Best 11 Movie Download Websites For Free (August 2023)

Legally access the movie download sites for mobile & PC & watch movies in HD & 4k

Best 11 Movie Download Websites For Free (August 2023)

The excitement of watching movies and TV shows can never fade. Our mobile devices are always handy whether on holiday, relaxing, or spending quality time on weekends. Opting for a movie night in the comfort of our home is undeniably more convenient than heading to a movie theatre. Now, imagine the excitement of having the freedom to stream any movie right on your phone, and that too, at no cost.

This can be easily achieved with the best free movie download websites that provide easy access to various free movies for watching. Moreover, these websites are designed to cater to mobile devices, making the process even smoother. Without further ado, here’s a compilation of the top websites that offer the convenience of downloading free movies directly to your device.

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Best Websites For Download Free Movie in HD Quality

Explore the comprehensive compilation of prime movie download platforms for a seamless experience of your beloved films without inconvenience. And now, without further delay, let’s dive right in!

List of Contents

  • 1. EXTV
  • 2. FMovies
  • 3. MegaShare
  • 4. MoviesNiPipay
  • 5. Crackle
  • 6. YesMovies
  • 7. Internet Archive
  • 8. Movies4U
  • 9. MoviesPur
  • 10. FilmyZilla
  • 11. Vidmate
  • Concluding Thoughts on the Top Free Movie Download Sites in 2023


An excellent option for accessing free movies is EZTV. It is a free movie download website primarily dedicated to provide users the opportunity to download movies and television episodes.

After more than ten years of being active, the website has gained a considerable user base owing to its user-friendly interface and expansive content repository. This makes it as a go-to resource for information seekers.

However, it’s worth noting that EZTV has encountered legal challenges, potentially leading to concerns about its reliability. Delve into why this website is included in the roster of top-notch free movie download sites through the highlighted features below.



  1. Provides ease of access with a simple interface.
  2. Provides a vast collection of movies and shows.
  3. Regularly updated with recent and latest content.
  4. Provides high-definition quality content.

2. FMovies

FMovies is yet another free movie streaming site, providing access to a vast array of movies and TV shows, without spending a penny. It directly streams video content with the help of torrents and global sources, giving you quick access to movies soon after their CAM quality release.

Furthermore, the website also presents movies in high-definition quality, accompanied by subtitles. Its well-organized categorization based on country, genre, popularity, and more simplifies the process of discovering local content in a few clicks. Since the site delivers content without official licensing, it often faces blocking measures. But it manages to reemerge by making URL adjustments. For individuals actively seeking an unrestricted streaming service coupled with a download feature, FMovies stands out as the optimal choice.



  1. Provides high-definition quality content.
  2. Well-categorized based on country, the show’s popularity, and genre.
  3. Easy access to local content.
  4. Provides simple navigation.

3. MegaShare

When it comes to watching movies online, Megashare has proven itself as one of the best free movie download websites. Megashare delivers an exhilarating experience with its wide variety of films spanning diverse genres. So, gather your popcorn and plunge into a realm of boundless entertainment!

A primary boon of Megashare is its capacity to offer boundless entry to movies free of cost leaving pricey movie tickets and monthly subscriptions behind. Megashare ushers the cinematic allure right onto your screen, enabling the enjoyment of cherished films from the sanctuary of your abode. With mere clicks, you can embark on a cinematic odyssey, exploring various films spanning various genres.



  1. Allow users to stream various movies and TV shows.
  2. Provides a safe environment for users.
  3. Provides reliable streaming capabilities
  4. Easy to use interface.

4. MoviesNiPipay

MoviesNiPipay is your comprehensive destination for downloading and streaming movies online. The free movie download site offers the privilege of indulging in high-quality movies with frequent updates of fresh content. It works like other similar websites, quickly letting you watch newly released movies.

This portal allows you to explore the most recent TV shows and movies from across the globe.

The user experience is remarkably straightforward – you need to search for your desired program and then play it directly or download it. Beneath the video, you’ll find various download options featuring diverse resolutions and sizes. This empowers you to select the most suitable option for your preferences and download your chosen movies.


