9 Best Snipping Tools For Mac To Capture & Record Screen (Paid & Free) {2023 Picks}

9 Best Snipping Tools For Mac To Capture & Record Screen (Paid & Free) {2023 Picks}
Summary: Want to get right on the point? Our recommendation for the category Best Snipping Tools for MacBook is Snagit by TechSmith. It is one of the most preferred ‘screen capturing and recording tools,’ chosen by both Windows and Mac users. Not only this, you can even edit those snapshots & screen recordings according to your needs and preferences. Keep reading to learn more about Snagit & other snip tools for Mac!

Are you one of those who hate to take screenshots of the entire Mac screen, when all you need is some small sections of the Window, like an image or just a text? Well, if you are tired of grabbing snapshots using the in-built functionalities that have their limits and are not flexible enough to fulfil your requirements. You need to take the help of Best Snipping Tools For Mac, which eases the overall task of capturing scrolling screenshots, snapshots of a specific region, a single window, etc. Moreover, these professional screen capturing utilities provide a wide array of features to annotate, edit and refine your screenshots for professional work.

You might want to learn:

 How to Capture Screenshots on Mac Manually?

Use the following shortcuts to capture a screenshot on Mac without using Snipping app     :

  • To capture full screen on your Mac = COMMAND + SHIFT + 3


  • To capture a selected part of Mac screen = SHIFT + COMMAND + 4

sfhit command

Where Do Screenshots Go On Mac Monterey?

This is where your screenshots are saved on Mac Monterey:

  • Launch Finder.
  • Click on the “Recents” button.
  • If the latest screenshots don’t appear on top of the list, hit the’ Date Last Opened’ to sort your items.

All your recently accessed files, including your screenshots, can be viewed here!

So, without further ado, let us introduce you to the Top 9 MacBook Snipping Tools to enhance your productivity and save time/effort in manually taking snapshots.

List of Contents

  • Reviewing The Best Snipping Tools For Mac (Paid & Free)
  • 1. Snagit 2022
  •  2. Lightshot
  • 3. TextSnipper
  • 4. CloudApp
  •  5. Monosnap
  •  6. Greenshot
  • 7. SnapNDrag Pro Screenshot
  • 8. Skitch
  • 9. CleanShot X
  • Frequently Asked Questions:

Reviewing The Best Snipping Tools For Mac (Paid & Free)

After testing dozens of snip tools for Mac, we’ve curated a list of the top 9 choices that you can consider using this. Do let us know which among them is your favorite!

1. Snagit 2022

Snagit USP: Supports capturing screenshots, recording screen, editing them & sharing      as images, GIFs, or videos.
Website/Download Link 
Compatibility: Windows & Mac
Pricing Models: Free Trial, $62.99 (30-Day Money-Back Guarantee)
Latest Version: 2022.0.3
Technical Support via Email, Live Chat, or over Phone!

Designed and developed by TechSmith, Snagit is one of the most popular “screenshot capturing software” for Mac and Windows users. With Snagit, you can quickly grab snapshots of your entire desktop, specific region, active window, scrolling web pages, or enjoy amazing screen recording capabilities. You can further take advantage of built-in image editing tools to add visuals and create engaging images & instructional videos for your target audience.

Snagit 2022


  • Intuitive dashboard to make the snipping process completely effortless.
  • Integrates flawlessly with popular apps like Dropbox, Microsoft 365, Slack,
  • Get 20+ videos of exclusive how-to and training.
  • Suitable snip tool for content creators, educators & freelancers.

  • Doesn’t receive frequent updates.
Our Verdict: Snagit is a simple, powerful, and intuitive tool to capture and record your screen in a couple of clicks. Additionally, you can access the MacBook snip tool in English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, and Portuguese languages.
Video Tutorial – How To Use Snagit On Mac?

 2. Lightshot

Lightshot USP: Provides the fastest way to take customizable screenshots
Website/Download Link 
Compatibility: Mac, Windows, Ubuntu & Google Chrome
Pricing Models: Free snipping tool for Mac
Latest Version: 2.2.2
Support via FAQs

Lightshot is arguably one of the fastest MacBook Snipping Tools to use in 2023. It is known for capturing customizable screenshots as per users’ needs and preferences. You can further save your snapshots to your computer or upload them to Lightshot’s servers for hassle-free sharing. It even has a powerful edition to highlight a part of a screenshot or add an annotation.

Lightshot performance


  • Add shapes, texts, and colors to your images.
  • Easily capture a screenshot of any selected area on your screen.
  • Supports finding similar images when you search.
  • Allows you to take successive screenshots quickly, making it the best snipping tool for Mac.

  • Has a very basic interface. Needs updates!
Our Verdict: The best way to use this MacBook Snip Program is via using hotkeys to capture instant snapshots &      share them by uploading screenshots to their servers and making      a short link for instant sharing.
Video Tutorial – How To Use Lightshot On Mac?

