How To Remove Watermark From Videos on Windows?

How To Remove Watermark From Videos on Windows?

A watermark in any video or image is a logo or visual representation of a brand’s name that lets a person identify where does that image or video belong. Watermark in images or videos can be visually different and can be presented in shades, hues, texts and even shapes. A watermark depicts the owner’s identity and mark and also protects content from being copied.

It is not displayed in an overpowering way; it is just imposed with a lot of transparency, making it difficult for anyone to copy it and use it anywhere. On the contrary, there are times when you need to get rid of these watermarks, especially when they are placed laterally. Have you ever thought how to remove watermark from videos?

To remove logo from video, you have to take help of an efficient watermark removing software. Before we head to the list of watermark removing software, here are the ways to remove watermark from videos.

Can I Remove Watermarks From Videos Without A Software?

Yes, there are a few ways that you can opt to remove a logo from videos apart from using best video watermark removing software. We have listed some of the ways for the same if  you do not wish to use any software.

Blur the Watermark: Deleting watermarks from videos is good option but it can hamper your overall video experience. It can make a video look odd. But blurring the brand logo from a video is a more natural process to remove a logo from videos.

Replace watermark: The need for removing watermarks from videos may vary from person to person. If you’re not happy with blurring the logo, you can always opt for replacing it from another.

Crop the area with watermark: If you’re still not satisfied, try cropping the watermarks from the video. But this can only be done if the watermark is small in size and is located at any of the corners.

Best-Featured Offline and Online Watermark Removing Software

1. Best Video Editor: Filmora9 Video Editor

Best Video Editor- Filmora9 Video Editor
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Filmora9 by WonderShare is the best video editing software that you can use to make your video better for viewers. Along with its many features, watermark removing is in high demand. It lets you remove watermark from videos easily. Not only this, but this watermarks removing tool can also delete any date or place tags from the video. Also, WonderShare Filmora9 allows you to blur the watermark using its Mosaic feature. Not only the watermarks, but you can also use Mosaic feature to blur anything in the video including an unwanted face. This tool is available on both Windows and Mac OS

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2. Easiest Online Video Editing Tool: Video Watermark Remover Online

Easiest Online Video Editing Tool- Video Watermark Remover Online

Try your hands on this amazing tool for video watermark remover online. You just have to visit its website, and you can start with its trial version. Choose and upload a file directly on the website, and select the option ‘Remove Watermark’. This tool is automatic making video editing and logo removal easier. So, how to remove a watermark from video is no more a mystery. The entire process will just take a few minutes, and you can download the edited video in any format you want. But, it is always recommended to download an edited version of video in the same format as it was before so that you need not have to compromise with the video quality. With its free version, you can only remove watermark or logo from videos only upto 5 videos. Later on, you need to get its premium services to edit more videos.

Visit Here

Download A Software Or Removing Watermarks From Videos Online- What Will You Choose?

To enhance your video watching experience, give a try to these easiest ways to remove watermark from videos. To ensure the safety of your original video, make sure you take a backup before editing it. You can either try WonderShare Filmora9 for free online or you can download and try your hands on its premium version. Or you can use the free online watermark removing tools to remove logo from videos within a snap.

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