Best HTML Editors For Mac You Should Know In 2024

Best HTML Editors For Mac You Should Know In 2024

Developing your own customized websites is fun right? There are many young developers who are willing to try their hands-on Mac OS. Therefore we have shared a series of best HTML editors for Mac. But, if you are a newbie and want to know a little about HTML, go through the below text.

HTML Editors 

HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language, that is used to attach text files into fonts, graphics or color on web pages. The HTML editor is a layout for modifying HTML to enhance a particular web page by adding various functionalities.

Smart HTML Editor Mac To Use In 2024

1. Atom

Atom claims itself as the free HTML editor for Mac. When we think about HTML for Mac, there are various scenarios that come to mind, the foremost question is whether we would be able to develop a website on Mac? C’mon when you got Atom everything is possible!


Atom is the open-source platform that is widely used as an HTML editor for Mac to shatter your coding barriers. It has basic support of syntax highlighting, code folding with a blend of various programming languages.

Yes! Learning could be real fun as you can invite other developers to collaborate with you by an amazing tool known as Teletype. Additionally, you can also set astonishing themes to make your HTML experience more wondrous. Don’t forget to check its syntax themes in dark and light colors.

Sound interesting? Get Atom- free HTML editor for Mac from here.

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2. Vim

We have Vim, next on our list of the best HTML editors for Mac. Vim is considered as faster and lighter as compared to other HTML tools for  Mac. This software owns an extensive plugin ecosystem that you can find a plugin for everything.


At first, Vim will look a little monotonous but when you start using it, you will understand its functionality. You can also rely on its configuration portability and shift “.Vimrc” or “init.vim” kind of experience to other systems.

Oh! I forgot to mention, Vim owns a mouse-free interface that means, say  “goodbye” to your mouse! You can perform the functionality within a mere one or two keyboard keys.

Here the link to download, Vim-HTML text editor Mac.

3. Visual Studio Code

This is another, a best HTML editor for Mac that supports every coding language and let the users create a web page according to their needs. That means users can download the online library and integrate with the codes according to the requirements.

Visual Studio Code

This HTML software for Mac is a cross-platform layout that owns a blend of various reliable tools for programmers. Users can use the Visual Studio Code for writing web pages and web-based applications. Apart from Mac OS, you can also run this tool on Linux too!

You will adore its embedded Git Control feature, debugging tool, IntelliSense code completion and yes, syntax highlighting.

Want to start creating web pages straight away? Download this free HTML editor Mac from here.

4. Emacs

Here comes the Emacs another powerful HTML editor for Mac. According to research, Emacs is the longest-running open-source platform that still gets updates. Like Vim, Emacs will not disappoint you from its fast processing speed to its easy setup. You have to start with downloading its dot file, then booting up Emacs and here you go!


As said it is the longest-running open cross-platform, there are dozens of plugins available within your fingertips. At last, you can have control of all your multiple files on one screen. This process will not only save your time but also helps you in managing all files in one place.

What are you waiting for? Install Emacs; HTML editor for Mac now!

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5. Textmate

We have Textmate next on the list of the best HTML editor for Mac. This is another good open source project that gives freedom to aspiring web developers to create unique web pages on Mac OS.


You can modify multiple changes at once or swap various pieces of codes with this HTML for Mac. Additionally, adding multiple insertion points are always easy in Textmate. Other highlighted features of this tool are foldable code blocks, indented soft wrap, various custom themes, clipboard history and so on.

Try this amazing and free HTML editor Mac!

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Which HTML Editors For Mac Will You Choose?

We have shared a list of the best HTML editors for Mac that will awaken developers inside you. If you have used any of the above HTML editors, share it with us in the comment section.

I hope you like this article and will share it with other technophiles. If you have a question regarding this blog, shoot your queries in the comment section below.

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