3. TextSnipper

TextSnipper USP: Goes beyond a simple snipping tool for Mac to capture and extract any text from your screen, including YouTube videos, PDFs, tutorials, etc.
Website/Download Link
Compatibility: Mac & iOS
Pricing Models: Free Trial, $6.99 (7 Day Money-Back Guarantee)
Latest Version: 1.7.0
Technical assistance via Email or Twitter!

TextSnipper is a wonderful Mac application that takes an advanced approach to taking screenshots and extracting text from PDF files, images, or even videos. When you navigate to their official website, you will find tons of tutorials to follow that make beginners understand how the snipping tool works. Additionally, it provides the ability to turn OCR text into speech, which is a convenient alternative to complicated optical character recognition tools.

TextSnipper process


  • Can pull text from non-searchable PDF files as well.
  • Holds the ability to read QR or barcodes as well.
  • Allows you to convert file formats into text formats.
  • Quickly generate alt text from the screenshot for tweets.

  • Poor customer support.
Our Verdict: TextSnipper is a solid application that uses on-device OCR technology and is highly customizable to capture screenshots and extract the text using various options. It even recognizes tiny text or images with low-quality backgrounds.
Video Tutorial How To Capture Any Text From Images, PDFs, Videos, Documents & Online Meetings?

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4. CloudApp

cloudapp USP: Fast, reliable & secure snipping tool for MacBook to take snapshots, record video screens & annotate them as well.  
Website/Download Link
Compatibility: Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS & Google Chrome
Pricing Models: Free, Starting from $9.95
Latest Version: 6.6.6
Support via Chatbot, FAQs & More!

CloudApp is yet another incredible Mac Snipping Software to try in 2023. It helps users to capture full-screen screenshots or a portion of it. You can configure its keyboard shortcuts to ease the process and save your valuable time while grabbing screenshots or recording screens on a Mac. It even features a robust set of annotation tools to enhance the quality of your images, trim recorded videos, and more.

cloudapp recorder


  • Ability to create GIFs with your recorded stuff.
  • Add quick drawings, arrows, lines, emojis, and other shapes to communicate with clarity.
  • You can use the MacBook snipping tool on the web or directly by installing on your Mac.
  • Supports password protecting your files & provides the ability to share them via links.

  • Lacks other popular modes to take snapshots.
Our Verdict: It is one of the best free snipping tools for Mac that allows you to capture screenshots in HD quality and provides basic annotation tools to enhance the overall quality of images.
Video Tutorial How To Use CloudApp, The Best Snipping Tool For Your MacBook?

 5. Monosnap

Monosnap USP: Best commercial/non-commercial snip tool for Mac to take snapshots, record videos/GIFs, and share them!
Website/Download Link
Compatibility: Mac, Windows & Google Chrome
Pricing Models: Free, Starting from $2.50
Latest Version: 2.2
Technical Assistance via Email!

 Monosnap is one of the best snipping tools for Mac that you can consider installing right away. The application allows you to capture different kinds of screenshots and comes fitted with a highly efficient image editor to customize your snapshots. Unlike other snipping programs mentioned here, it provides convenient cloud storage to save and share your captured photos.

Monosnap process


  • Use hotkeys to capture screenshots.
  • Add arrows, shapes, and blur effects to your screenshots.
  • Works flawlessly on Google Chrome Browser.
  • Allows you to screen record and create GIFs as well. 

  • Dashboard needs improvements.
  • Upgrade ads push.
Our Verdict: If you are a single user, consider taking the help of this best free snipping tool for Mac. If you are looking for      non-commercial use, go with the paid edition that will provide you with 10 GB of storage space & more functions to unlock your creativity with screenshots & recordings.
Video TutorialHow to use Monosnap to take screenshots & record your screen on Mac?

 6. Greenshot

greenshot USP: Easily annotate highlight or obfuscate parts of a screenshot
Website/Download Link
Compatibility: Mac & Windows
Pricing Models: $1.99
Latest Version: 1.2.10
Support via FAQs!

Talking about the best snipping tools for Mac and not mentioning Greenshot is certainly not possible. It’s open-source, user-friendly software, stuffed with a variety of features to take screenshots, annotate them, highlight significant parts, etc. It even comes integrated with a blur tool that comes useful for hiding personal information in a captured screenshot. You can configure various default settings and customize the hotkey shortcuts accordingly.

greenshot process


  • Ability to copy your image to the clipboard.
  • Save your images in multiple file
  • Useful editing tools are offered to users.
  • Directly share your files to a cloud-based program like Confluence, Box.com, Dropbox & more.

  • Receives new updates rarely.
Our Verdict: No matter what type of screenshot you want to take, be it an entire screen, specific region, or scrolling webpages, you can easily get them captured via using this MacBook snipping software.
Video Tutorial Intro to Greenshot, a Screenshot Snipping Tool for Windows & Mac!

7. SnapNDrag Pro Screenshot

SnapNDrag Pro Screenshot USP: Supports One-click capture (by window, selection, or timed)
Website/Download Link
Compatibility: macOS 10.14 or later
Pricing Models: $9.99
Latest Version: 4.5.2
Support via Email!

