New Microsoft Edge Chromium Features Will Make You Switch Your Browser

New Microsoft Edge Chromium Features Will Make You Switch Your Browser

Internet browsers are the most frequently used apps on the computer. There are numerous browsers available for Windows and Edge for Mac OS however the most popular with a hold over the market are Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, or Safari. Though Internet Explorer ruled over the browsers for decades however these new browsers made you change your preferences.

The all-new Microsoft Edge Chromium was released on 15 Jan 2020 with the same platform that Google Chrome use and the built-in features made me switch to Microsoft Chromium. It was so easy and simple that I can’t even remember that I made a switch because they both have the same experience and settings. The graphic user interface, security settings, ease of access are so enhanced that you will relish using this all-new browser.

Microsoft Edge Chromium is compatible with Windows 10 and all earlier versions of Windows that are still supported. It is also made available for MacOS and can be a great competition to the dominating Safari browser. Let’s explore what’s new in the browser!

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Evolution of Microsoft Edge Browser

Explore New Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge Legacy was launched way back in July 2015 and was made the default browser for Windows 10 operating system. It was based on HTML platform and wasn’t competitive enough win over Google Chrome. With the release of Chromium-based Microsoft Edge in Jan 2020, Microsoft had given a tough competition to Google Chrome by using its own weapon. Now Edge Chromium is the official browser for all versions of Windows.

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User Experience

Microsoft has adapted the user interface in such a manner that you won’t find it difficult or realize any difference after switching from Google Chrome to Microsoft Chromium. Both Microsoft Chromium and Google Chrome are built on the same platform that makes it almost similar in the features and functionalities.

Splendid Performance

All browsers are the same when you use two or three tabs. The real test starts when you perform multi-tab browsing and the browser start freezing or churning up system resources. Microsoft Edge Chromium experience is fantastic on system usage as it comparatively used fewer resources with the same set of tabs on Google Chrome. The browsing speed is comparatively faster to load pages and shift links.

Stylish Looks

The all-new Microsoft Edge Browser is packed with new looks, new icon and new features. The browser has got adaptive themes based on windows settings or individual appearance settings to suit your best visuals. You can also customize the toolbar to add or remove buttons but a new feature that is added here is to ‘Show Favourites Bar’ only on new tabs.

Browse Across Devices

The all-new Microsoft Edge Chromium is available for Windows 10 and all supported versions of Windows along with Edge for Mac OS, iOS, and Android. You can carry your profile and splendid features along with your settings on all the devices you use.

Enhanced Privacy Settings

Tracking Prevention: The all-new Microsoft Edge is loaded with tracking protection that prevents your browsing from tracking cookies and gives you full control over your data. Online trackers are blocked before it reaches your interface.

Microsoft Password Protection-min


InPrivate Mode: You can stay private online with the InPrivate feature that works similar to Google’s Incognito Mode. Your browsing history, temporary internet files, cookies and searches are kept private and not associated with your profile.

Microsoft Defender: Microsoft Edge is customized with Microsoft Defender to work for your security settings. The smart scan automatically protects your online forms, passwords, phishing schemes, identity details, security issues, and malicious attacks from any sort of breach.

Microsoft Edge InPrivate Browsing-min

Password Protection: Microsoft Edge Chromium is loaded with the password protection feature that intimates you when your password goes unencrypted. It notifies you to change the password and other credential information whenever there is a breach suspected.

Privacy Promises: Edge Chromium has a strong privacy protection promise to keep the browsing data safe and prevent unauthorized access. It gives you full visibility and access to the settings as what to collect and whatnot from your browsing activities. Whatever you allow collecting will only be used to enhance the user experience as they completely honour your choices and preferences for browsing data.

Microsoft Edge Collections

Microsoft Collections-min

Edge Chromium came up with a new pattern of collecting browsing favourites. You can create your own collection of browsing favourites to work as an album for quick reference. It’s one of the easiest ways to bifurcate your research and organize your collection for a smart view. Collections icon can be found on the right-most side of your address bar with a (plus) icon. All you need to do is to click on start new collection and keep adding similar webpages for your reference under that category. Similarly, you can create different collections.

Vertical Tab Browsing

Microsoft Vertical Tabs-min

This is so innovative and satisfying! Microsoft Chromium comes with vertical tab browsing where you can expand and collapse the names and enjoy the full-page view. This feature opens up more room for viewing your website content in an efficient manner.

Microsoft Smart Copy

Microsoft Smart Copy-min

Microsoft has introduced a new copy-paste feature to smartly copy specific content and paste it in your documents or emails. This feature keeps the beauty of the content intact by preserving the rich text web formatting and doesn’t convert it into an ugly looking lump.

Immersive Reader

Edge Chromium Text Formatting Experience

Microsoft Edge has also introduced a handy feature to change the web formatting in a single click. You can switch the viewing experience to focus mode or personalize it according to an appealing colour and font formatting.

4K Viewing with Dolby Audio

Microsoft Chromium has got an amazing plugin to enhance your viewing experience. These extensions and plugins are inbuilt to keep your best Hi-definition videos intact. Edge Chromium is the only browser with the functionality on Windows 10 platform that makes it unique.

Summing Up

These advanced features of Microsoft Edge made me switch and experience a new level of browsing. Edge for Mac is now the biggest competition to Safari browser as these new features are amazing for secured browsing experience. Switch from a regular browser to all-new Microsoft Edge for Windows 10 is extremely easy. Trust me, you won’t need any support to make this switch. Microsoft Edge browser really went extreme this time to enrich customer experience and privacy on the Edge.

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