How To Efficiently Hide Pictures and Videos?

How To Efficiently Hide Pictures and Videos?

Our Android smartphones can capture memories in the form of spectacular photos and videos and we love to share them with people. Nevertheless, there will always be some private pictures that you would just want to keep to yourself or a loved one. But, what if you had to hand your phone to a colleague while you were busy with some task, even if it was for a few minutes? What if your colleague misused those images or videos? The easiest way someone can reach your photos is through your gallery and once that happens, all your privacy is gone. That’s where the need to hide pictures and videos arise.

Ways and means of hiding images in your gallery could be many. But, we shall be addressing simple ways through which you can efficiently hide pictures on Android gallery.

1. You Can Take the App Route

You Can Take the App Route

Amongst several other apps, Keep Photos Secret is one of the best apps that lets you hide pictures and videos by transferring your images and videos to a password-protected vault. The only way someone can have access to them is if they have your password, which is next to impossible.

The best part about this app is that it deletes the images and videos that you don’t want someone to see from the original location. This way even if someone has access to your gallery or the original location, they won’t be able to find images there.

Hide your Pictures and Videos Now!


  • Password Recovery Option

Forgetting password is very common. It is probably one of the reasons why many users refrain from keeping passwords. Even if you lose or forget your primary password, you needn’t worry. This photo hiding app gives you an option to enter a recovery email on which it would send you the passcode just in case you forget your old password.

  • Double Layer Security

You can choose to lock the entire app to hide pictures and videos using a 4-digit pin and you can also lock individual folders.

  • Fingerprint Unlock

Tired of punching in the pin every time you open the app. You can enable the fingerprint lock/ unlock capability but that is only if your device supports a fingerprint lock/unlock.

Note: Only works if your phone or device has in-built fingerprint sensor.

  • Stealth Mode

Even if someone has a spec of doubt that maybe you are using a photo hiding app to hide pictures and videos, he or she can still not trace this app. Why? Because of its stealth mode function that makes the app disappear from the recent app list.

  • Watch Videos and Photos in The App Itself

The app lets you export and view images and videos at the same time in the vault itself.

2. Manually Hide Pictures on Android gallery

Manually Hide Pictures on Android gallery

Another simple way using which you can hide pictures and videos is by following the steps below –

1. Open file manager > Add New Folder > Rename the file by prefixing the file name with a period or dot (.) For example – .test

2. Now you may move all your photos into this folder.

3. If you wish to unhide the folder, Open File Manager> Go to Settings and slide the “Show hidden files” slider to the right.

This way you’ll be able to hide your images. But, if by some means, someone unhides your folders, your images would still be accessible. So, it’s much better to use an app that lets you put a password to lock your images.

Out of the two options mentioned above, using a photo hiding app is the simplest and the most effective way through which you can add several layers of security and hide pictures and videos. Even if you don’t have your device in your hands, you can still breathe a sigh of relief that no one will be able to steal your privacy or ruin those precious memories or (even your reputation).

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