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Microsoft Ups “Online Children Safety” By Introducing Kids Mode In Edge
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Microsoft Ups “Online Children Safety” By Introducing Kids Mode In Edge

Children’s’ online safety is paramount and a significant part of this is the kind of content they consume. In the wake of this, Microsoft has come with Kids Mode in the Edge browser that for sure will enable parents to intensify their children’s online safety. Let’s delve into some crucial facets of Kids Mode in the Microsoft Edge browser.

Kids Mode is already prevalent on popular OTT platforms like Amazon Prime Videos (Amazon’s FreeTime) and Netflix (Just For Kids) on Fire TV sticks and Fire Tablets.

Kids mode on Microsoft

Kids mode enable

Microsoft Edge’s Kids Mode – What Has It Stored In For Children And Their Parents

What Is Kids Mode In Microsoft Edge?

Kids mode in Microsoft Edge

As the name suggests, this mode is designed exclusively for kids between the age group 5 and 12 years. It will have guardrails that will prevent children from jeopardizing their safety while they browse the web. And, not just safety, this feature will make the Edge browser more customizable as well. Also, unless and until you exit the mode, your Edge browser will always open in “Kids Mode”.

Kids Mode doesn’t require you to install parental control software or Windows family mode. You can enable it by tweaking a few simple settings in the browser, which we will discuss later in the blog.

What Features Can We Expect From This Rollout?

Curious about what this feature has in it for you, here is a bouquet of features that you can expect –

  • With kid-friendly content, a child’s access is restricted to family-friendly sites
  • Bing SafeSearch can help kids stay away from results that are inappropriate for them
  • Password requirement to exit the mode
  • Three custom browser themes tailored especially for kids
  • Child-friendly articles that will help children surf safely on the web
  • Browsing based on the list allowed and the best part is parents can modify this. Parents can “allow” more websites into the list as and when their children mature. The list comes predefined in Edge but it can be edited in the “Family” section in the settings of the browser
Start Kids Mode in Selected Age Range
  • Another great part is “Kids Mode” doesn’t require you to create a child profile or account
  • Parents can set an age limit on the content. For example, when set to 5-8 years, the browser will be simplified, will have changeable themes, and will have strict Microsoft BingSearch, but when set to 9 years and older (9-12), more content will be shown

Where Is It Available?

It is available on Windows and macOS. But, as of now, it is available in the US only. Microsoft is rolling out the “Kids Mode” feature to Edge Insiders on Canary and will soon roll it out on the Developer’s test channels. Though, we have still no news about when will the “Kids Mode” be available for other platforms or countries. The mass rollout of this feature can be expected after it has been tested on the aforementioned channels.

How To Use The Microsoft Edge’s “Kid Mode”?

First, parents need to click on the profile switcher and then select Browse in Kids Mode.  A user may not be required to sign in but signing in will help sync Kids Mode settings to sync across devices.

Browser in Kids Mode

Once you have enabled the “Kids Mode”, your browser will go into full-screen, have Bing SafeSearch enabled and it will display a more family-friendly background. A child will also have access to the popular sites which cater to children.

Wrapping Up

The worldwide web is for everyone. People of all ages, adults and children alike have the right to consume content seamlessly. But as responsible adults, we should keep a check on the kind of content they consume. In that regard, the move from Microsoft Edge can be lauded. If you liked this news piece, do give it a thumbs up. For more such content keep reading, Tweak Library. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Flipboard, and if you are into video-related content, you can even like, share and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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