NimzaLoader Malware – How Strong Is Your Guard Against This Cyber-Attack

NimzaLoader Malware – How Strong Is Your Guard Against This Cyber-Attack

Malware is a dreaded term that is terrorizing the online space and residing unsuspecting victims. The moment an unsuspecting user clicks on a link, a malicious attachment gets downloaded. The same can also appear when a user opens maliciously suspicious software. Once installed, an attacker gets full control of your data, your devices, and even your online activities. GandCrab and Wannacry are some of the most notable deadly malware.  The latter in fact, infected over 300000 computers of over 200000 victims in May 2017.

And, what’s even scarier is the fact that hackers are making malware tough to be detected with each passing day. Take this new entrant in the malware-threat space, for instance, NimzaLoader which is believed to be even tougher to deal with.

Before We Delve Deeper,

Phishing emails is one of the key ways NimzaLoader attacks, so organizations need to train staff on how to identify phishing emails and most importantly not to click on them, no matter, how compelling an email might look, you must not click on it unless it comes from a trusted source.

As a further line of defense, whether in an office or personal setting, you must invest in an anti-malware or antivirus.

No Matter How Unusual The Malware – Don’t Let Your Guard Down

NimzaLoader Malware

To defend yourself against malware like NimzaLoader, you need a mechanism, a dedicated antimalware software if you will, which is constantly upgraded with a database spanning major kinds of malware. And, one such anti-malware is the IObit malware fighter.

How Can It Guard You Against Any Impending Malware?

  • Real-time threat protection: Malware Fighter scans your computer for all kinds of PC threats, even for the latest Malware
  • Email Protection: This feature guards your emails against all kinds of phishing scams, spams, and any other threats
  • Powerful Anti-Ransomware engine: Prevents your files from being attacked by any ransomware
  • Powered By Bitdefender Engine: get protection against 200 million new and hidden threats

What Is NimzaLoader?

The malware gets its name from the language it is written in i.e. Nim which is unheard of and a language that malware mostly doesn’t use. Cyber hackers have written Nimzaloader Malware in such an unusual programming language which makes it hard to be detected by defense teams or any defense mechanism.

Why Have Attackers Deployed NimzaLoader In Nim Language?

The hackers behind the malware seem to have chosen an unexpected programming language i.e. Nim, hoping that it will become hard to analyze and detect.

Furthermore, reverse engineers may not be well acquainted with Nim’s implementation or they may not be so focused on developing detection for it. As such sandboxes and tools may find it hard to analyze samples of this malware.

What Is NimzaLoader
Source: Proofpoint

Who Is Behind The Nimzaloader Malware?

It is believed that the Nimzaloader is unleashed on Windows computers by a group of cybercriminals which are referred to as TA800. This group infamously targets industries in North America across several domains. The same group is also associated with BazarLoader which attacks compromised Windows Machines from the backdoor.

How Does Nimzaloader Operate?

It is distributed via phishing emails. When an unsuspecting victim runs a fake PDF downloader, the malware too gets installed on the machine. The malicious phishing emails are targeted towards specific people and are referenced with the person’s company name and personal details. As you can also see from the screenshot below, the email even contains a shortened PDF link which is further linked to an email marketing service’s landing page.

Nimzaloader Operate

How have researchers conclude that NimzaLoader comes from TA800?

The template of these emails and the modus operandi of the attack is quite like the previous phishing attack from TA800.

How Is NimzaLoader Different From BarzaLoader?

It was previously believed that NimzaLoader was a variant of BarzaLoader but the latest investigation by researchers at Proofpoint has concluded that NimzaLoader in fact, is different. It uses hashing algorithm and independent string-decryption.

Wrapping Up:

It’s better not to click on an email if you are not aware of the source- the sender. Also, it is recommended that you have antivirus software or anti-malware like IObit Malware Fighter installed on your computer. At least such software will be able to warn you against any impending danger and likely stop you from clicking on it and becoming a victim.

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