Best Whatsapp Status Saver Apps for Android

Best Whatsapp Status Saver Apps for Android

There are tons of things that you can do with WhatsApp and there are tons of things that will soon come to WhatsApp. Talking about wonderful things you can do with WhatsApp, instance, there are several WhatsApp status saver apps for Android that can help you save all kinds of statuses.

Why Do I Need a WhatsApp Status Saver App For Android?

People share all kinds of WhatsApp statuses in form of photos, videos and GIFs. Many of these statuses are actually great and something that you would want to save for a long time. But, with WhatsApp’s  latest rollout, your friend’s status will only be available for 24 hours. After this duration the status would disappear.

Therefore, if you wish to keep status for a long time, you can take help of a WhatsApp status saver app. If you wish to save your or your friend’s WhatsApp status, here are some of the best WhatsApp status saver app for Android.

1. Status Saver

Status Saver - Status saver for WhatsApp

The first in the list of best status saver for WhatsApp is Status saver. It is undoubtedly a great WhatsApp status saver app which comes with many features like the ones mentioned below.


  • Download status saver for easy navigation, fast saving, reposting of statuses.
  • This status saver for WhatsApp shows statuses from 5 different environments namely business statuses, normal statuses, G.B statuses, normal statutes from parallel space and normal statuses from parallel space lite
  • Long press status to enable multi selection and then, save the status in one-click
  • Save repost/ share and delete multiple statuses
  • This WhatsApp status saver app has a built in video and image viewer

Download Status Saver

Rating on Google Play Store: 4.5 Stars

No. Of. Downloads: 10 million +

2. Status Downloader for WhatsApp

This WhatsApp status saver app lets you download GIF, photo images, video of new statuses. It also lets you share the status with your friends. First, you will have to watch a friend’s status from your WhatsApp account and then this status saver app for WhatsApp will scan the status, display it and save the status to your storage.


  • Easy to use and attractive interface
  • You can directly save full screen profile video or screen DP and share it on social media
  • This WhatsApp status saver app is available in several languages
  • Status downloader for WhatsApp saves you time by downloading several statuses at once
  • One reason that would certainly compel you to Download status saver is that it has an HD story viewer for viewing video statuses

Download Status Downloader for WhatsApp

Rating on Google Play Store: 4.3 Stars

No. Of. Downloads: 10 million +

3. Status Saver: Video and Photo Status Downloader

Status Saver Video and Photo Status Downloader - WhatsApp status saver app

With this WhatsApp status saver app you can save a WhatsApp status in the form of photo or video offline and even preview statuses. You can even share WhatsApp statuses on various social media platforms.


  • When you download this status saver Facility to save as many WhatsApp Stories as you want
  • Full screen view and preview of WhatsApp stories. You can even preview download status before downloading the status
  • Easy to use – click once on the status tab of the user, select the video or photo status you wish to download and click on the download button
  • This status saver for WhatsApp also acts as a video player that allows you to play WhatsApp video statuses

Rating on Google Play Store: 4.3 Stars

No. Of. Downloads: Hundred Thousand +

Note: This app is no longer available.

4. Status Save To Gallery – Status Saver For WhatsApp

Status Save To Gallery - Status Saver For WhatsApp

 As the name suggests with the help of this status saver for WhatsApp you will be able to save your friends’ statuses or stories straight to your gallery. The WhatsApp status saver app even lets you save business and normal statuses all at one place.


  • When you tap on save icon after you have chosen your desired story it gets saved directly into gallery
  • You can choose whether to save one status ro all statuses
  • Ease of sharing statuses on social media
  • Option of enabling or disabling delete option from settings
  • Media player integrated to play video statuses

 Download Status Save To Gallery – Status Saver For Whatsapp

Rating on Google Play Store: 4.4 Stars

No. Of. Downloads: 5 Hundred Thousand

Despite the above apps enabling you to download and save statuses, you should always respect someone’s privacy. The above mentioned status saver apps for WhatsApp are just for fun and can be used, in case you find someone’s status interesting. Under no circumstances should you use these apps to harm someone’s reputation.

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