  1. Allow users to stream from a wide range of movies and TV shows in high definition.
  2. Provides a vast collection of movies and shows.
  3. Regularly updated with recent and latest content.
  4. Simple navigation steps.

5. Crackle

Crackle is a free movie download site available in over 20 countries, allowing you to stream TV shows and movies. The service,was established in 2004 andoffers video streaming at no charge, facilitated by intermittent short pre- and mid-roll advertisements.

Crackle’s financial sustainability relies on these periodic ads, as there is no requirement for a subscription to access film streaming. With its extensive array of movies and the endorsement of Sony, this application unquestionably merits exploration. For movie downloads, you can employ widely used browser extensions.



  1. No login is required to view movies and shows.
  2. Available as a free platform.
  3. Easy-to-use interface for both novice and experienced users.
  4. Allows content to be downloaded at a fast speed.

6. YesMovies

YesMovies has gained significant popularity as a free movie download website in 2023. It primarily offers titles sourced directly from torrent websites and open video channels such as Openload. The platform engages in unauthorized movie broadcasting, resulting in the possibility of frequent domain changes to avoid legal repercussions from production companies.

Upon visiting the site’s homepage, you’ll be greeted with an elegantly presented search bar, encouraging you to seek out your preferred programs or TV series for viewing. Users can stream and download a diverse selection of movies and television series spanning genres like drama, animation, action, comedy, thriller, and romance, among others. Additionally, there’s the option to choose content from specific countries to watch.



  1. Free Movie Streams and Downloads.
  2. Simple UI and easy navigation.
  3. Subtitle support.

7. Internet Archive

Moving on to another excellent option for free movie downloads, we have Internet Archive.Much like its name suggests, this website functions as a repository for many titles. Beyond movies, it offers free download of TV shows, books, images, and other digital content. The scale and scope of this digital library are pervasive. To gain further insights into the website’s offerings, peruse its features before downloading movies at no cost online.

Internet Archive


  1. Well-categorized based on country, the show’s popularity, and genre.
  2. Provides simple navigation.
  3. Easy-to-use interface.

8. Movies4U

Next on the list of great free movie download platforms is Movies4U. If you’re looking for the latest movies and releases, Movies4U is definitely worth checking out.

The platform curates a list of titles spanning various exclusive genres. Content can be downloaded in your preferred quality. One can easily get hands-on with the website by examining a selection of its key features, shedding light on what this emerging movie download site has in store.



  1. Provides access to the latest movies and shows.
  2. Well-categorized content based on genre.
  3. Access to dubbed content.
  4. Provides easy navigation.

9. MoviesPur

This new website has caught people’s attention because of its impressive user interface and the reliable download speeds it offers to users. The content library on this platform is consistently refreshed, ensuring visitors always have access to the latest films. Moreover, users can also access downloads of TV episodes, movies, and captivating media from Hollywood and Bollywood.



  1. Impressive user experience.
  2. Provides engaging media from both Hollywood and Bollywood.
  3. Provides access to the latest movies and shows.

10. FilmyZilla

Moving on in the list of best free movie download sites is FilmyZilla. It offers a smooth and crisp interface to its users, allowing them to navigate through a huge library of movies and TV shows.

FilmyZilla also gives easy access to dubbed movies and download links.

Filmyzilla site


  1. Impressive user experience.
  2. Access to dubbed content.
  3. Subtitle support.

11. Vidmate

The last on our list of best free movie download sites is Vidmate. It is famous for providing high-definition content. It provides easy access to a variety of the latest shows and movies for the best movie experience along with an intuitive interface.



  1. Provides high-definition content..
  2. Provides access to the latest movies and shows.
  3. Easy navigation.

Concluding Thoughts on the Top Free Movie Download Sites in 2023

The article gathers a selection of prime websites where you can freely download movies and TV shows without needing an account or subscription. To ensure the security of my blog, I’ve included Google search links for these sites. All platforms highlighted here offer free services without any payment obligations. It’s worth noting that specific streaming platforms are entirely legal and secure. If you encounter difficulties accessing or utilizing the provided links, kindly share your concerns in the comments section below. Furthermore, your valuable suggestions and insights are greatly appreciated; feel free to express them through comments in the section provided.

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