How To Watch Google Play Movies on TV

How To Watch Google Play Movies on TV

Google Play Movies or Google Play Movies & TV is one of the platforms that offer continuous entertainment. The experience is always better when you have been given the option to watch something on a bigger screen and that’s what we are finding here today. We are finding ways to watch Google Play Movies on TV in different ways.

Watch Google Play Movies on TV

Used by hundreds & hundreds of users, Google Play Movies gives you the options to watch the video content in 720 pixels to 4K HDR quality. Apart from watching the content on web browser & mobile devices, check out the variety of options to watch content on a TV:

What is Google Play Movies & TV?

Launched in 2011, Google Play Movies has been through many transformations, however, the main aim to entertain users didn’t get lost anywhere. Covering almost every part of the world, the content is available in HD and 4K ultra HD video options now.

What is Google Play Movies

An online video on demand service, Google Play Movies & TV has been operated by Google with different shows for purchase or rent, depending on the availability. You can also pre-order the content before the release & get in delivered as soon as it comes in the queue. Apart from this, the rented video content has an expiration date & every other detail on the content page.

How To Watch Google Play Movies on TV

In today’s era we are surrounded by technology as easy as calling someone to as complicated as solving a cybercrime incident. Watching stuff on a bigger screen is a better experience, however, the device & the platform must be comfortable.

Similarly, Google Play Movies is one of those platforms that can be experienced on your TV in different ways as mentioned below:

1. Watch Google Play Movies on your Smart TV

I believe this is one of the simplest & easiest ways to watch Google Play Movies on TV. All we need to do is, just take help from the already existing technology and use it for our benefit. Smart TVs are a real invention that totally changed the way we think about our television devices as gradually the Smart TV becomes your cell phone device for you.

On the latest Smart TVs, you will find the Google Play Movies app already installed on the home screen, however, in case it’s not there, just follow the below steps & install the app on your Smart TV:

Let’s take the example of Samsung Smart TV here:

1. Open the Smart Hub on your Smart TV & go to the Apps.

2. Here, you need to select the Samsung Apps

3. After tapping on Samsung Apps, look for Google Play Movie & tap on Enter.

4. The moment you press ENTER one more time, the app will start downloading.

5. After the successful download & installation, put in the credentials & start having fun watching Google Play Movies & shows on your Smart TV.

You can also find the ways to watch Google Play Movies on different Smart TVs including LG, Apple, & Android.

2. Watch Google Play Movies With Chromecast

Another way to watch Google Play Movies with Chromecast that lets you play the video content in HD irrespective of whatever device you’re streaming the content from. You won’t even need cables to perform the process as well. Isn’t this cool!!

The prerequisite for using Chromecast to watch Google play Movies is to set the Chromecast first.

Please know that we are considering watching Play Movies via an Android device here:

1. Make sure that your android phone/tablet as well as Chromecast are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

2. Once the devices are connected, open the Google Play Movies & TV app on your android device or tablet.

3. You will find an option Library (at the bottom); tap on it & then select Movies or TV shows.

4. Select any of the movies or shows you’d like to watch.

5. Tap on the Cast icon & choose your Chromecast from the provided list.

6. Here on your Google Play Movies & TV app, tap on Play. Here you have the video content ready for you to be watched.

Now, if you want to disconnect, again tap on Cast and then select your device from the list.

To watch Google Play Movies with Computer or iPhone/iPad, watch the steps here.

3. Watch Google Play Movies With HDMI Cable

The HDMI cable is one of the most used ways, however, it limits you to use the cable in this wireless-device-connection-world. Let’s follow below steps & watch Google Play Movies with HDMI Cable:

The prerequisites are an HDMI Cable with HDMI ports & an HDMI adapter to connect the device to the TV.

1. Once both the devices get connected through the cable, you will find your device’s screen and audio playing through the TV.

2. In case you encounter any issue with sound, go to TV settings & change audio source.

In case you are experiencing any other issue that’s not letting you watch Google Play & Movies with HDMI cable, see the possible reasons & solutions here.

Wrapping Up

Above are the most used & budget friendly solutions we have provided to help you watch Google Play Movies on TV. Go through all three of them and start using the one that’s working out best for you.

Don’t forget to share any of the methods you use to watch Google Play Movies that isn’t mentioned above.

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