How To Recover Your Gmail Account/Password Without Phone Number Or Recovery Email?

How To Recover Your Gmail Account/Password Without Phone Number Or Recovery Email?

Forgetting Gmail passwords is a common problem. Usually, we sign in and save it on our phone or computer; therefore, we don’t type in the password daily. Hence we tend to forget it. What if you have forgotten your password and want to login into a different device? Fortunately for those who have added their mobile number or recovery email ID to their Google account, there are a few easy ways you can use to reset your password from just about anywhere.

However, if they are not set up correctly, it could become difficult to recover your Gmail account.

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How To Recover Gmail Account Without Phone Number And Recovery Email?

If you have forgotten your Gmail account password and do not have access to a phone number or recovery email, there is still hope to recover your Gmail password without a recovery email/phone number! You can use the account recovery form provided by Google to regain access to your account.

So today, in this how-to guide, we will look at recovering a Gmail password without a phone number and recovery email.

Writers Tip: This method will only work if you are already signed in to your Gmail or Google account with the same email-id on at least one device. Whether it is a smartphone, tablet, or Laptop.

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How to recover Gmail Password without Phone Number or Recovery email

Follow these below-mentioned steps to recover Gmail password without phone number and recovery email:

  • Click this link to get to the Google Account Recovery Page.
  • Now enter your Gmail Id or Username and click on “Next.”

gmail recovery

  • Now it will ask you to enter the last password you remember associated with this email.
  • Because you can’t remember your password, select “Try another way.”

account recovery

  • As we told you earlier, you will receive a notification if you are already signed in to the same Gmail account on another device. Asking if you are trying to ‘Reset’ your password. Click on “Yes” in the notification to sign in. If you don’t have the same Gmail ID opened on other devices, you can’t use this step.

account recovery through no

  • In the above case, click on “Try another way” one more time.
  • Now, Google will send a verification SMS on the number linked with the Email ID to recover the Gmail account. Since you don’t have any number linked with the account, you cannot access your Gmail account with this step as well.

account recovery another way

  • Click on “Try another way” third and final time.
  • This time, Google will show you a message stating that you will now get a verification link to reset your password after 3 days or 72 hours.

account recovery check

Once you get the email consisting of the verification code on the same email ID, which should be open on any device you have.

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Writer’s Tip: This verification link is valid only for seven days. If you don’t reset your password within seven days of receiving this email, you won’t be able to reaccess your Gmail account.

To Wrap This Up

So sit for today. Follow these simple steps to recover your Gmail account without a phone number or recovery email. I hope you like this article and if you do, then share it with your friends and family. If you know any other method to recover your Gmail account without a phone number, then let us know in the comments section below. We would like to hear from you.

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