How To Connect Spotify To Hulu and Get Spotify In $4.99

How To Connect Spotify To Hulu and Get Spotify In $4.99

Students of college and university in the United States of America, then you can get Spotify Premium at $4.99 per month, which otherwise costs $9.99 per month. With the student offer you can also get Hulu and Showtime which cost $5.99 per month and $10.99 per month respectively. You just have to connect Spotify to Hulu if you want to use Hulu for free.

Spotify, Hulu and Showtime are media service providers, these media services are one of the best service providers and they provide great quality content. These services are used by many students. Here we will tell you how to connect Spotify to Hulu.

Learn How To Connect Spotify To Hulu:

How Much Money Students Save?

If you are not a student and want to use Spotify Premium, Showtime and Hulu then you have to shed $26.97 out of your pocket. Whereas, a student just has to pay $4.99 for the package and save $21.98 per month or save 263.76 per year.

Free service of Spotify is also available which offers audio books, songs, and podcasts. However, Spotify Premium offers some great features over Spotify free. With Spotify Premium you will get ads free music listening and offline music listening with some other premium feature.

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Spotify Premium with Hulu is available on offer for most of the students. Some students won’t qualify for this free service, therefore, you may want to check if this offer is for you or not.

Check If You Are Eligible for Spotify Premium for Students

This offer from Spotify is available for students of age 18 years or older studying in the United States. Students should attend and Title IV, an accredited, or the university to be eligible for this free service. Students have to provide valid identification to be able to get this offer.

To be able to verify students Spotify uses SheerID which is a third-party service.

Want to check eligibility for the offer, enter your University Name then press Enter. If you receive the message that “The school you have selected is already on the list” then you can go to Spotify and complete the offer. However, if your institute is not listed then you have to send a request to SheerID.

Spotify Account

Note: You may get Premium Spotify for only 3 years, after that you have to make some other plan.

Make Sure You Want the Hulu Plan Offered

Hulu that comes with Spotify Premium is ads supported and does not come with live TV. It also does not include any Hulu ads free plan, so if you already have any Hulu plans that are ads free or provide live TV or both then getting Hulu with Spotify does not improve your Hulu experience. In this case you have to stick with your old plan and leave Hulu student plan alone.

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How To Switch Billing To Spotify and Connect Spotify To Hulu

If you have a Spotify Student Premium account and Hulu or Showtime account then you can take advantage of the Spotify Student Premium offer. You just have to switch billing to Spotify and take advantage of student offers. You can get Hulu with Spotify premium student accounts.

If you already have a Hulu plan with ads supported with no additional services enabled then you can approve for the student plan when you are signing up for the Spotify premium service.

If you have already purchased the services then you can make changes to Spotify accounts.

1. Use your Spotify Student account details to Sign in to Spotify.

Spotify Student account details

2. Now go to the Accounts page and select Activate Hulu.

Accounts page and select Activate Hulu

3. Now confirm that you want to switch and then activate your Hulu and Spotify Premium for Students + Hulu accounts.

For free ShowTime plan activation you have to cancel your current plan and then wait for the subscription period to end. Once the subscription ends you have to go to your Spotify subscription page and then activate the Showtime subscription.


Spotify for students can save a lot of money for a student. Students will get a great deal connecting Spotify with Hulu and ShowTime. Registering for this great offer is very easy, students have to register them on SheerID or check their institution if it is already registered.

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