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Power Button Of Your Android Phone Broken Or Damaged? Here’s What You Can Do
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Power Button Of Your Android Phone Broken Or Damaged? Here’s What You Can Do

The power button is an essential component of your Android device and if the power button itself is broken on Android, all hell might break loose on you.

Do not panic!  In this blog, we’ll look at all the possible ways you can fight off this situation. This blog would especially come in handy when you are in the process of getting your damaged or broken power button repaired.

How to turn on your phone without the power button in android

1. Plug Your Android Device Into A Charger

Plug Your Android Device Into A Charger

Let’s assume that your phone has switched off completely and without a power button it might look impossible to restart it.

Here’s what you might be wondering – how can I turn on my Android phone without the power button? Plug in your phone to a charger or connect it to your computer or laptop via a USB cable.

This would help you restart your Android device and prepare it for further steps.

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2. Use A Fingerprint Scanner Or Ask Someone To Call You

Not being able to turn on the screen is probably one of the first instances you might face after you find that your Android’s power button is broken. This can especially be the case, if your locked phone screen can be turned on using the power button only.

In that case, you can ask someone to give you a call on your number or you can even use your phone’s fingerprint scanner (if it is enabled).

3. Remap Your Power Button Using Apps

One way to remap your power button is dive into the recovery mode, use the ADB interface and juggle with a handful of commands. That might be a little tough though. So instead, let’s opt for an easier and less time consuming method i.e. use an app which can help us remap the power button. More specifically, we shall be replacing the power button with some other button.

The two most popular apps which can help you remap the power button are Power Button to Volume Button and Gravity Screen.

(a) Power Button to Volume Button

Power volume

How Does ‘Power Button to Volume Button’ Work?

Whether your Android’s power button is broken, damaged or acting up, this is the app that can come to your rescue.

The app replaces your power button with your device’s volume rocker button to turn on/ off your device. And, it has over 1 million installs on the Play Store.


(b) Gravity Screen – On/Off

Pocket sensor

How Does ‘Gravity Screen’ Work?

‘Gravity Screen’ eliminates the need to physically touch the Android power button to turn on or turn off the Android screen.

Simply put, the app uses the sensors off your phone and judges when the device is placed inside your pocket, when you have taken it out and when you have kept it on the table. It then accordingly turns your phone off/on.


4. Use The Schedule Power On/ Off Feature

Schedule Power On amd Off Feature

This is more of a preventive measure especially when you know you might have to tackle a broken Android power button for a while. Now, almost all Android devices have a feature called Scheduled Power On/ Off. Once this feature is enabled, you would no longer need a power button to power on or power off your Android device. Instead, your Android device would turn on or even turn off at a specified time. To enable this feature here are the settings (though the steps may differ slightly based on the Android device you have, but it would more or less look the same)

  1. Open Settings
  2. Go to Accessibility
  3. In the Schedule power on/ off choose your desired time. We’d recommend that till the time your power button is repaired, you keep the difference of 2-3 minutes between power-on and power-off

5. Get Your Power Button and Your Phone Repaired

You cannot stay with a broken Android power button for long, right? So, after you have tried all the tricks in the hat, it’s time you take your Android device to the nearest service center and get it repaired before any further damage is caused.

In The End

Till the time you have the power button of your Android device repaired, we believe that nothing should stop you from enjoying your Android device or accomplishing tasks. So what if your Android power button is not working? Big deal! With the fixes that we’ve to you, you should be able to get your Android device back on track. And, if these fixes have helped, do share the blog with others and up-vote it. You can also follow us on Facebook and YouTube.

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  1. Chris Smith

    Can we root and configure volume keys to turn ON and OFF the Android device?

    1. Sarang Bhargava

      Hi Chris Thanks for taking time to comment on the blog. Yes, you can opt for rooting your device, however,the above mentioned steps are simpler and should resolve the issue.

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