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How to Lock & Secure Your Chat Conversations on Instagram
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How to Lock & Secure Your Chat Conversations on Instagram

Keep Privacy On the Top With The Locker for Insta Social App

The constant & strong connection between social media & user’s privacy have been a talk of the town for quite a while. The continuous incidents & data breaches have made it solid that our data or device isn’t as protected as we think they are. Sometimes, the fault can be from users’ end and other times it’s a gap or bugs on applications that can give you nightmares.

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The era has already begun where everything we do has switched over the social media platforms. And due to this, the probability of calling or texting data getting hacked have risen more than ever. One of those platforms that we use intensely is Instagram and there is no doubt on that. Considering the powerful featured platform it is, there would be very less people who don’t use Instagram.

How to Lock & Secure Chat Conversations on Instagram

With the utmost popularity & constant eye-catching updates, Instagram has been one of the most used social media platforms in the world. And since now the basic communication channel for us to get connected with people has switched to social media, we use chatting more than ever. All our conversations, from friendly to serious ones, & general to confidential ones are onto these platforms. And whosoever has the capability to hack into your account, automatically have unrestricted access to your chats as well. So what do I do? What do I do to secure chats on the social media app? Is there any app locker should I use or the best app locker to help me get rid of the situation? Or should I directly look for the best app lock for Android smartphone?

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So many questions and similarly too many answers to choose from but you should always go with the expectations you wish to meet. Like if I’m looking for the best app lock for Android phone, I would need 24*7 protection for all my apps including Instagram. There is no other way to secure chats, other than taking matters into your own hands and using a world class Insta locker for the same. Yeah!! This seems promising. Maybe using an Insta locker would work as it will function like an additional security wall for intruders to breach. Insta locker concept will also work like an app locker that will secure chats more than ever. But how do I find the best app locker in this millions-of-alternatives market? Is opting for the best app lock for Android would suffice the purpose? And if I got the app locker, how to lock apps to keep chats & conversations secure?

Locker for Insta Social App – Best App Locker For Instagram

After thorough & intense research, we have narrowed down to an app locker that will secure chats (including group conversations). The Insta locker we are talking about here is, the Locker For Insta Social App by Systweak that keeps your personal chats & group conversations’ security on the top. And let’s not forget about the different patterns you can choose to lock your chats or the entire app with PIN or Fingerprint Lock!

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So without further ado, let’s explore this powerful app locker to secure chats and keep everything private on Instagram app:

1. Navigate yourself to the Google Play Store & type in Locker for Insta Social App (or you can simply visit the official website & tap onto the Google Play Store icon).

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2. Once downloaded, go through the successful installation and the app will launch automatically.

3. Once launched, the very first thing you will see would be, “Create a 4-digit Passcode” screen. Put in the preferred combination of numbers and follow the process by typing in the same combination onto the next screen (Confirm the 4 digit passcode).

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4. Post creating the passcode successfully, the following page will ask you to type in the recovery email address. This step will come in handy if you forget your passcode (on the recovery email, the service provider will send the new passcode to create a new one).

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5. Now on the next page, the user needs to go with the prompts and provide accessibility permission for the app.

6. Once the permission process has been taken care of, click on + and navigate yourself to the Messages section onto the Instagram app.

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7. Here, you need to choose the chats (personal or group conversations) that you wish to protect & tap on the same.

8. After narrowing down those chat conversations, come back to the Locker For Insta Social app and you will see those chats on the app (with a lock sign). This means that your selected chats have become secure chats now and are encrypted with the Insta locker.

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9. After enabling the secure chat feature, the Locker For Insta Social App also helps you lock the Instagram app as well. All you need to do is, tap onto the burger menu (top left side on the screen) & go to Settings.

10. Under Settings, toggle on the App Lock switch and the feature will lock your individual Instagram app (that can be unlocked with the same passcode you used for the Locker For Insta Social App).

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Wrapping Up

Privacy is one of the most important features one can expect from the applications we use on a daily basis. One of those applications is the popular social media platform, Instagram that surprises us with new & updated features. But what about having those personal chat & group conversations? Are those chats secure chats that won’t get hacked? Do we need to use any app lock software?

It’s always better to have a possible solution before any irreparable damage happens to you. Hence, explore the Locker For Insta Social App that has emerged as the best app lock for Android and Insta locker.

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