Best YouTube VPN – Unblock YouTube

Best YouTube VPN – Unblock YouTube

Most of us have ran into the issue “This content is not available in your country” on YouTube. It happens because of the geo-restrictions applied by YouTube in order to prevent people from watching the content outside the geographical boundaries of a region for which it was intended.

Suppose you are in the US and want to hear a dope regional artist in the UK but sadly the video is restricted only to the audience in the UK. In this situation, a VPN can surely help.

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How to Choose a Best YouTube VPN?

Choosing a great VPN for YouTube, or a VPN for Streaming, requires a user to consider certain aspects of a VPN that are otherwise considered secondary when choosing a VPN for security purposes.

A VPN for Streaming or to be specific, a VPN for YouTube should possess a wide range of servers. Greater choice of Servers at various locations allows users to view content from around the world. Many small VPN service providers though provide great security, they lack in servers. This may not be a problem with security, but can be a problem in speed and geo-restrictions.

Also, primarily the VPN for streaming should be equipped enough to be able to provide the access to the website you are looking to unblock. To unblock YouTube, however, isn’t a big problem as the firewall of YouTube is comparatively weaker than Netflix’s and of other streaming sites like Hulu and Disney+ etc.?

In addition to these, the VPN needs to be offering unlimited bandwidth in order to be suitable for being not just a YouTube VPN but a VPN for Streaming in general. Limited Bandwidth is an absolute pain, I know it.

Having understood the absolute musts of purchasing a YouTube VPN or a VPN for Streaming, let’s get straight into the list of VPNs.

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Best VPNs for YouTube – Unblock YouTube

1.  Systweak VPN:

How to use and install Systweak VPN

Operating System: Windows

Number of Servers: 4500+ at 200+ locations and 50+ Countries

Streaming Websites Unblocked: YouTube, Disney+, Netflix, etc.

Money-back Guarantee: 30 Days


Unblocks Netflix and Disney+ in addition to YouTube

All-rounder VPN for Security and Streaming

Unlimited Bandwidth


Only Available for Windows Operating System

Systweak VPN is our first pick on the list of Best YouTube VPNs in the market. If you are going to invest your money into something, you would want the best that is there in that price. Right? It is Systweak VPN. Systweak VPN is a do it all VPN.

To begin with, because we are talking about Unblocking YouTube and other such streaming sites, let’s look at some features that relate to that. Systweak VPN has to offer more than 4500+ servers, in more than 200+ locations, and 50+ countries around the globe. These servers help control the load on each server to provide unhindered Internet Speed.

Also, providing access to YouTube is no big deal as it can also provide you the access to much strongly protected Netflix and Hulu. In addition to streaming features, Systweak VPN also provides awesome security features like AES 256-Bit Encryption and IKev2 Tunneling Protocol to provide top notch security.

With all these amazing features and more, Systweak VPN definitely deserves to be on the top of the list of Best YouTube VPNs.

Click Here to Download Systweak VPN

For More Information about Systweak VPN

2.  ExpressVPN:

Best VPN

Operating System: Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, iOS.

Number of Servers: 3000+

Streaming Sites Unblocked: Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Disney+

Money Back Guarantee: 30-Days


Offers Great Speed

Great Apps for different Operating Systems

Top-Tier 24/7 Chat Support


Five Device Limit

ExpressVPN is the second one on our list of the best YouTube VPNs available in the market. ExpressVPN, like Systweak VPN, is an all-rounder. Express VPN has to offer 3000+ servers in 90+ countries around the globe to provide you unrestricted access to content worldwide.

Also, ExpressVPN has been widely trusted to unblock YouTube, Disney+, Netflix, Hulu, etc. ExpressVPN also offers unlimited bandwidth and higher internet speed to provide unhindered viewing experience.

Apart from these streaming features, Express VPN also offers AES 256-Bit encryption. It also offers a wide range of Protocols to choose from to meet your needs. Hence, ExpressVPN is an amazing choice as a YouTube VPN. For more information on ExpressVPN, Visit Here

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3. Surfshark VPN:


Operating System: Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS, Android

Number of Servers: 1700+

Streaming Services Unblocked: Netflix, iPlayer, YouTube, Amazon, Hulu

Money Back Guarantee: 30-Days


Awesome Streaming Speed

Unlimited Connection

Cheap Pricing


Not apt for Security purposes

If you are looking to get a reliable YouTube VPN without having to spend a fortune, Surfshark is the VPN for you. Although Surfshark isn’t as secure as Systweak VPN is, it does what it is supposed to.

