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Keep Your Mac Healthy With Anti-Malware Protection
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Keep Your Mac Healthy With Anti-Malware Protection

Everyone knows machines and humans are different but in some way, we’re not that different. As a matter of fact, both live in a world full of threats, viruses, attacks and bugs. Medical illness makes humans weak and cyber-attacks make machines vulnerable. Both slow down and deteriorate if not taken care of from time to time. Like humans, machines too need regular checkups and the best way to take care of a machine is by running an updated anti-malware software on it.

Most Mac users still think that their Mac is 100% secure it isn’t susceptible to viruses. But let me tell you no system is secure from Zero-day exploit. Online systems are prone to be attacked and they are susceptible to cyber-attacks.

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Use The Best Anti-Malware To Make Your Make Perform Faster & Smoother

Intego is an ultimate security application that comes with an advanced set of functionalities to protect your data & privacy, optimize your system and keep your children safe online (with parental controls).

By now, Intego Antivirus has discovered and blocked over 56M+ threats and provides 100% virus, trojan, spyware, adware immunity for your Mac. The Antivirus application uses advanced prevention technology to detect and block zero-day attacks as well.

To name a few perks offered by Intego Antivirus included, Firewall, Web Protection, Data Backup, and Parental Controls. All Intego’s plans come with a 30-day-money-back guarantee. So, that users have enough time to utilize the product first and then decide whether they should invest in the same or not.

What’s more? Intego has a dedicated Safe Browsing feature that keeps a check on the Browser settings, verifies that all the security functionalities are active on your web browser.

Chrome helper

The Mac version of the Intego comes with multiple separate apps for each task. Hence, you get six applications installed on your computer instead of just one. This includes VirusBarrier (Provides real-time protection against malware and viruses), Washing Machine (System optimizer and cleaner), Personal Backup (Helps in backing up your files onto external media), NetUpdate (Helps in updating other software installed on your Mac), NetBarrier (Acts as a custom firewall), ContentBarrier (Provides Parental Control).  

Not only this, the antivirus application comes with a Recording tab that allows users to record keystrokes. You can even set the app to take screenshots periodically.

Intego Antivirus

All in all, Intego Antivirus is a top-notch antivirus for Mac that you can choose to constantly keep an eye on both online/offline threats. It even comes with a free version which is quite easy to use. The antivirus provides a myriad of functionalities that will make your cyberlife much easier.

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