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Keep Your Mac Healthy With Anti-Malware Protection
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Keep Your Mac Healthy With Anti-Malware Protection

Everyone knows machines and humans are different but in some way, we’re not that different. As a matter of fact, both live in a world full of threats, viruses, attacks and bugs. Medical illness makes humans weak and cyber-attacks make machines vulnerable. Both slow down and deteriorate if not taken care of from time to time. Like humans, machines too need regular checkups and the best way to take care of a machine is by running an updated anti-malware software on it.

Most Mac users still think that their Mac is 100% secure it isn’t susceptible to viruses. But let me tell you no system is secure from Zero-day exploit. Online systems are prone to be attacked and they are susceptible to cyber-attacks.

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Mac Anti-Malware to Make Your Mac Fit and Healthy

Systweak Anti-Malware is an ultimate application that comes with an advanced scan engine and four primary features: Status, Scan, Startup Items, Quarantine and Logs.

When a user runs Systweak Anti Malware for the first time, the program checks for database updates and then performs a Quick Scan on the disk. After the scan is completed he gets to see the scan result, that he can fix after registering the product.

Systweak Anti-Malware performs two different types of scans: Quick and Deep. You can select either of the scan type by clicking on Custom Scan option that you see on the home screen of the product. If you select Deep scan, it will take time depending upon size of your hard disk and data on it. The anti-malware using it updated definitions look for all kinds of malware infections present on your system. If an infection is detected during automatic or scheduled scan, it seeks user’s permission before removing it. Similarly, the startup items scan for startup and login, browser and desktop, schedule jobs, kernel and other modules for infection. If there are infections found in browser extension, startup items, cron jobs then the user is warned and malicious files are removed.

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Startup items module work as a threat protector that warns users of malicious startup items, browser extension. As these items are commonly used to infect machine and spread the infection. Very few anti-malware products offer such a feature.

Plus, the logs section provides information about the last scan. If user faces any problem he can send the log to the support team. Furthermore, the quarantine module shows you lists of all the cleaned infection. If users think that a detection is false positive he can restore it and can notify the same to support team.

By default, free version of the app will detect the threats only. To fix the threats one will have to purchase the product and register it using the Activation code. The key works for one year and can be renewed annually. For a healthy Mac, download the free version of Systweak Anti-Malware by clicking here

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