Malware and Other Online Nasties Are Coming to your Mac

Malware and Other Online Nasties Are Coming to your Mac

Do Mac users need an extra security software to stay protected from malicious software, aka malware?

The good news is Mac OS X has a built-in anti-malware functionality known as “XProtect,” to secure Mac. However, Mac users shouldn’t be complacent after knowing this, they cannot afford to be unworried. A malicious code (malware) is sufficient enough to damage your Mac.

What Is Malware?

“Malware” is a piece of malicious code in form of software that shouldn’t be installed on a system. So, it is an all-inclusive term used to define all types of threats such as virus, spyware, worms, and other nasties. Windows users have been defending themselves against these threats continuously. Like a human contagious disease, it spreads from one system to another. Malware can steal personal information, provides a channel for spam distribution, attacks websites connected with hijacked computers, or can just cause destruction to the machine while distributing itself.

But the question is how it get into the system? The most common way through which malware gets into the system is via sites designed to exploit security flaws known as bugs in web browsers. Also, when user doesn’t pay attention to the terms and conditions and simply click “Agree” while installing a software. Most commonly it spreads via spam email, attachment sent in the email, or a false link to a website.

Therefore, it is mandate for a Windows user to run a security software. It is recommended to use premium version of the tool not the free version. To stay protected against threats full functional software with up to date database is a must.

Need of an anti-malware for Mac

All said and done what does this all have to do with Mac? Since Mac OS X has an in-built security tool then why to look for another? To answer this question let me make you aware that lately, there’s been a lot of reports stating that Mac systems are susceptible to attacks. Thus, making it evident that Mac are becoming a personal favorite of attackers.

This year alone Mac users have witnessed attacks designed specifically for Mac machines. It is right that there has been not much a harm, but still a device once comprised always post threat. So, what to do in such a case. Both Mac and Windows are now standing on the same platform when it comes to being vulnerable. A small piece of well-crafted nasty code can cause lot of users a lot of pain.

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Why Things Changed?

What suddenly made Mac susceptible to attacks? For long Mac systems have managed to remain off the radar of bad guys, so what happened? There were 2 reasons due to which Mac could fly low under the radar in the past:

  1. Tiny market share of 5% compared with 90% Windows share.
  2. To build a specific code whether good or bad a physical machine was required. Meaning one should invest real money and buy Mac to write nasty code. Earlier getting free copy of the operating system from internet and use it wasn’t possible. But with technological advancement things have changed now a malicious code creator can easily find modified copies of Mac OS X and install them on an ordinary PC. Thus, making it easy develop infectious code and target Mac.

Quite honestly, with changing times things are changing, now it is hard to tell how secure is Mac. Therefore, to ensure they are well protected the need of having an anti-malware software emerges. The truth is an operating system alone cannot deal with these nasty threats. An anti-malware is necessary must it will give your Mac a multi-layer protection. Making it hard for attackers to penetrate.

As said prevention is better than cure, a security software ensures extra protection. You may not see threats coming your way but it’s just the matter of time. With Mac’s increasing market share, more and more threats will be designed for it.

So, to stay protected from anonymous attacker it’s a clever idea to install a security tool.

We hope you aren’t scared. Our intent is not to threaten you, but we feel one should be aware about the change and the harms that come with it.

Software Solution (Recommended Way)

After knowing all this, we are sure you might be thinking of using dedicated security software to protect your Mac. We would like to introduce you to top-notch antivirus software for Mac that detects and removes malware infection from your Mac with ease. Intego Antivirus is an incredible and popular security application that provides top-notch protection against both online/offline threats. The product offers over six types of application, including:

  • VirusBarrier = To achieve real-time protection against malware, virus, trojan horse, worms, rootkits, etc.
  • Washing Machine = To clean and optimize Mac performance and overall speed.
  • Personal Backup = To back up important files, photos, videos, and other data in no time.
  • NetUpdate = To update and replace current applications with the latest versions.
  • NetBarrier = To use a custom Firewall and get ultimate protection.
  • ContentBarrier = To use the Parental Controls feature to safeguard data and devices while surfing.

Intego Antivirus

A final word of warning for those who run boot camp to use both operating systems Mac and Windows. You’re just as vulnerable as the real Pc and all the file whether Windows or Mac both are susceptible to attacks. For your running, an anti-malware is a must.

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