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Best Sites to Download Movie Subtitles For Free In 2022!
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Best Sites to Download Movie Subtitles For Free In 2022!

Movies are the best way to kill stress, boredom and drive the dreariness away. There are various kinds of exotic movies that are available in the market which we are eagerly waiting to watch but due to language barrier we are unable to proceed further. 

Download Movie Subtitles

In this situation movie subtitles are the best! You can watch various exotic movies whether it’s Korean, Turkish or Chinese with these mobile subtitles. Therefore in this blog we will share an amazing series of websites from where you can download movie subtitles. 

Smart Sites to Download Movie Subtitles

Finally your wait is over! We are going to share amazing websites to get movie subtitles without much effort.

1. VLC

All of us are aware about VLC media players and why not it has been included on Windows OS from ages. Even we are using VLC but still most of us are not about its option of Movie Subtitles. In a honest way, VLC is not a website but it is a media player that inherits itself on Windows systems. 

Back to the point, you can get movie subtitles on VLC media player from the view tab. There you will get an option of VLsub as shown on the above image. 

You can get VLC media player from here

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2. Subscene

We have Subscene next on our list. This website is considered as popular in the movie subtitles world. Subscene possesses a vast library of movies. series and amazing shows across the world and subtitles are added by users and site owners. The good news is that these subtitles are available in many languages. 

You will get subtitles in various languages under the subscene subtitles as shown in the above image. This is a user friendly website that even contains movies ratings. Additionally, If you are unable to find any movie subtitles, you can tap on the “Request Subtitles” button to forward your request. 

You can Subscene’s amazing movies and other source of entertainment from here

3. Subtitle Seeker

Here comes Subtitle Seeker, another great website to halt your subtitles hunt. This is one of the comprehensive websites that not only offers its own collection of subtitles but also extends results from other subtitles download sites. 

Subtitle Seeker
The best part of Subtitle Seeker is that it is a fast and user friendly website to get subtitles for free. To proceed with this website, you need to download subtitles and now add these subtitles to your movie folder. Here you go, enjoy your movie effortlessly. 

Get a pathway of this amazing website from here

4. YIFY Subtitles

Here is the YIFY Subtitles, another good pick to get amazing subtitles for free. This website updates on a regular basis and has a user-friendly interface that helps you in searching preferred subtitles in an easy manner. You can search subtitles according to your desired language and genre. 

YIFY Subtitles
YIFY enables you to see the movie ratings and years of release of every uploaded movie. So, once you initiate the downloading process, you will be redirected to the PDF download page, which may seem a little tricky! 

This website is available on all major browsers. 

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5. Podnapisi

If you are looking for a website that offers the best English Subtitles, then Podnapisi is your take. This site updates the latest movies and their ratings that will help you to understand which movie is worth watching. 

You can filter your search for the subtitles by years, movie type, keywords along with other advanced search engines. Not only movies, users can find TV series subtitles by filtering out from the latest to classic ones. 

I am sure you will adore Podanapisi! 

This amazing website is available on all major browsers. 

Final Words:

That’s all folks! From the above mentioned websites you can get movie subtitles for free. I have mentioned VLC on this list because when we have in-house options to get movie subtitles then why not to use them? If you want to look for sites to download movie subtitles, proceed with number 2 on the above list. 

If you have any questions related to this blog, drop your comment in the below section. I hope you like this article and have subscribed to our newsletter for amazing tips and tricks.  Yes! We are open for conversation too. 

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