How To Fix Apple Watch Not Tracking Steps Correctly

How To Fix Apple Watch Not Tracking Steps Correctly

Apple has been known for its finesse and quality products. While iPhones and Mac machines are widely used by people, the most trending Apple gadget nowadays are Apple Watches.

This nifty device is power-packed with a variety of features that caters to different aspects. One of the most popular features of Apple Watches are their tracking abilities. Apple watches are one of the most reliable tracking devices when it comes to fitness and step tracking.

Having said that, most of the Apple users rely on their watches to track the steps. What if some fine day, you find that your Apple watch is not counting steps.

In such a scenario if you do not know how to resolve an Apple watch not tracking steps error you will lose your fitness regime. Follow the article to know how to troubleshoot Apple watch steps not accurate errors.

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How To Fix Apple Watch Not Counting Steps Error:

The below mentioned steps apply to Apple Watch series 3 and 4 and the ones which have both GPS and cellular enabled GPS.

Follow the steps below to resolve the Apple watch is not counting steps error.

1. Wear your Apple watch on your wrist. Make sure it is firm enough but not very tight.

Note: According to Apple, it is suggested that while working out you should wear your Apple watch properly and tight on your wrist and loosen it once the workout is over. This helps the watch to track your movements accurately.

2. After you have firmly adjusted your watch, unlock it. If the watch remains lockes, there may be chances that it might not work seamlessly. You can also enable the setting that unlock the Apple watch whenever you unlock your iPhone.

3. After this, restart both the Apple watch and your iPhone. Restarting any gadget makes all the apps and features function properly. Since the watch is in sync with the iPhone, it is recommended that you restart both. Proceed by restarting your iPhone first followed by the watch.

4. After you have restarted both your devices, ensure that the wrist detection is turned on.

wrist detection

To do so navigate to the Watch app > choose Passcode > Wrist Detection. Once on Wrist Detection, toggle on the option.

If Wrist Detection is not on, your Apple watch will subsequently lock itself and then you might face the Apple Watch steps not accurate error.

5. After you have enabled the Wrist Detection, the next step is to turn on the location services. In order to track the location and workout properly, it is always suggested that the Location Services are enabled on your iPhone.

Note: To turn on Location Services, navigate to location settings and set your Apple Watch Workout to “While using”. Doing this will enable the location services for Apple Watch.

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6. Post this, configure your Apple Watch for the Activity App. In case the Activity app is not set up properly, you can get Apple Watch not counting steps error.

7. Post this turn on the setting called Motion and Calibration on your iPhone.

motion and caliberation

8. After this navigate to the Health App on your iPhone and then turn on the Fitness Tracking feature. All the data tracked by the Apple Watch is synched directly to the Health App. If the two are not synched, you will encounter an Apple Watch not counting steps error since the moments will not be tracked correctly.

To do this navigate to iPhone Settings > Privacy  Motion & Fitness and then toggle on the Health feature.

9. Check that all your personal information in the Health App is correct.

health app

10. Post this, from your Apple Watch switch off all the third party applications that may be running in the background. If there is any other app installed that tracks your activities they may conflict and hence result in Apple Watch steps not accurate error.

11. Post this you need to Recalibrate your Apple Watch. For this you can simply reset the calibration data that is present on your Apple Watch.

12. Apple recommends unpairing and re-pairing Apple Watch with the iPhone to resolve any underlying issues.

Note: When you unpair your Apple Watch and iPhone, a backup is created automatically. Make sure you restore the backup while pairing your Apple Watch to your iPhone.

All the above-mentioned steps can be performed to resolve Apple Watch not tracking steps correctly. Most of the time these steps easily fix the issue.

However, if you are still facing the Apple Watch is not counting steps correctly, the last step is to erase you Apple watch and then start fresh. This will erase all the data and you can sync your Apple Watch to your iPhone again and rectify the error. If this too doesn’t work, contact Apple Support as it is the last resort.

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