Legit Reasons For Using A Photo Organizing Software

Legit Reasons For Using A Photo Organizing Software

If you are an avid photographer, you probably have a knack for transferring photos from your device to your computer. You can’t just let several photos (perfect or imperfect ones) sit inside your smartphone or digital camera like that. Before choosing their fate – whether to edit them, share them on social media or discard them, it is a good habit to first organize them, just so that you don’t end up sharing or deleting, or even editing the wrong image.

This is where photo management software is exactly the kind of utility you need, that can help you out big time! Actually, there are many reasons for using photo organizing software. So, let’s dive in and have a look at some of the important reasons why using photo organizing software is important.

During the course of this blog, we’ll even demonstrate the importance of photo sorting software by seeing one in action.

Why Care About Using A Photo Organizing Utility?

Wisely Free Up Storage Faster

data drive

What’s there in freeing up storage? Pick images and hit the shift+delete combo, that’s it! Please, if you are headed that way, you are doing it all wrong. If you mistakenly deleted some memories like that, here’s how you can get them back.

Under normal circumstances, when you sit down and sort images, you feel like including anything and everything. Taking into view the high-end cameras that we use to take pictures, the captured images soon pile up and eat away our precious storage.

A photo organizing software enters and magically helps us track and get rid of unwanted images. As a result, a lot of storage space on your computer is freed up.

Find Photos Easily And Put Them In One Place

Those hundreds of thousands of photos that you have captured are probably scattered across several folders and locations in your computer. First and foremost, it is important to bring all photos for further processing under one folder so that you can see all the photos you want to process under one glance.

When you use photo management software to bring all images under one place, you won’t have to spend countless precious hours pondering on “which folder did I keep my vacation photos” or “where exactly are the client images for editing”. In short, you’ll be able to increase your productivity.

Get Rid of Unwanted Images

Now that you have plenty of images in one single folder, you don’t want all of them, do you? You would want to preview captures before you take them to the next step of editing. Also, you would also want to delete any duplicate or blurry images, right? Photo Organizing software lets you perform all these tasks with ease.

Renaming Images Becomes Easier

rename images
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Going by the heading, you might say “what’s in the name?”.  If renaming was the only thing to consider, all you have to do is, right-click and rename the image. What’s the big deal then? Consider this scenario – While on a vacation, you captured several images at different locations. Some of them were captured in the day, some in the night, and at various other times. Then, there were those taken in a group (with family and friends) while some were taken alone.

Now, while at your desk at home, you have sat down to make a collage and now, you need to filter these images based on location, time taken, day, and the date, and several other criteria. You also need to rename these images and sort them folder-wise categorically. And, let’s assume that under one category (For example, photos with best friends) has over 100 photos. What would you do?

A photo organizing software can help you quickly filter out images based on metadata and it can even help you rename several images all at once (more specifically, you can batch rename images)

Tracking Progress Becomes Easy

With only one location or one folder to look at, you have a clean and clear vision of how far your progress has reached. Thanks to the customized naming convention or customized subfolders, you know exactly on what date, day or what camera model you worked on and how much have you worked so far.

Seeing A Photo Management Software Into Action

Now that you know why photo organizing software is essential to sort your digital images, let’s see photo organizing software into action. Photo Organizer from Systweak is one of the best photo organizing software. To begin with, the interface is decent and simple to use so that it can be used at all levels of photographers. In fact, if you just started out with photography as a hobby and are finding your way around the various editing and organizing applications, Photo Organizer from Systweak will help you a lot.

What is Photo Organizer?

As the name suggests, Photo Organizer helps you sort your vast image collection. Broadly, it takes into account the tasks of locating images scattered across every nook and cranny of your computer and then organizing them.

What are the Features Of Photo Organizers?

Organize folders:

Get all images for processing in one single location

Remove duplicates:

Photo Organizer uses an advanced algorithm and quick scanning engine to find duplicates

Exclude folders:

That you don’t want to scan. For example, you can exclude an entire drive or folder

Batch renaming:

You can batch rename images, find multiple images based on metadata, and create custom folders

How To Use Photo Organizer?

1. Download, install and run Photo Organizer

photo organizer

Click Here to Download Photo Organizer

2. You can choose to scan your entire system or a particular folder. Here you can even add individual photos as well.

photo organizer wizard

3. Choose a destination folder where you want to save organized images. Create a customized folder for your photos.

When Can This Be Useful?

In case, your friends, who share the passion for photography as you have captured several images using their devices (smartphone or DSLR). Now everyone including you has transferred photos to your computer. Using this option, you can actually create custom folders based on several factors such as the owner’s name, the time at which the photo was taken, camera model (For instance, one of you used a Nikon and the other Cannon), so on and so forth.

photo organizer wizard - custom folder

4. Click on Next

photo organizer wizard - destination folder

5. You can opt to move or copy photos to the organized folder. While moving will move all photos whereas when you copy photos, multiple copies will be created on your computer.

photo organizer wizard - organized folder

6. Click on Next

7. You can exclude folders, specific file formats or files of specific size. Again click on Next.

photo organizer wizard - exclude folder

8. That’s it! let the Photo Organizer do its job. Once done, click on Finish

photo organizer wizard - organize photo

Wrapping Up

Having digital images neat and organized can further streamline several other tasks. These include choosing the right images for mailing, segregating those that need to be edited, and many others. It, therefore, won’t be wrong to say that photo organizing software can set up a base for you on which you can build your workflow. What do you think? Do let us know in the comments section below. If the blog has provided value to you, do give it a thumbs up and share it with others.

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