It can undoubtedly provide you the access and unblock YouTube for you. Apart from unblocking YouTube, it can also provide access to Netflix, Hulu, iPlayer, etc. It also offers all the different protocols to let you choose from in order to provide

However, the people looking for security may not feel as secure with Surfshark. Surfshark hasn’t got its servers externally audited which may raise a question in people’s minds. However, it does all that we are here for. The unlimited connection facility with just one Policy is amazing to have. Hence, Surfshark is one of the cheapest and best VPN for YouTube that is out there. For more information, Visit Surfshark Here

4. NordVPN:

Surfshark VPN

Operating System: Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, and iOS

Number of Servers: 5400+

Streaming Services Unblocked: YouTube, Amazon, Hulu, Netflix

Money Back Guarantee: 30-Days



Apps available for all the Operating Systems


Messy App Interface

Master of None

NordVPN is another popular VPN service provider that is available in the market and is one of the best VPN for Streaming. NordVPN has all the features that you would like in YouTube VPN. It offers more than 5400 servers in 59 different countries to provide you the unrestricted access to content worldwide.

Also, it features the security features like AES 256-Bit encryption standard together with the choices of protocol to meet the need of the hour. NordVPN provides unlimited bandwidth to let you enjoy an unhindered viewing experience.

It helps unblock YouTube together with Netflix, iPlayer, Amazon, Hulu, etc. With all the given features and more, NordVPN is one of the best VPN for YouTube. For more information, Visit Nord VPN Here

5. Hotspot Shield:


Operating System: Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, and iOS.

Number of Servers: 3200+

Sites Unblocked: YouTube, Amazon, Hulu, Netflix

Money Back Guarantee: 45-Days


Great for Streaming

Faster Surfing Speed than rest

45-Days Money back Guarantee


Minor Session Logging

Hotspot Shield is another great VPN for Streaming just because of the fact how fast it is. It is the fastest of all VPN which makes it a suitable VPN for YouTube. Hotspot Shield offers more than 3200 servers at over 115 locations around the world which helps provide unrestricted access to content worldwide.

It helps unblock YouTube together with Amazon, Hulu, Netflix. However, the unmatched speed in a VPN often comes at a cost of compromised Security. However, Hotspot shield is good at what it does. It can provide you security from malicious websites and Wi-Fi connections.

Hence, Hotspot shield is another deserving VPN on the list of Best VPN for YouTube.

These are all the best YouTube VPNs available in the market with their different features, perks, pros, and cons. Now that we have understood what to look for in a VPN and what makes a great YouTube VPN, let’s look at a bit of working of a YouTube VPN for the curious visitors. For more information,  visit Hotspotshield Here

How Does YouTube VPN work?

YouTube VPN, or any VPN for Streaming for that matter, works by spoofing the IP Address assigned to the connection between the source and destination. When a user tries to connect to any streaming website without a VPN, the website easily detects the location of the requester. If you live in the US and try to access content of the UK which is Geographically Restricted for the people of the UK only, the website server would simply disallow you to watch the content.

On the other hand, if you are connected to a VPN server in the UK, your request from the US will first go to the VPN server in the UK and then the VPN, on your behalf, would send the request to the website. This makes the website believe that the request is coming from the country itself. It is known as location spoofing.

However, not all VPNs can spoof locations to provide you the access to content in another region. Streaming Websites employ firewalls to identify the real owner of the request even if the IP address is of VPN server. Hence, only a few VPNs are equipped enough to provide unrestricted access to content. Websites like YouTube have relatively weaker firewalls when compared with sites like Netflix and Hulu.


Choosing a VPN for Streaming is different from choosing a VPN for Security purposes. However, in my suggestion, people should go for the whole package where a VPN can provide you both – The security and the access to blocked content.

VPNs provide access to restricted content by spoofing the location of the user and changing it with the IP Address of the VPN Server itself. This requires a great number of servers in various different locations of the world along with the inherent capability to actually bypass the firewalls installed by such streaming sites.

Though there are plenty of them who claim to be the best, we suggest using Systweak VPN if you are a Windows user and ExpressVPN if you want a VPN for any other operating system.

So, this was all the information about YouTube VPNs and 5 Best VPNs for YouTube available in the market. We hope we are able to provide you the information you were looking for. Keep Visiting Tweak Library for more such content.

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