Best Procreate Alternatives For Android To Create Digital Masterpieces

Try these digital drawing, painting, sketching & illustration apps like Procreate for Android users!

Best Procreate Alternatives For Android To Create Digital Masterpieces
Summary: Procreate has established itself as a leading digital illustration app for iOS, capturing the hearts of artists and creatives. However, for Android users, finding a comparable app can be a challenge. Hence, in this article, we’ll showcase some top-notch alternatives of Procreate to do digital drawing, sketching & painting on Android devices.

 Digital art has revolutionized the way artists create and express their imagination. With the advent of powerful drawing apps and tablets, artists can now explore endless possibilities in the digital realm.

One such popular app is Procreate! It has established itself as a powerhouse in the world of digital art. Its extensive toolset, intuitive interface, and unmatched performance have made it a favorite among artists and illustrators. However, Procreate is exclusively available for iOS devices, leaving Android users searching for alternatives to meet their digital art needs.

Fortunately, a range of Procreate alternatives exists for Android users. Apps like Autodesk SketchBook, Adobe Photoshop Sketch, etc offer diverse toolsets, customizable brushes, layering options, blending modes, and other advanced features. These apps empower artists to create stunning artwork and express their unique styles on their Android devices. Let’s get to know each of them in detail!

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Pro Tip: Choosing the Right Drawing App

When looking for a Procreate alternative or any drawing app, consider your needs and artistic style. Make sure the tool provides customizable brushes, layer control, support for different platforms, and unique features to create digital masterpieces.

Do not forget to experiment with different apps, and explore their features and performance. Read user reviews and seek recommendations from fellow artists. Remember, finding the perfect drawing app is a personal journey. Embrace the one that resonates with you, enhances your creativity, and fits your artistic vision.

Top 5 Android Apps Like Procreate For Fellow Artists & Doodlers

From sketching masterpieces to crafting intricate digital illustrations, these apps have got your back.

1. Autodesk Sketchbook

PRICE: Free, $85 per year
COMPATIBILITY: Android, iOS & Windows

Autodesk SketchBook is a powerful digital drawing app that provides a similar experience to Procreate. With a clean and intuitive interface, SketchBook offers a variety of brushes, layering options, and blending modes. Their extensive brush library and customizable interface make it a versatile tool for artists of all skill levels. Additionally, SketchBook offers Copic Color Library integration, allowing users to work with a vast range of realistic digital markers. All this makes Autodesk Sketchbook one of the best apps similar to Procreate for Android users!

Autodesk Sketchbook


Intuitive & user-friendly interface.

Can handle large canvases

Supports an impressive set of tools.


Exporting issues.

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2. Adobe Photoshop Sketch


 As the name entails, Adobe Photoshop Sketch brings the power of Photoshop’s drawing tools to your Android device. This app provides seamless integration with Adobe Creative Cloud, allowing users to easily sync their work across different devices. Photoshop Sketch offers a variety of brushes and customizable tools, as well as layer support and blending modes. Its compatibility with Photoshop allows artists to start a project on their Android device and continue working on it with more advanced tools on their computers.

Adobe Photoshop Sketch


Add multiple drawing layers.

Easy restacking or renaming.

An infinite variety of sketch brushes.


Steep learning curve.

3. ibis Paint X

PRICE: Free, in-app purchases

ibis Paint X is a feature-rich digital art app that caters to both beginners and advanced artists. It offers a vast collection of brushes, including watercolors, oil paints, and airbrushes, providing artists with a wide range of options. The app supports layer blending modes, customizable brush settings & various filters and effects. ibis Paint X also includes unique features like recording time-lapse videos and has a built-in community where users can share their artwork and receive feedback. This makes it one of the best Procreate alternatives for Android users to try in 2023.

ibis Paint X


15,000 brushes and materials.

Plentiful filters, screen tones & blending modes.

Stroke stabilization automatically rectifies hand-drawn lines


Doesn’t work with Windows only.

Limited canvas size is supported.

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4. MediBang Paint

PRICE: Free, in-app purchases
COMPATIBILITY: Android, iOS & Windows

MediBang Paint is a versatile digital painting app & Procreate Android alternative that you can use on both Android and iOS devices. With a vast library of customizable brushes, including pens, pencils, and watercolors, artists can experiment with different styles and techniques. The app supports layer management, blending modes, and a wide range of filters and effects. MediBang Paint also provides cloud storage, allowing users to easily access their artwork from different devices.

MediBang Paint


A wide array of backgrounds.

Create icons and stickers from scratch.

Packed with exercises related to doodling & illustrations.


Brushes are not precise.

UI needs to be improved.

5. ArtFlow

PRICE: Free, offers in-app purchases

ArtFlow stands out with its fluid and responsive drawing experience on Android devices. The app offers a wide selection of brushes, including various types of pencils, pens, and markers. Besides this, the Procreate alternative for Android supports layers, blending modes, and advanced color adjustments, providing artists with comprehensive tools to create stunning artwork. Additionally, ArtFlow’s user-friendly interface and palm rejection feature make it a pleasure to use for both beginners and professionals.




Easy to use interface.

Comes with 80 different brushes.

Has large canvases with 50 layers.


Filters need to be improved.

Best Procreate Alternatives For Android Artists (2023)

While Procreate may not be available for Android devices, there are several compelling alternatives that offer powerful tools and features for digital artists.

Each Procreate alternative mentioned here offers its own set of features and tools to suit diverse artistic styles. It’s important to explore these apps, read reviews, and seek recommendations to find the perfect fit for your needs. So, embrace the Android art revolution, unleash your creative potential, and let your imagination soar with the incredible Procreate alternatives available for Android users.


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