How To Use WhatsApp on Apple Watch

How To Use WhatsApp on Apple Watch

The famous messaging platform owned by Facebook, Yes, we are referring to WhatsApp. Do you have a clue that you can use WhatsApp on Apple Watch?

We all know that the most used platform for connecting with people, be it personal messaging or conducting business commitments is WhatsApp. Though we are cautious enough in checking WhatsApp at regular intervals, we do not have our smartphones handy all the time of the day. As a result, we do miss important messages and calls from friends and family or colleagues.

Thankfully we have a better option in hand that can save us from missing the important WhatsApp messages. Yes, we are talking about smartwatches and what’s better than Apple Watch. Apple Watch is always a convenient mode as compared to mobile devices and so is using WhatsApp on Apple Watch Series 5.

We have dedicated this article to let you know how you can install and use WhatsApp for Apple Watch. This will not only help you be online and aware of the messages will also keep you free from the hassle of checking your smartphone every now and then.

The steps mentioned below can only be followed on iPhones running with iOS9 or later and cannot be used on the iPad and iPod.

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How To Use WhatsApp on Apple Watch?

It is known that WhatsApp for Apple Watch is still not officially available. However, with the help of some simple tip’s users can easily use WhatsApp on their Apple Watch. With this, they will be able to send and receive WhatsApp message notification.

Here’s how you can receive WhatsApp notification on your Apple Watch:

1. Navigate to Settings on your iPhone.

2. From the Settings page, look for Notifications and click on it.

3. From the list, scroll down and click on WhatsApp.

4. Enable the notifications by toggling on the bar next to WhatsApp.

5. Keep in mind that both Show on Lock Screen and Show in Notification Center options are enabled.

Notification Center options

Once done follow the steps below to configure your Apple Watch to receive mirror notifications alerts from WhatsApp. This will make you receive notification for WhatsApp on Apple Watch:

1. On your iPhone with iOS 9 or later, open the Watch app.

2. On the Watch App, navigate to My Watch.

3. Now click on Notifications.

4. Scroll down and look for WhatsApp and then activate the notification button.

5. Once this is done, you will be able to receive notification from WhatsApp on your Apple Watch.

These were the steps using which you can configure WhatsApp for Apple Watch. However, as you are receiving the notifications, you can only send some pre-defined replies such as Hello. What’s up? On my way or OK.

In case you want to make proper use of WhatsApp on Apple Watch, it is recommended to use third-party apps like Chatify or WhatChat so that you can have full access to WhatsApp on your Apple Watch.

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Wrap Up:

Who likes to miss important notifications, no one right? But sadly, we all tend to miss some as having your smartphone handy every time is not possible. Having configured your WhatsApp on Apple Watch is one of the rescue points which will have you attending all the messages promptly. Read the article to know how you can set up WhatsApp on your Apple Watch.

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