Here’s How to Cast to Roku From Your Phone

Here’s How to Cast to Roku From Your Phone

With continuous tech transformations, everything that seemed impossible before has become possible & easier now. From letting machines handle your home chores to navigate your TV through a speaker was unimaginable before. One of those catchy transformations is casting from your phone to another device like your TV screen.

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We all know that anything you watch on the big screen looks better than watching the same content on a cell phone. And because of all the screen mirroring & casting options in the market, you can easily cast your content on the big screen. All you need is the right tool & the proper setup to make these things happen to get an experience like never before. One of those right tools is casting to Roku devices from your cell phone so let’s get to know how to do that.

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How to Cast to Roku From Your Phone

Roku is one of those popular platforms you get to access to stream entertainment on your TV. The platform has just pioneered the streaming concept with its easiest & cost effective ways it provides the users. With equal-to-unlimited entertainment options to choose from, Roku gives you the liberty to cast videos, photos, and music to your TV.

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So let’s start the process of casting a Roku device from your cell phone onto the bigger screen. However, once you are through it, the experience is priceless. And post that, whenever you try to cast to Roku device from your phone, it wouldn’t take any time at all.

Before starting the process of casting Roku from your phone, let’s check out the prerequisites as below:

  • You need to download the Roku remote app from the Play Store on your cell phone.
  • Post the successful installation, your mobile phone & Roku device needs to be connected with the same network. (Please know it’s a must for the Roku platform to work if only both devices are connected to the same network).
  • And last but not the least, whatever app you will be using the content from (to cast to Roku device) must be installed onto the Roku device as well.

Please note that any app that comes with a premium subscription, login account must be the same on both the devices (on your cell phone as well as on Roku devices). Or else, you wouldn’t be able to cast to a Roku device from your cell phone.

1. Let’s start the process of mirroring for Roku device from your cell phone by downloading the Roku remote app (Android I iOS)

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2. Post downloading & successful installation, you need to launch the app that you wish to cast to Roku device (such as Netflix, YouTube, Hotstar, etc.)

3. After launching the app, you will see the Cast icon inside the app & you need to tap on the same.

4. In the following step, your cell phone would give you the list of devices & you need to choose your Roku device from the list.

5. Post selecting your Roku device, the desired app will automatically appear on your TV screen. Voila!! Your cell phone has successfully been casted with the Roku device & now you can enjoy big screen entertainment.

Difference Between Mirroring & Casting on Your Screen

Both the terms (mirroring & casting) are being used to project entertainment on your TV screen & because of that only, get fixed up quite often. But the main difference between both of them needs to be known because then only you can opt for the one that’s matching what you want to do.

Mirroring is the concept that requires your mobile device to be switched on till the time you are mirroring your device. Because it has the ability to mirror your cell phone as a whole onto the Roku device. Whatever & whenever you are doing on your cell phone will be displayed on your Roku device, including the buttons & everything else.

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Whereas, Casting doesn’t have the same concept because here you can only use the apps you have casted for. In casting, you are dependent on the apps as they are the ones you will be accessing onto the bigger screen. Just one big similarity that’s also a necessity is that both the devices (cell phone & Roku device must be connected to the same network).

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Wrapping Up

Casting to a Roku device from your cell phone isn’t complicated at all if you have got the right tools & guidance. Watching entertainment on a big screen is always a pleasure & Roku has made it extremely easy with its individual Roku Remote app (available on AndroidOS as well as iOS). All you need to do is, download the Roku remote app on your cellphone & start casting the app you wish onto the Roku device, Simple as that!!

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