Protect Files And Folders In Windows 10 From Getting Deleted Accidentally

“To err is human”, But, You Can Always Protect Your Files and Folders And Prevent Blunders From Happening

Protect Files And Folders In Windows 10 From Getting Deleted Accidentally

We are all human and we make mistakes – There are high chances that you or someone you share your computer or data with might accidentally delete crucial files and folders from Windows 10 computer.

Why Is There A Need To Secure And Protect Folders and Files On Windows 10?

Consider this – there is a folder, e.g. Video Changes on your computer, where you or a teammate constantly create new versions of your scripts and videos and even get rid of older and redundant ones. But, instead of sending the deleted files or subfolders to recycle-bin, you (or your colleague) generally press the Shift+Delete button. One fine day, you accidentally press shift and delete, only to realize later that you’ve deleted the right versions of your edited files.

With deadlines on your head, can you afford to create those files and folders again? Probably not! What would you do now? Worry not! Whether you are in such a situation or not, we’ll prepare you to battle any such situation. So, read on?

But First,

Much before you dive into ways and means to protect folders and files, let’s have a foolproof strategy that will keep us safe, should we make changes to wrong settings –

1. Create backups of your crucial data as often as possible – Think of it like this – mishaps are round the corner. But, in the face of a mishap, if you have already backed up your data, you will at least have something to fall back on.

2. Creating a restore point: This is a measure that can come in handy and prove to be a savior in case you have tweaked the wrong settings.

Here’s How You Can Create A Restore Point In Windows 10

How To Prevent Yourself From Accidentally Deleted Files

Let’s have a look at some effective ways using which you will be able to protect yourself and someone else from deleting important files and folders –

1. Modify Security Permissions To Save Files From Deleting

In this method, we will talk about how you can deny access to a file. This way only a specific user (for example, you or the administrator) will be able to access the specified file.

1. Right-click on the file that you wish to secure and then click on Properties.

Video Change Properties

2. Head to the Security tab and then select the Advanced button at the bottom right

Video Change Properties and Security

3. Click on Disable inheritance

4. Click on a user that you want to deny access to the file and then click on Edit

5. Under the Type dropdown menu choose Deny and then click on the OK button

2. Use a third Party Tool Tool To Protect Files and Folders

How about not having to go through several steps to protect folders and files? How about being able to safeguard important files from being accidentally deleted by you or someone else? You can always count on a third-party utility for the same. And, one of the best file protection tools that you can install right-away is the IObit Protected Folder. Once you protect your files and folders with the help of the IObit protected folder, they will first disappear from the files explorer and as a second layer of protection, they will be password protected.

Key Features:

  • Easy to use, intuitive, and animated interface
  • Protect your files or folders from being accidentally deleted
  • Password protect files and folders and keep prying eyes away
  • Prevent your data from spyware, virus, ransomware, and several different kinds of malware with the help of the powerful engine that the tool carries

Free Trial: You get 20 trials free after which you will have to register for the premium version


How To Use IObit Protected Folder?

1. Download and install IObit Protected Folder

2. Create a password.

Protected Folder

3. Drag and drop the files/ folder into the interface that you wish to protect from accidentally deleting.

Drop the Files on Protected Folder

4. Click on Lock and Exit

5. The specified files or folders will disappear from the Windows 10 files explorer as well

6. And, even if someone chances upon the application, he or she will first have to enter the password that you had created right after installation in step no.2

7. If you wish to unlock the files/folder, click on the folder and select Unlock. You’ll again be able to see the folder or file in the file explorer.

3. Hide Your Files

Hide Your Files

This might not exactly be the direct way to prevent your files from being deleted accidentally by you or someone else. But, this method will add an extra layer of protection by not letting someone see it. Additionally, this will also stop you or someone else from mistakenly renaming the file as well. Here are the steps for the same –

1. Right-click on the file and select Properties

2. Under the General tab that opens by default, go to the bottom of the screen

3. Against the Attributes click on the Hidden checkbox

4. Click OK

4. Recover Deleted Files

Advanced Disk Recovery tool

Even if after all the above steps, the aftermath befalls and you do lose some important folders or files, don’t lose hope! Several data recovery tools can help you recover accidentally deleted data. And, one such tool is Advanced Disk Recovery. It helps you retrieve accidentally deleted videos, documents, audios, photos, and all kinds of files.

Features At A Glance:

  • Recover all kinds of files
  • Multiple fast scanning modes – quick and in-depth
  • Recover lost data from external drives
  • Advanced filters so that you can recover the right data
  • Review files before you recover them

Click Here to Download Advanced Disk Recovery

Recover Hard Disk Data Files With Advanced Disk Recovery

Pricing: US$ 39.95

Wrapping Up

Methods such as using a folder lock for a PC can reduce your chances of accidentally deleting an important file and folder. And, god forbid even if you delete a folder or file mistakenly, you always have a data recovery tool by your side, you thereby stand every chance of not letting go of your precious data. If you liked the blog, do give it a thumbs up and share it with people you care for. To stay updated on more fun tech-stuff, keep reading Tweak Library. You can also follow us on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Flipboard, Tumblr, and Instagram.

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