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How to Install & Upgrade PC RAM in Your System
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How to Install & Upgrade PC RAM in Your System

There can be as many reasons for how to upgrade PC RAM as you can list down. & knowing that it will boost up your PC speed, I don’t think there are anymore questions that need to be answered. Installing new RAM can be as simple as downloading & installing a new software or app on the PC & that’s what we will be discussing today.

How to Install & Upgrade PC RAM

Install new RAM & upgrade it depends on so many things & yeah, there are a few prerequisites that need to be checked out. From your precious smartphone to the PC you are currently using, you need more RAM to make things more smooth than ever. So if your system is giving you a hard time by glitching or being pokey when you open too many programs, now is the time to get some work done like, how to add & install new PC RAM on your PC.

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How to Install & Upgrade RAM on Your PC

From narrowing down which RAM type you’d want for your PC to what size you’d need because RAM size matters a lot. Many users who are quite into the technical or PC stuff, they will always go for the perfect combination of price & performance and I believe that’s what we all should do. Additionally, you need to narrow down the brand as well because there’s be hundreds of companies that are ready to offer you RAM but the effectiveness of RAM cannot be understood just by sitting there. So eliminate the ones that aren’t promising enough & do thorough research before you buy RAM.

Upgrade PC RAM

On condition that you have narrowed down everything from price to brand & performance, now is the time for how to add RAM to PC using below steps:

  1. We will be starting the process with shutting down your PC & taking out all the cables that are connected to it.
  2. Follow the process by removing the side of the case so that you can access the motherboard easily (this is where the whole game is being played).

how to upgrade pc ram

  1. I know this can be a bit tricky but here you need to look for the CPU sockets section because just nearby to that, there would be 2 or 4 memory slots.
  2. Now in order to install the new RAM, you’d need to remove the old one from the motherboard. So first open those little plastic retention clips from both the sides of the RAM slots so that the old one can be removed easily.

how to install ram

  1. Since you are removing the old RAM, it’d be advised that you just clear out the dust & the unnecessary items from the area if any (you can use a mini vacuum cleaner).
  2. We are all set to install the new RAM on your PC so here you’d need to make sure that the bottom side of RAM is matching with the upper side of the RAM slot.

Please note that there are manuals about which RAM slot must be filled in first (only when you aren’t filling all the RAM slots).

how to add ram to pc

  1. & once you are done with reading manuals or filling the whole RAM slot, don’t forget to lock in those plastic retention clips. It assures that the RAM has been inserted perfectly & won’t give you a hard time.
  2. Now we will be following the initial steps in the opposite order from closing the CPU case & tighten it up.
  3. Once it’s been closed, start plugging in all the necessary wires & turn on your computer.
  4. It’s not that the moment you switch on the PC, the upgraded RAM would be shown on the system. Sometimes, it takes a few restarts so don’t beat yourself up (unless you did everything as the process says) if you don’t see the updated RAM for the first time. Let the system take it’s time to respond smoothly & soon you will see the new RAM on your computer.

Wrapping Up

How to install & upgrading RAM on the PC isn’t as complicated as it sounds because all you need to know is how the motherboard looks. If you know that, more than 50% of the work is done as now you just look for the RAM slots & clean it out before you put in the new ones.

So our advice would be to get a bit familiar with the motherboard first (if you are completely new to the field) & then the whole process would be cakewalk for you.

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    Should I do it by myself or get the PC to a local tech?

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    Thank you for this amazing article. I was looking for this solution because my system has fully loaded with data and it's quite frustrated for me to delete data one by one so now I can make more spaces in my PC. Thank you very much.

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