have hundreds, if not thousands of photos on your Android smartphone. And, quite possibly some pictures mark your personal space – photos that you don’t want to share with others. As a prudent Android user, you might use ways and means to hide photos. But sometimes there are tactics to hide pictures that are not known to everyone. Why not make life (or privacy rather) simple and instead take the help of apps which can help you hide pictures in a hassle-free manner.

We have already covered some of the best apps that can help you safeguard your photos from prying eyes. This post is more about why you need an app to hide your photos. So, if up until now you haven’t decided to bring aboard a photo hiding app, this app will motivate you to do the same.

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Why Install A Photo Hiding or Secret Gallery App?

We’d urge you to read the blog to the last because, in the end, we are going to reveal a great photo-hiding app that is packed with some great features –

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Nobody Gets A Hint of Your Photos

Not every time can you ask others to not touch your phone. For instance, it could be that your friend’s phone has gone for repairs for a day and you both are sharing your phone. It is quite likely that your friend might pry on your photo gallery. Incidents like these are one too many and these can’t be checked upon now and then. When you use an app to hide pictures, in most cases, those pictures are even hidden from your gallery. That way, your friend or anyone overlooking your shoulder won’t have a clue that the selected pictures even exist in your gallery.

Using an App to Hide Photos Is So Simple

While there are many manual ways to hide photos on Android, some of these might not be known to an average user. However, photo hiding apps or secret gallery apps are easily available on the Play Store. These apps are easy to set up and offer an easy way to keep photos and even videos hidden from prying eyes. We’ll discuss one such app, a little later in the post.

You Get To Put Your Pictures Behind A Lock

hide photo

Almost all photo hiding apps let you enable a secure lock. This means you can always lock your gallery via a PIN, a password, a pattern or you could even use biometrics such as using your fingerprint or face to lock your gallery. And, most apps that let you hide your photos don’t just offer one but multiple layers of security. This has a deeper meaning. You don’t want to hide the complete app but individual albums. You can easily do that with the help of an app that is meant to keep your gallery secret.

Stealth Mode Prevents You From Being A Suspect

You might be wondering if I use a secret app to hide pictures, won’t someone have a clue that I am using an app to hide away something? Won’t I be questioned then? Worry not! Several picture-hiding apps offer stealth mode. When you use a feature like this your app disappears from the recent apps list. Moreover, there are several that are named in such a way that no one will doubt you.

You Even Get To Hide Other Things As Well

Quite a many photo hiding apps don’t just let you hide photos but other data as well. For example, you can hide extremely confidential notes such as bank account details, passwords, private texts and chats, and many other things. There are even apps that let you hide other apps as well.

Keep Photos Secret – A Spectacular Way To Hide Confidential Photos

What is Keep Photos Secret

Keep Photos Secret is an amazing Android app that lets you hide photos and videos in your gallery.

How To Use Keep Photos Secret:

  1. Install the app from the Play Store

Hide gallery

Install Keep Photo Secret on Your Android Device

  1. Allow the app to give access to photos, media, and other files on your phone

photo hiding

  1. Tap on the Get Started button

Secret photos

  1. Now, you can set a passcode to lock videos and photos on your phone


  1. Set a recovery email address so that in case you forget your password, you can get it back

Set email

  1. Tap on Done
  1. Tap on the Let’s Secure Photos & Videos button

8. Tap on the Import tab and specify the location from where you want to import videos and photos from

Choose action

  1. Select items and then tap on the tick icon at the top-right corner and confirm if the app can remove items from the original location

That’s it! You needn’t worry about prying eyes from getting a glimpse of your images.

Wrapping Up:

Now that you know the importance of apps to hide photos, do try one and let us know which one is your favorite. If you found value in this post, do share it with your friends, family, and colleagues and for more such content, keep reading Tweak Library.

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