How To Record Skype Calls Like A Pro With Advanced Screen Recorder

How To Record Skype Calls Like A Pro With Advanced Screen Recorder

In this day and age, video calls have become a necessity. Whether it be numerous office meetings or online classes, video calls have become an important mode of communication. And, without the slightest of doubt, Skype hails as one of the best video call software.

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Across the globe, people enjoy video meetings on Skype, share lessons, share wonderful moments with loved ones, focus on daily official tasks, so on and so forth. But, let’s say you want to record an important Skype meeting for future reference, could be a team meeting whose minutes you want to review afterward or an interview you had taken, or on a personal note, you want to take a Skype recording of an important Guitar lesson with your tutor.

How on Earth do you plan to record Skype meetings of all sorts? Your first instinct will be to take a manual route. Which is okay! But how about gaining more control on both audio and video while recording video meetings on Skype?

The best way is to record a Skype call with the help of a Skype call recorder. If you are a Windows user, you are in for a treat because, in this post, we are going to discuss Advanced Screen Recorder, which is a great skype recorder for Windows. It can help you record Skype meetings and others in 4K, HD quality, up to 120 fps.

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Important Specs To Consider Before Downloading Advanced Screen Recorder –

  • Windows version supported: Windows 11/ 10/ 8.1/ 8/ 7
  • Memory required: minimum 4 GB
  • Processor: Intel Core i3 or higher
  • Hard Disk Storage: 2 GB space minimum. For best results, SSD is recommended
  • Display Size: 1280 X 768

Click Here to Download Advanced Screen Recorder

Quick Guide: How To Record Skype Meeting With Advanced Screen Recorder

Let’s dive in and see how you can record a Skype meeting using this Skype recorder for Windows (Windows 11/ 10/ 8.1/ 8/ 7)

1. Download, install and run Advanced Screen Recorder


Click Here to Download Advanced Screen Recorder

2. After installation is complete, the screen recorder app will launch.


3. Select the screen source or region you want to capture.

Here’s a small brief on what the options under this feature mean –



  • Full Screen: The recording of the complete screen will be taken
  • Region: You can select the desired region you want to record. For this just drag the handle on the area you want to capture
  • Window: Here you will see a + icon, as soon as you’ll move it, it will snap to the active window it is taken to
  • Webcam: As the name suggests, the option identifies your webcam and records the happenings on it

You can simply hit the Esc button to opt-out or click on the X icon on the shortcut screen at the top as shown in the screenshot.


4. You can even tweak up the settings well in advance so that you can record an impeccable skype meeting, something that makes Advanced Screen Recorder highly customizable. And, here’s what we mean. You can –

Using Quick Settings, you can quickly –

  • choose a location for saving recordings
  • Select format, frame rate, and size
  • Choose a video quality depending on how much storage you want the recording to acquire
  • Select Watermark. The pro version lets you select a custom watermark


5. You can choose to hide or show mouse cursor or clicks

6. Select appropriate audio. If you further click on the gear icon under this option, you can even increase or decrease your system’s or microphone’s volume

7. Tweak webcam settings as shown in the screenshot below –

Webcam setting

  • Take screenshots while recording Skype meetings if required

capture screenshot

  • Now that you have an idea of the various tools, you are all set to record the Skype meeting. We’d suggest that you set up the right settings so that all that you would need to do now is record the meeting hassle-free. However, you can even make changes while the Skype recording is in process.

8. We are all set! Fire up Skype, conduct a meeting, and hit the Record button in Advanced Screen Recorder.

9.  Click on the Record button to start recording.


– How Do I Stop or Pause The Skype Meeting


  • Click on the pause button to pause the meeting as shown in the screenshot below

Pause and Stop Button

  • You can again resume the meeting by clicking on the play button

Stop and pause Screen Recording


  • See the red squared box, that’s your stop button right there

Saving The Recorded Skype Meeting

What Happens After I Click On The Stop Button?

When you hit the stop button, your Skype recording gets saved at your chosen location (Remember we had discussed choosing a location earlier on in this post?).

Don’t feel like taking tedious steps to go to the location where your recordings are placed? You can access the recording right from the dashboard of the interface instead. All you have to do is click on Recordings and you will be able to see all the recordings you have done in this dashboard.


The dashboard of Advanced Screen Recorder is a nice place to access recordings because from here you can

  • Sort recordings by the time taken, name, and size
  • Jump right on to the location where the recording is saved
  • Play these recordings from the interface itself
  • Delete recordings by clicking on the bin icon
  • Check the screenshots taken and even see any extracted audio as well

Why Upgrade To Advanced Screen Recorder Pro?

The pro variant of Advanced Screen Recorder comes with some great features.

For example, if you are recording a Skype meeting that you know will run for hours, the pro version will remove restrictions on recording time. Apart from that, you can also extract audio from video as well. Here is what you can expect from the pro variant –

Pro Version of Tweakshot screen recorder

How To Upgrade To Pro?

1. Click on the Upgrade Now button


2. Purchase the license that you will receive in your mail a few minutes after your purchase

3. Copy this license key


4. Head back to the interface

5. Click on the key icon next to the Upgrade now button

6. Paste your license key


7. Hit the Activate Now button


How Much Will Advanced Screen Recorder Cost Me?

At the time of writing this blog, the premium version of Advanced Screen Recorder’s cost is USD 39.95.

There Couldn’t Have Been A Better Way To Record Skype Calls And Meetings

Record Skype meetings or just play around with Advanced Screen Recorder, if you will and we bet, you’ll just enjoy the experience. So, go ahead and let us know what you think of this Skype call recorder for Windows. Love applications as much as we do? Want more how-to’s, tech reviews, application walkthroughs, and more, keep reading Tweak Library.

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