How to Download Netflix Movies on Mac

How to Download Netflix Movies on Mac

Netflix is one of the most popular & successful video content streaming platforms that always brings something interesting. From latest thriller movies to binge watch the Big Bang Theory, Netflix is the reliable, best, & ultimate option you can ask for. Additionally, the compatibility to use the app on different devices is also commendable.

How to Download Netflix moview

From a cell phone to your personal computer, you can browse this platform anywhere & anytime. You might experience a few features here & there while accessing the browsing version instead of the app version but that’s okay.

For example, you cannot download Netflix movies on Mac, however, the same is possible with the App version. That is why we are writing this blog so that you can download Netflix movies on Mac any way possible.

How to Download Netflix Movies on Mac

Unlike other devices, When it comes to watching movies or shows offline on Mac, we are still searching for options. At least there is no official tool that’s been designed for watching stuff offline on Netflix. However, there are always non-official or 3rd party tools that can help us out here. So those are the solutions we would see in the below section to help us download Netflix Movies on Mac:

1. Via Windows OS Installation

Sounds a bit out-of-the-box but hey, a lot of things have been achieved just because someone thought out of the box. So yeah!! It’s possible to download Netflix content on Mac with this seems-like-unconventional-method.

You just need to install the Windows operating system on your mac with the help of Boot Camp Assistant. The step-by-step instructions along with the prerequisites have been explained here on the page.

Download Netflix Movies on Mac

Once the Windows installation has been completed, you will be able to switch between the WindowsOS as well as macOS.

Once you have switched to the Windows OS, go to the Microsoft Store & download the official Netflix application.

After the successful installation, check out for the selected movies & shows that can be downloaded on Windows OS & watched offline.

2. Via Apple Device Streaming

Another 3rd party tool that can help you download Netflix movies on Mac is streaming via other Apple devices. AirPlay is an additional tool that’s been developed by Apple to help stream media content among AirPlay-enabled devices over Wi-Fi. & since the app supports offline downloading, you can download Netflix movies on Mac quite easily. Additionally, download AirServer as well to get AirPlay streams on the Mac.

Download Netflix Movies

In order to use this way to download Netflix movies on Mac, first you need to create the local Wi-Fi network. Additionally, you will require your iOS device and the Mac turned on so that the devices don’t run out of battery in between the binge watch of money Heist.

3. Via Screen Capture Software

The final & only remaining way to download Netflix movies on Mac is using the Screen Capture software. One of those tools is Movavi that lets you capture or record a specific part of the screen that you can save as a regular video. This simply means you can start watching Netflix video content in the web browser, start recording, & save it for offline playback.

Download Netflix Movies 2020

No doubt the method is time consuming & close to illegal activity, Netflix won’t attack you for recording the show & watch it later on. But keep yourself away from sharing the same recording content with family & friends as it may bring you in light for wrong reasons.

Wrapping Up

Since Netflix is arguably the most popular online video streaming platform in the world, many of us prefer using it for offline purposes as well. That’s where we try & find ways to download the video content on our devices & watch them later on.

Dig in all these different ways mentioned above to download Netflix movies on Mac & have fun.

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