Best Ways to Fix “Disconnected from the AnyDesk Network” on Windows

Best Ways to Fix “Disconnected from the AnyDesk Network” on Windows

Are you facing ‘disconnected from AnyDesk network?’ error message. Or are you getting ‘reconnecting to the Anydesk Network’ issue after being disconnected? It’s normal; we’ve all been there.

You can get back online quickly with the help of available troubleshooting tips. If you follow the correct procedures, you can resume your activities in no time. If you need help connecting to Anydesk, this article will walk you through the process swiftly.

Ensure you use the correct login credentials and verify your internet connection to get you online quickly. If you are experiencing AnyDesk disconnected from the AnyDesk network Windows 11, continue reading, and you can reconnect soon!

How Do We Use AnyDesk?

When experiencing ’AnyDesk disconnected from the AnyDesk network’ error, make sure you are following the correct steps for signing in. To understand AnyDesk’s layout and features, it is important to check if it iscompatible with your Windows computer. Once you are sure, follow the below steps –

Step 1: Begin  by installing the desktop version of AnyDesk on your remote PC. Your Address will appear at the top of your account settings page. It would help if you make a note of this URL.

Step 2: Go to now whenever you require an online remote connection. It will prompt you to run the program on a distant computer.

Step 3: Next, click Connect after entering the AnyDesk ID.

AnyDesk ID

Step 4: At this point, the web app will request authorization to continue. Choose the necessary permissions and click the Accept button at the bottom.

Step 5: Your web browser will grant you access to the remote desktop in seconds.

This concludes the prerequisites for using AnyDesk online on Windows. Its complex interface or language hurdles are common sources of frustration for many users.

Why Does AnyDesk Keep Disconnecting?

AnyDesk may disconnect due to internet instability, network congestion, or software conflicts. Wi-Fi issues, firewalls, and outdated software can also cause issues. Ensure your internet connection is stable, update AnyDesk, and check your firewall. Optimize network settings and close unnecessary apps. If connectivity issues persist, contact AnyDesk support for further diagnosis and resolution.

How Do You Fix the ‘Disconnect From AnyDesk Network’ Issues on Windows?

If you want to get back to using AnyDesk without delay, you can find out what went wrong and how to fix it. So, let’s check disconnected from AnyDesk network fix!

Method 1: Get the Most Recent Version of AnyDesk

One typical cause of connection issues with AnyDesk is using an outdated app version. To fix the issue of unexpected disconnections, go to the settings and install the latest update. You can solve ‘disconnected from AnyDesk network fix Windows 10.’

Step 1: Launch AnyDesk and go to the Settings menu by clicking the four-bar menu in the upper-right corner.

AnyDesk update

Step 2: Expand About AnyDesk in the screen’s bottom-left corner to install any available updates.

Step 3: From the main screen of AnyDesk, you can also see if there are any updates available and install them.

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Method 2: Reinstall AnyDesk

If the disconnection problem persists after updating AnyDesk, you may try uninstalling and reinstalling the software. For a simple solution, follow these steps:

Step 1: To access the related system setting, press the Windows key and type Installed Apps into the search bar.

Step 2: To uninstall AnyDesk, find it on your computer and click the three dots icon. Choose Remove Configuration Files when uninstalling to erase all app data, including the alias you created.

uninstall AnyDesk

Step 3: You should visit AnyDesk’s website to get the most recent version that is compatible with your desktop.

Method 3: Ensure Windows Firewall and Antivirus Allow AnyDesk

Cannot connect to disconnected from the AnyDesk network?” Your system’s antivirus or Windows Firewall may occasionally mistakenly identify AnyDesk as malicious. Problems with disconnections occur because the app’s connection requests are immediately denied. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: To open the Control Panel app, press the Windows key and search for it. Another option is to launch the Run command by pressing Windows + R and then typing control panel.

Step 2: Select Windows Defender Firewall.

Windows Defender Firewall

Step 3: On the left sidebar, you’ll see the Windows Defender Firewall. Next, click on Allow an App or Feature.

windows security alert

Step 4: Press on Modify Preferences.

Step 5: Finally, hit OK to enable AnyDesk on both public and private networks.

Step 6: Launch the Windows Security app if you use it as your antivirus protection.

Step 7: Press Manage Settings after expanding Virus & Threat Protection on the left sidebar.

Manage Settings

Step 8: To add or remove exclusions, scroll to the bottom and click on the link.

Step 9: To remove AnyDesk from antivirus scanning further, click Add an Exclusion and select it.

You can temporarily disable Windows Firewall or Windows Defender on your PC if manually permitting the AnyDesk app does not work.

Method 4: Check for a Stable Wi-Fi Network

Low signal strength on a Wi-Fi network can also result in AnyDesk being disconnected from the AnyDesk network on Windows 11. Ensure you are in a strong signal range and your network bandwidth is at its peak. You can also check using a LAN cable if the issue persists. A wired internet access may resolve this issue in no time.

Method 5: Update Your Network Drivers with Advanced Driver Updater

An outstanding program, Advanced Driver Updater checks your computer for outdated drivers and updates them to make it run faster. Drivers are small pieces of code or programs that allow your computer’s hardware and operating system to communicate with each other.

Advanced Driver Updater

Keeping drivers up-to-date allows Windows to optimize hardware utilization. For example, the most recent display drivers allow you to experience the screen’s most breathtaking visuals. Using Advanced Driver Updater, you can check for outdated, corrupted, or missing drivers on your computer.


AnyDesk connecting and disconnecting from a remote device while you need continuous access is frustrating. There might be a lot of factors at play, but fixing it usually will take up to a few minutes. If you’re looking for an alternative to AnyDesk that allows you to connect remotely with clients and other devices, you can find some great options such as Zoho Assist, TeamViewer..


Why am I stuck on connecting to the AnyDesk network?

If you need help establishing a connection to the AnyDesk network, try fixing the  problems with the internet, firewall, and router configurations.

What are some fixes for the “Disconnected from AnyDesk network” error on Windows 10?

You can update AnyDesk, clear your cache and cookies, check your internet connection, or confirm your date and time settings.

How do you stop AnyDesk from connecting and disconnecting repeatedly?

Verify that you have an active internet connection. In Windows Firewall, you can enable AnyDesk or disable IPv6. The most recent version of AnyDesk is available for download.

Why can’t I connect to AnyDesk after receiving a “Disconnected from AnyDesk network” message?

A “Disconnected from the AnyDesk network” error indicates that the AnyDesk client cannot connect with the AnyDesk server. The AnyDesk client is unable to communicate with the AnyDesk servers.

Why does AnyDesk show a “Disconnected from AnyDesk network” error?

The AnyDesk client will display the “Disconnected from AnyDesk network” error message if it cannot connect to the AnyDesk servers. The host device has no active internet connection; the AnyDesk servers did not receive the communication request from the AnyDesk client, which could be why.

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