Google Photos Free Uploads End – Here are the Best Alternatives

Free Uploads End On June 1, 2021, By Google

Google Photos Free Uploads End – Here are the Best Alternatives

June 1, 2021. The date is finally arriving when Google will end free high-quality photo and video uploads.

In this news, we try to cover up all the aspects of Google’s unfavorable move.

What is the new storage Policy of Google Photos?

Last year in November 2020, Google announced it will end free upload of all the photos and videos in high quality on Google Photos. The move will take place on June 1, 2021, and from that time all the photos and videos uploaded to Google Photos will be counted in free 15 GB storage provided on Google Drive. This means, once you reach the limit of 15 GB, you will either have to buy a storage space or will have to delete or move photos or videos.

Storage Details

You can upload photos or videos on Google in 3 different sizes viz: –

High Quality– It supports the upload of photos(16MP) and videos(1080p). If photos and videos are bigger than the prescribed size then they will be compressed.

Original Quality– In this Photos and videos count towards your 15 GB free Google Account storage and you can purchase more from Google One if you need more.

Express Quality– It supports the upload of photos(3MP) and videos(480p). If photos and videos are bigger than the prescribed size, then they will be compressed.

Note: – The storage policy will affect the High Quality and Express Quality uploads starting from June 1, 2021, while the Original Quality remains the same.

Also, Google has provided relief to customers by stating that all the photos and videos uploaded in high and express quality before June 1, 2021,  will not be considered in Google account storage.

Apart from this Google has kept separate its users of Pixel 5 and earlier versions because this new policy will not be implemented on them and they will continue to use unlimited free storage.

Reasons why Google is taking up this new policy: –

As per Google “over 1 billion people back up a remarkable 28 billion photos to Google Photos each week. To welcome even more of your memories and build for the future, we are making this change.”

However, what Google is doing doesn’t help people because now they have to manage everything in the 15GB only. Also, it seems the tech giant wanted users to be dependent on its services. And now when they use it more and more to expand the business and generate revenue they are taking this step.

This is what I think, your opinion can be different than mine. Please share what you think of the same by leaving your answer in the comments section.

What is Google One?

This is a monthly subscription service by Google that provides extra cloud storage to users at a specific cost on a monthly and yearly. The pricing for the same will depend on the storage space and plan selected. But unfortunately, Google One doesn’t provide any free trial to users.

List of plans: –

  1. 100GB: $2 a month or $20 annually
  2. 200GB: $3 a month or $30 annually
  3. 2TB: $10 a month or $100 annually
  4. 10TB: $100 a month
  5. 20TB: $200 a month
  6. 30TB: $300 a month

Google Photos

What needs to be opted in place of Google Photos now: –

With this new change in policy from Google, many users are now looking for other alternatives where they can store their photos and videos on the cloud. To resolve this, we have a full list of free and paid alternatives.

Please check the list of free and paid Google Photos alternatives 

Do let you know your views in the comment box below about the Google alternative provided by Tweaklibrary.

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