How to View Private Instagram Accounts

How to View Private Instagram Accounts

Almost everyone of us use Instagram these days considering the exposure we can get by using this platform. With more than 1 billion active users, Instagram is one of the largest social media tools that is also being used by vloggers, bloggers, & celebrities.

Many users have joined the platform & gradually made it to the top by advertising the travel & fashion brands. Obviously, the account privacy & security becomes the top priority for users that’s why while creating the profile, Instagram makes the default setting to keep the profile private. However, there are ways to even view private Instagram accounts without much hassle. Want to know more about it, dig in & keep scrolling below:

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How to View Private Instagram Accounts

Private Instagram accounts aren’t that much private as we think because anyone with a few tweaks can access them. Even though the companies create more & more security layers for the users, it’s not impossible for hackers to breach the wall & get into your account. So like a normal person, making your Instagram profile private is a way to stay secure while you’re online. And there is nothing wrong with that. Just take a few minutes out of your day & look for the websites that cover these topics. Like security breach or internet-security-being-a-myth & whatnot, you will know what we are trying to convey here.

So please know that just by switching your Instagram profile to private mode, no extra security layer is being added to your account. Let’s check the ways to view Instagram accounts without further ado:

1. Via Sending the “Follow” Request

Many users who use Instagram are familiar with the traditional ways of sending a Follow request to other users. If the other person accepts the request & follows you back, the private Instagram account of that user is no longer private to you.

Send Follow Request on Instagram

How this Follow request functions is, if someone you want to get connected has a private Instagram account, in order to view his/her posts, you need the permission. & that’s when you send the Follow request that makes you view the other person’s posts (provided that he/she accepts the request).

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2. Create & Use a Second/Pseudo/Dummy Profile

I don’t think we need to explain or you need more insights about what a dummy profile looks like. & there could be many reasons why you do not want to send the Follow request from your real Instagram account. Instagram itself doesn’t have the limitation on the number of profiles a person can create. All you need to do is, just put in some efforts & a few hours so that the new profile can be created.

You just need to follow some steps-as-precautions to get approval from the other user you sent the request to. Believable real person profile picture with a good description that looks decent (or else you might come out as a creeper). Also, send out some requests to have friends on your profile before targeting the specific user so it doesn’t look odd. & don’t forget to keep your profile as a private account that might help you along the way.

Once the dummy or second profile has been created & you have some fans for yourself in your account, send out the Follow request to your targeted user. If the other person accepts the request, you will be able to view your private Instagram account. If not, the only option left for you isn’t ethical but might work for you.

3. Via Using a Private Instagram Viewer

We know that there is no official way to view the private Instagram account if the other person doesn’t accept your request. However, there are always 3rd party tools that can help you out here. You can use these tools that are completely unethical and it may compromise your device. But if you are so eager to view the private Instagram account, it’s doable without following them. is one of the most used private Instagram viewers that make things easy for people who want to view private Instagram accounts. The first one is quite an old one that’s been used by many & it’s been working fine. However, there are users who have reported that the tool didn’t work for them as they expected with disclosed reasons. But after the experience users had, it’s an option if the above two aren’t working out for you.

These websites don’t let just blindly view private Instagram accounts as they ask you to go through a verification process. It’s like completing a survey where you’d be answering a few questions or as simple as downloading an app. Use these Private Instagram Viewer tools and start viewing private Instagram accounts.

Wrapping Up

If you are trying to view a private Instagram account without following the user, it seems like an impossible task. However, with the right tools (though they are unethical), it’s doable. If you are ready to follow them on Instagram, those profiles won’t be private for you anymore.

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