How To Schedule Tweet On Twitter’s Web App?

TweetDeck app was used to schedule tweets but now things will change

How To Schedule Tweet On Twitter’s Web App?

Twitter and TweetDeck need no introduction. Everyone knows with TweetDeck’s advanced features best out of Twitter can be attained. It is the most powerful tool for real-time tracking, scheduling tweets, searching, filtering and more.

Soon this is going to change as Twitter is rolling out a new scheduling tweet feature for its web app.  Currently, this feature is under experiment and only a subset of Twitter users can use it. But it will soon be launched for all. This means using this feature Twitterati will be able to schedule their tweets to be published on at a later time.

There’s no word for mobile, iPhone, iPad or Mac users whether they will be able to use schedule tweets feature or not.

But Schedule tweets feature will surely make a difference for marketers, how? We will discuss this and how to use the schedule tweet feature here.

First things first let’s learn how to schedule tweets.

How To Schedule Tweets On Twitter’s Web App

To schedule tweet on Twitter’s web app, follow the steps:

1. Head to

2. Login to your account and click on Tweet.

3. Next, type in the content and click on the three dots at the bottom. From here click on Schedule Tweet option.

4. From the pop window that opens select the date and time when you would want to publish to tweet and click on Confirm > Schedule.

This way you will be able to schedule tweets on Twitter’s web app.

Facebook has a similar feature using which users can schedule posts ahead of the actual date.

How schedule tweet feature will make a difference?

1. Craft tweets ahead of time

Using schedule tweet feature marketers will be able to craft their tweets ahead of time so that they can be sent on a specific time. Let’s say for example you want to tweet about an upcoming sale for Thanksgiving.

Using this feature, you can easily plan and create a tweet and can send it at a specific time when you know you can get more user engagement. This way even when you will be busy you won’t miss out on tweeting about the sale.

2. Make link sharing easy

You might be following certain accounts that share links several times a day so that their followers would find valuable content. With schedule tweet feature you too can add links to your account and can schedule them.

3. Easy targeting of specific geo time zone

Want to send tweets at a specific time but don’t want to get up at night to do it? Use schedule tweet feature to send tweets at a specific geo time zone.

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4. Know the best time to tweet

Curious to know when you should send tweet use schedule tweets feature. Simply schedule tweets at different times and see when you get more user engagement. This way you will know when you should send a greater number of tweets.

So, these were a few benefits of schedule tweet feature that you can get once this feature is rolled out for all.

As of now, it is unclear as to how many people can use this feature, but we can expect this feature to be rolled out for all. When it is not clear? But someday Twitter will roll out this amazing schedule tweet feature broadly. Hopefully, Twitter will bring this feature for its mobile apps too someday.

What do you think about this feature and do you think it is of value? Do share your thoughts in the comments section.

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