SnapNDrag is undoubtedly one of the easiest and most convenient tools to snap, organize, annotate and share your content on Mac. It comes with both free and paid editions, using the former one, you get basic screen capturing functionalities, plus the ability to rename, search & delete. The paid edition offers the capability to resize, use hotkeys, organize your content, seamlessly edit/annotate screenshots & share them via Email, Messages, etc.

SnapNDrag Pro


  • Supports one-click snapshots.
  • Uses Preview mode for modifying screenshots before saving them.
  • Customize hotkeys according to your needs & preferences.
  • The snipping tool for Mac works well with Facebook, Twitter, email, and others.

  • Poor customer support.
  • Limited features in the free edition.
Our Verdict: To be honest, SnapNDrag is quite a handy MacBook snipping utility that allows you to grab screenshots in full screen, a window, or a specific area of a window, in a few clicks. It even supports batch renaming, and you can maintain your library of screenshots without any hassles.
Video Tutorial – All You Need To Know About SnapNDrag!

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8. Skitch

Skitch USP: Besides taking multiple types of screenshots, there’s also a camera mode that lets you take selfies with your Mac’s camera.
Website/Download Link
Compatibility: Mac, iPhone, iPad & Windows
Pricing Models: Free snipping tool for Mac
Latest Version: 2.9
Technical Assistance via FAQs & More!

If you are looking for an easy to use & the best free snipping software for Mac, choose none other than Skitch by Evernote. The application offers everything a novice user will ever need when it comes to taking screenshots. Using it, you can grab snapshots of a selected area, full screen, an active window, and more. Moreover, it offers a dedicated camera mode that allows you to capture yourself via Mac’s camera. Interesting, right?

Skitch process


  • Add arrows, lines, shapes, callouts, pixilation, and highlights to the screen.
  • Allows you to save your content in popular file formats.
  • Gives you the ability to share your files via AirDrop, Notes & more.
  • You can also save your snaps on Evernote’s server to access across other platforms.

  • Annotating tools are not feature-rich.
Our Verdict: Honestly, this screenshot capturing software has everything you can expect from the best free snipping tool for Mac. Try using your favorite device, since it’s a multi-platform utility and enhances your productivity on the go!
Video Tutorial – Learn How To Screenshot & Annotate For Free With Skitch Snipping Tool For MacBook!

9. CleanShot X

CleanShot X USP: Provides over 50 features making it the ultimate screen capturing tool.
Website/Download Link
Compatibility: macOS 10.14 or later
Pricing Models: $29 (30 Day Money-Back Guarantee)
Latest Version: 4.2.2
Support via FAQs & More!

Here we’re at the end of our listicle on Best Snipping Tools for Mac (2023 Edition). We would like to conclude our blog post with an interesting tool like CleanShot X. It comes with the native macOS look and feel to ease the process of taking screenshots and recording Mac screens. It has a powerful built-in editor as well that makes highlighting and hiding specific parts of screenshots an effortless process.

CleanShot X process


  • Simple interface with great performance.
  • Several sharing options are offered to users.
  • Dark & light mode support.
  • Useful set of annotation, editing & text tools.

  • Support team is super slow.
Our Verdict: Probably there’s no snipping tool for Mac that has such a huge set of features, ranging from Crop tool, 4 styles of Arrows/Rectangle/Ellipse/Line, etc. Pencil tool, 7 Styles of Text tool & more. Hence, you have full creative liberty to enhance your work!
Video Tutorial – Here’s How To Take Your First Steps With CleanShot X, Snip Tool For Mac!


Editor’s Recommendation For The Best Snipping Tool For Mac (2023 Edition)

All the aforementioned snipping utilities have something great to offer, so choosing one is slightly difficult. Based on our experience and usage, we found Snagit to be the most powerful and intuitive tool to capture and record your screen in a couple of clicks. With Snagit, you can easily grab multiple kinds of snapshots, including for your entire desktop, specific region, active window, scrolling web pages, and enjoy amazing screen recording capabilities. You can further take advantage of built-in image editing tools to add visuals and create engaging images & instructional videos for your target audience.

Frequently Asked Questions:


What is the best snipping tool for Mac?

Besides Snagit, Lightshot is arguably one of the fastest MacBook Snipping Tools to use in 2023. It is known for capturing customizable screenshots as per users’ needs and preferences.


Is there a snipping tool on Mac?

Using different keyboard combinations, you can activate the built-in Mac snipping tool and capture screenshots accordingly.


How do I install a snipping tool on Mac?

We recommend installing your favorite MacBook Snipping Tool from the official Apple App Store only. Simply navigate to the product page, hit the Get button, and follow the on-screen instructions to successfully install a good Snipping tool for Mac.

Did we miss any useful Snipping Software for MacBook that should be included in this list? If yes, then feel free to mention them in the comments section below!


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