How to Add New Contacts to WhatsApp Using WhatsApp Web?

How to Add New Contacts to WhatsApp Using WhatsApp Web?

We all agree that WhatsApp has now become an important communication app used by millions of users globally. It doesn’t matter if you are chatting with your buddy, colleague, or a family member, WhatsApp makes it simple to remain in touch.

However, when we talk about WhatsApp Web, things aren’t very smooth. Let’s say your phone is away and you are using WhatsApp on your laptop/PC and suddenly you need to add a person on WhatsApp or add numbers on WhatsApp. What will you do?

What are you supposed to do when using WhatsApp Web and need to add a new contact? Many users feel puzzled while trying to save contacts on WhatsApp web.

Unlike the phone app, WhatsApp Web does not have a direct option for adding new contacts. But do not worry! This blog will guide you on how to add a new contact on WhatsApp Web within simple steps.

By the end of this blog, you will know better how to save contacts on WhatsApp Web and thus enhance your messaging experience more smoothly.

So, let’s get started.

How to Add A New Contact on WhatsApp Web?

We can achieve this in two ways –

  1. Using your Smartphone- First, add a number to your WhatsApp account on your phone, and then you can chat with them on your PC/Laptop.
  2. By using third-party extensions.

Let’s examine these two methods in detail.

Method 1: Use Your Smartphone

To demonstrate this, we are using an Android smartphone with the latest version of the WhatsApp app. The steps may vary slightly on your iPhone. But more or less they will remain the same.

Step 1: Open WhatsApp.

Step 2: From the bottom-right corner of the screen, tap on this symbol as shown below.

whats app interface

Step 3: Now tap on the New Contact.

New Contact

Step 4: Here fill in the details, like Name and Phone number, and hit the Save button.

Name and Phone number

Voila! You’ve just saved a number on WhatsApp using your phone.

Step 5: Now open Chrome or any browser of your choice type ‘WhatsApp Web’ in the URL bar and press the Enter key. It will display a barcode for you.

WhatsApp Web

Step 6: Pick up your Phone, open WhatsApp tap on the three dots vertical menu icon and tap on Settings.

tap on Settings.

Step 7: Now choose the little Barcode icon from the top-right corner of your screen, right beside your name.

Barcode icon

Step 8: Tap on Scan Code and scan the code present on your laptop/PC screen.

Scan Code

Then follow the instructions that appear on your phone and in the end you will have your WhatsApp account on the web too. Now you can chat normally as you do on your phone.

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Method 2: Use A Third-Party Chrome Extension

Here we are going to use a third-party app called InTouchApp. So, follow the steps below.

Step 1: First, install the InTouchApp on your phone and create an account on it.

Step 2: Once done, open the app and tap on the icon(First letter of your name) at the top-center of the screen.

tap on the icon

Step 3: Now from the top-right corner, tap on the Gear icon to open the app Settings.

app Settings

Step 4: Then tap on Select Accounts to sync.

Step 5: Make sure the toggle switch for email ID is turned on to sync contacts.

Step 6: Now go to the Chrome browser and open your WhatsApp account in Chrome as mentioned in the first method.

Step 7: Download and install the InTouchApp Chrome extension. Sign up with the same credentials that you used on the phone. Pin it into the Toolbar.

Step 8: Refresh your WhatsApp web account page and from the left-hand side tap on any ongoing or new chat (you’ve not saved yet).

WhatsApp web account page

Step 9: Now from the top-right corner of the screen, tap on this ‘Add Contact’ icon, as shown below.

Add Contact

Step 10: Choose from Add new contact or Add to existing.

Choose from

Step 11: Now fill in all the necessary fields and tap on the Save Contact button.

Save Contact

That’s it, the newly saved number will soon be reflected in your phone’s contact library too.

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How to Add A New Contact in WhatsApp Web: Mystery Solved

Adding a contact on WhatsApp Web might not be as easy as in the mobile application but it is achievable through these methods. The first way, which is adding the contact from your phone, is the safest and most reliable alternative.

Nevertheless, you can try out third-party browser extensions, and take care of safety issues. Now that you know how to add a new contact in WhatsApp Web, you are good to go and enjoy uninterrupted chats with friends across all devices.

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