10 Best Free & Paid Piano Learning Apps In 2023

10 Best Free & Paid Piano Learning Apps In 2023

Want to become a pianist? Learning how to play and enjoy the piano is simpler thanks to excellent piano learning apps. Piano apps enable you to study at your speed and on your time while saving you money on pricey professional sessions.

To choose the best piano learning apps, we searched for features that enable users to understand how to play the piano at their speed. These piano learning apps feature extensive song collections, top-notch video lessons, organized lesson plans, and immediate advice to help you advance your abilities.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

Latest Piano Learning Apps In 2023

List of Contents

  • 1. Flowkey
  • 2. Simply Piano
  • 3. Perfect Piano
  • 4. Skoove
  • 5. Piano Academy
  • 6. Vivace
  • 7. Yousician
  • 8. Perfect Ear
  • 9. Real Piano Teacher
  • 10. Gismart’s Piano
  • To Wrap This Up

1. Flowkey


Flowkey is the best piano-learning app, with hundreds of tunes, interactive lessons, and video lectures. It provides step-by-step tutorials and instruction on numerous aspects of skill, from learning chords to music and improvisation, and is focused on everyone from novices to experienced musicians.


Size: 56MB
Requires: Android version 7.0 and up
Version: 2.39.0

Key Features:

  • Effectively operates with a digital keyboard and a physical keyboard or piano.
  • Play the well-known tunes from various genres, including jazz, pop, and classical music.
  • Learn the proper technique with expert pianists’ high-quality video instructions.

Click here to download Flowkey.

2. Simply Piano

Simply Piano

Simply Piano is the finest piano learning app on our list for total novices. While most apps offer some degree of beginner-friendly functionality, Simply Piano has unique features that can help beginners advance their abilities. It provides customized five-minute training to help you get better at playing.


Size: 43MB
Requires: Android version 5.0 and up
Version: 7.5.4

Key Features:

  • It includes a built-in piano.
  • Instructs you on how to understand chord voicings.
  • See your growth in real-time and receive immediate feedback on your progress.

Click here to download Simply Piano.

3. Perfect Piano

Perfect Piano

Perfect Piano is the best piano simulator application right now on the market. This 88-key smart piano learning app, created for Android devices, connects you with other aspiring pianists all around the world and works as a teaching resource by coaching you over hundreds of pieces of tunes.


Size: 47MB
Requires: Android version 5.0 and up
Version: 7.6.8

Key Features:

  • Allows instant direct posting to several social media networks.
  • A piano widget for the home screen is there, so you don’t need to launch the app to listen to music anytime.
  • Get a real-life experience with the smart touch-sensitive keyboard.

Click here to download Perfect Piano.

4. Skoove


Skoove, available for iOS & Android, offers an extensive and individualized piano-learning experience. It stands out from the competition since it uses artificial intelligence (AI) to detect the game you’re playing and offers you the right lessons to rectify any errors you might be doing.


Size: 72MB
Requires: Android version 9 and up
Version: 2.2.6

Key Features:

  • It uses AI to provide tailored lessons that will help you get better at playing notes.
  • Over 400 step-by-step piano lessons to follow.
  • Personalized assistance from certified piano teachers who are available to respond to your inquiries.

Click here to download Skoove.

5. Piano Academy

Piano Academy

Piano Academy offers video lessons from your private teacher covering a variety of subjects, such as chords, notes, staff, and more. This is also appropriate for people of all ages, from children to adults, and may assist even total novices in becoming proficient pianists.


Size: 49MB
Requires: Android version 6.0 and up
Version: 1.2.2

Key Features

  • Play entertaining games to develop your sense of rhythm, hand-eye coordination, and musical hearing.
  • By reading authentic sheet music, you may practice playing many wonderful songs.
  • The app hears each note you play, providing immediate feedback so you may learn how to play better.

Click here to download Piano Academy.

6. Vivace


Only one of the apps on our list, Vivace, is wholly dedicated to instructing users in effective music reading. Users of this practice tool may take part in over 100 sessions to hone their ability to read music, and it offers beautifully illustrated lectures covering the fundamentals of musical notation.


Size: 16MB
Requires: Android version 5.0 and up
Version: 4.0.0

Key Features

  • Illustration-based how-to guides.
  • Individualized practice mode.
  • Depending on your desire, you may also pick between note names in Italian and English.

Click here to download Vivace.

7. Yousician


Yousician is a famous piano learning application, even if guitarists may favor it more. In addition to having a sizable selection of well-known songs that you may play and practice together, it provides more than 10,000 exercises, tutorials, and games to help you improve your piano playing.


Size: 85MB
Requires: Android version 7.0 and up
Version: 4.58.0

Key Features

  • Easy, fast, and impressive approach to learning piano.
  • Lessons in detail from the best instructors in the world.
  • Carefully listening to your music provides you with better recommendations.

Click here to download Yousician.

8. Perfect Ear

Perfect Ear

It is one of the best piano learning apps for Android available in the market right now. Via training drills, lectures, and other learning resources, Perfect Ear will assist you in developing your improvisational skills and ability to identify chord progressions and melodies by ear.


Size: 6.6MB
Requires: Android version 5.1 and up
Version: 3.9.32

Key Features

  • Hundreds of high-quality courses on ear training.
  • A vast scale dictionary.
  • You may design your bespoke chords and scales, ear training, rhythm training, and other musical activities.

Click here to download Perfect Ear.

9. Real Piano Teacher

Real Piano Teacher

Real Piano Teacher provides comprehensive offline audio classes in several languages for piano players of all skill levels, including beginners. You can either connect a real instrument or utilize the on-screen virtual keyboard to rehearse the songs. The apps work with USB Midi Keypad as well.


Size: 19MB
Requires: Android version 4.1 and up
Version: 7.4

Key Features

  • A fun and engaging educator who uses offline voice and audio to teach you.
  • Social networking site: Make friends, post performances, and jam with pianists worldwide.
  • Game, educational, and freestyle modes.

Click here to download real Piano Teacher.

10. Gismart’s Piano

Gismart’s Piano

Gismart’s Piano is another excellent app for learning the piano. Essentially, it is an app that simulates an electronic keyboard and has virtual instruments to teach music notation and chords. This app is ideal for learning the piano, for people who never have free time for in-person piano lessons.


Size: 91MB
Requires: Android version 5.0 and up
Version: 1.70

Key Features

  • Allows you to immediately share recordings of your gaming experiences with your friends through social networking applications.
  • 9 unique keyboards and a range of instruments.
  • Dual or single scrollable keyboard option.

Click here to download Gismart’s Piano.

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To Wrap This Up

If you want to learn to play the piano, try these piano learning apps. These applications are a fantastic way to begin studying the piano online without spending a fortune. So, give them a try and let us know which one is right for you and why.

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